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The Nintendo Switch Console and Accesories

Are you considering getting a Nintendo Switch? With so much to pick from, it can be hard to decide what comes with the console or which accessories are right for you. This guide explains all the essentials, so you can figure out the perfect Nintendo Switch setup.

What does the nintendo switch come with

The Nintendo Switch is the latest entry in Nintendo’s extensive gaming console family. Released in March of 2017, this console allows users to play their favorite games on the go. Whether you are at home relaxing or out and about traveling, the Nintendo Switch can provide entertainment to all who come in contact with it. But what exactly does the system come with when you purchase it? Let’s take a look. Right out of the box, you will find one Nintendo Switch system complete with two Joy-Con controllers (including wrist straps for each controller), a Joy-Con Grip to hold both controllers together like a traditional gamepad, an HDMI cable for connection to your TV and a power adapter for charging.

Additionally, it comes with two Joy Con Straps that allow each Joy con to be used like traditional controllers as well as a AC Adapter (Wall Charger). To get gaming right away, you will need to purchase compatible games from all generations of systems; from NES and SNES classics plus limited runs of Gameboy Advance titles up through modern day releases such as the newly released Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Accessories such as carrying bags and grips are also available for purchase so your handheld or docked console remain safe when you travel with them. Depending on which package you choose during checkout, there are bundles that come preloaded with specific games so keep an eye out for those deals!

What Comes in the Nintendo Switch Box

Buying a Nintendo Switch console comes with several items to help get you started with enjoying your device. Included in the box will be:

  • Nintendo Switch Console: The main console unit that is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra processor.
  • Nintendo Switch Dock: Used to connect the device to a TV or monitor via HDMI cable.
  • Joy-Con™: Features two controllers – one left and one right, offering great portability for handheld gaming and full comfort when playing at home or in tabletop mode.
  • Joy–Con™ Wrist Straps: Hand straps for extra safety when using each Joy–Con™ controller individually, during motion games and other activities.
  • HDMI Cable: A high speed HDMI cable used to connect the console to your TV/Monitor.
  • AC Adapter: Universal AC adapter used for power supply at home and on the go.

Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch comes with an array of exciting accessories, which provide a great value to players. The main console is the Nintendo Switch itself, and this comes with two Joy-Con controllers and a kickstand. Players can also purchase additional accessories to enhance the gameplay experience and add extra functionality to their console. These include the Nintendo Switch Charging Stand, the Pro Controller, Joy-Con Wheel for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Labo Kits, Amiibo Figures and more.

The Nintendo Switch Online membership program provides access to the full library of classic NES games as well as selected SNES games. This subscription also gives players the ability to join groups or invite friends online in select games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2. For gamers who are seeking more advanced gaming experiences, they can invest in optional peripherals such as subscriptions to online game services like Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus as well as high quality gaming headsets that will provide superior sound quality. Whatever type of game you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs!

Nintendo Switch Controllers

The Nintendo Switch comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers. Each Joy-Con controller includes an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion control, an analog stick, four face buttons, two digital triggers, two shoulder buttons and two SL/SR buttons (which can be combined to form one large button). The left Joy-Con features a capture button that allows you to quickly take screenshots or video during your gaming session. You can also purchase additional controllers such as the Pro Controller or Just Dance 2018 controller. The Nintendo Switch is compatible with most Wii U wired and wireless accessories such as the GameCube controller adapter.

Nintendo Switch Online Services

Nintendo Switch Online is the digital subscription service provided by Nintendo that gives users access to a variety of features, such as the ability to play games online with friends, exclusive discounts on games and other services, and access to a library of classic Nintendo titles. With a Nintendo Switch Online subscription users can:

  • Access a growing library of classic NES and Super NES games, including Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario and more
  • Compete against players around the world online in compatible games (online play requires paid membership)
  • Enter private tournaments competitions with friends from anywhere in the world
  • Instantly receive reduced prices on select digital game purchases in the Nintendo eShop
  • Back up save data for most Nintendo Siwtch games that require regular internet access
  • Connect up to eight compatible consoles for local wireless multiplayer gaming
  • Chat with friends during play with the Nintendo Switch’s built-in voice chat feature
  • Enjoy additional voice chat options via any smart device with the Nintendo Switch Online app

Nintendo Switch Games Library

Nintendo Switch users have access to a massive library of titles from both the Nintendo Switch eShop and retail stores. Games for the console span a variety of genres including action-adventure, shooter, platformer, sports and party games. In addition to titles from Nintendo’s own revered franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Splatoon, many Triple-A third-party titles are available on the platform.

With its game cartridges as well as its digital download option, it can be quite difficult to stay on top of what games are actually in your library when using the Nintendo Switch. The digital library is managed through a robust online marketplace where you can browse titles and manage your account. Games can be purchased directly on the console or accessed through subscription services like Nintendo’s own online gaming service, Switch Online. Other than traditional digital downloads; ports for challenging classics like Ikaruga are also available for purchase on their storefront page or from other popular marketplaces such as Steam or Humble Bundle.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

The Nintendo Switch offers parental controls that allow you to set restrictions on games, features, and other content. With these restrictions in place, you can ensure your family members are playing safely and securely. Nintendo Switch parental controls help you manage the amount of time your child spends playing games, restrict access to inappropriate content and view activity reports. When setting up the console, you can choose whether or not to enable parental controls as well as set a 4-digit PIN code for the system. You’ll be prompted for this PIN whenever changes are made to Parental Controls settings or when purchasing content on Nintendo eShop. You can also customize individual user accounts with multiple settings like:

  • Restricting online play and communications with others.
  • Setting age ratings for specific games.
  • Using web filters designed to block access to potentially inappropriate websites.

Additionally, activity reports in the console’s Parental Controls app provide a summary of recent play activity as well as information about any purchases made in Nintendo eShop associated with each user account. With these tools at your disposal, you can monitor usage on your family’s Nintendo Switch consoles with ease!

Nintendo Switch vs Other Consoles

When it comes to choosing a game console, the Nintendo Switch offers several advantages over other models. One of the most notable distinctions is that the Switch offers two different configurations in one system. The standard version is a home console with a dock and two detachable Joy-Cons. The second version is a portable device that can be connected to any TV via HDMI and directly powered from an outlet or with the included AC adapter.

Unlike other consoles, the Switch has simple and intuitive controls that make playing both single-player and multiplayer games easy. This makes it great for gamers of all skill levels who want to experience smooth and enjoyable gameplay as soon as possible. Another unique feature of the Switch is its unique range of software titles that can be played across multiple platforms including PC, tablets, smartphones, and more.