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Recording Gameplay Footage on Your Nintendo Switch


Are you a gamer looking to take your gameplay footage to the next level? With this guide, you’ll discover how easy it is to record gameplay footage on your Nintendo Switch. You’ll be able to capture, save and share your gaming achievements with all your friends in no time! So get ready – and let’s start recording!

Taking and recording footage of your favorite Nintendo Switch games can be a great way to showcase your skills, share tips and tricks with other gamers, or even create a portfolio of wins and losses to track your progress. Whether you want to share clips on social media or upload footage to YouTube or Twitch, recording gameplay on the Nintendo Switch couldn’t be simpler. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can start recording your gaming exploits in no time.

How to screen record on nintendo switch

Recording gameplay footage on the Nintendo Switch can be a great way to document your gaming adventures, overview your strategies, and even share them with the world. To help you get started, here are the steps you need to take to start recording your own gameplay footage on the Nintendo Switch.

  1. From the Home screen of your Nintendo Switch select System Settings by pressing A button or touching it with the stylus if using older models.
  2. Scroll down to Data Management in System Settings and select it.
  3. Scroll down once more and Select ‘Manage Screenshots and Videos’ at bottom of Options screen
  4. Select ‘Copy From an Album’ from this options screen and decide where you want the screenshots or videos saved on either your Internal Memory or SD Card (SD Card is recommended)
  5. Now when playing any game, press Capture Button (it is at upper left on Joy-Con controllers) twice consecutively to begin filming 5 minutes of game play footage
  6. Once finished recording press again twice Capture Button consecutively to terminate recording process

Now that you have recorded your gameplay footage you can find it in Album inside same Data Management setting just selected before or view right away through directly pressing Capture Button while prompt is displayed on screen when prompted after recording has stopped (prompt will appear shortly). You can also Tweet, post save as movies in Vault corresponding sections from inside game itself that had been filmed in order to share with friends along other online social networking platforms like YouTube and Discord.

Benefits of Recording Gameplay Footage on Nintendo Switch

Recording your Nintendo Switch gameplay and sharing your fun experiences with others can have many benefits. From showcasing new levels in the game, to providing educational clips for others, recording gameplay footage is an excellent way to extend the life cycle of your favorite games. Being able to look back on and share old favorite games is just one of the advantages that Nintendo Switch players have by recording their gameplay. Another advantage of recording your Nintendo switch gameplay is for entertainment purposes.

Being able to look back on moments of joy, laughter and victories can provide a great form of entertainment as more than just playing the game itself, you can view past experiences while watching something fun! Recording your best gaming moments also gives you an opportunity to show off your gaming skills online and potentially create content that others may enjoy watching or even learning from. Finally, another benefit when recording game play footage on Nintendo Switch is that it allows you to provide helpful feedback or instructional videos that could help other gamers learn new strategies within the game they are playing. By recording detailed elements within the game play allows educators or trainers the opportunity to further explain how certain elements within a particular game works by providing visual demonstrations such as replays from popular tournaments or events held by Nintendo:

  • Showcasing new levels in the game
  • Providing educational clips for others
  • Providing entertainment
  • Creating content that others may enjoy watching
  • Providing helpful feedback or instructional videos
  • Providing visual demonstrations

Tips for Recording Quality Gameplay Footage on Nintendo Switch

Recording quality gameplay footage on your Nintendo Switch is possible with the right tools. Recording videos of your gaming sessions can be a great way to share your skills and successes as well as challenge yourself to improve. The following tips will help you get the most out of recording gameplay footage on your Nintendo Switch:

  • Choose the right settings: The first step is to choose the right settings for your game capture. This includes deciding whether you want to capture audio, planning the framerate at which you want to record, setting a time limit for long recording sessions and configuring any post-processing options such as filters or video effects.
  • Choose the right capture device: Capturing gameplay footage requires a capture device compatible with Nintendo Switch. You will want to make sure that it has all of the necessary ports and features that you need for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Use screen record software: Screen recording software allows you to easily capture your gameplay and store it online or in another secure location. Ensure that you use a reliable software program that is specifically designed for your console, as this will ensure smooth recording without interruption or lag.
  • Adjust playback speed settings: Many games have an option to adjust playback speed within the game settings menu so that recordings are more interesting to watch even if they are longer in duration. Adjusting playback speed settings can also provide more dynamic recordings with better visuals and audio clarity than some games’ default recordings, so it’s worth taking time explore different settings on a case-by-case basis.
  • Edit and publish recordings: After capturing footage, take time refining it through editing tools available on computers or apps specificlly designed for Nintendo Switch such as Capture Gallery app allowing players access filtered images, both screenshots and videos, directly from their systems’ internal memory. Once edited and processed video can also be shared or uploaded across popular services like YouTube, Twitch or Facebook providing easy access community wide audience looking for quality content from Nintendo titles respectively!

How to Share Recorded Gameplay Footage on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers an easy way to record and share gameplay footage with friends and family. Whether you want to show off your latest masterpiece wins or simply share funny moments with friends, sharing recordings on the Switch is simple. Follow these steps to capture and share your favorite gameplay moments right away!

  1. Start recording: To begin, press the Capture button located on the top corner of the Switch Joy-Con controller to start recording game footage. You can choose how long your clip should be recorded for, with both a 30-second option and an option for up to five minutes available.
  2. Editing your recordings: Once you have finished recording, you can choose from a variety of editing options, including cropping, adjusting aspect ratio, trimming, adding audio effects or music, and adding text overlays or picture frames.
  3. Sharing recorded gameplay footage: The final step is to share your clip with others! Nintendo Switch allows you to easily upload your edited video files directly from the console itself via social media sites like YouTube or Facebook. You can also select specific contacts from your connected list so that they will receive a link that allows them access to view it privately in their news feed on those sites as well as on their mobile device if they have it linked up with their account information!

Common Issues when Recording Gameplay Footage on Nintendo Switch

When recording gameplay footage on Nintendo Switch, there may be problems that can disrupt the process. Some of the most common issues when recording gameplay footage on Nintendo Switch are:

  1. Low Storage Space – One reason why you might experience issues with recording gameplay footage on your console is due to a lack of available storage space. If you have a large game and/or you record a lot of clips, then this can quickly add up and reduce your storage space. To address this, we recommend clearing out your console’s internal and/or external storage to create more space.
  2. Poor Wi-Fi Connection – Another common issue when recording gameplay footage is due to an unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection. With online gaming experiences, a weak connection means laggy experiences or even disconnections which can ruin your recordings in the process. Make sure that you’re within range of your router/Wi-Fi network while playing/recording games online and also check the connection periodically to ensure it’s stable enough for capturing videos properly.
  3. GPU Issues – Last but not least, if you’re recording directly from the Nintendo Switch console or through the Nintendo Capture feature, then one possible issue could be with the graphical processor (GPU). The better quality capture formats supported by Playground Records (4K HDR) need a pretty decent GPU in order to maintain 30 frames per second (FPS). If you have a weaker GPU burden this with 4K HDR at 30FPS and it may result in laggy recordings as well as others issues such as random shut downs during captures sessions or failed captures completely. Make sure that your graphics card meets the recommended criteria for switch 4K recordings if they are an option available in your setup.


The ability to take screenshots and record gameplay footage on your Nintendo Switch is an invaluable tool for gamers and content creators alike. Taking video clips or screenshots of your gaming experiences can help you remember key moments, creative strategies, or hilarious interactions with fellow players. It’s also a great way to document your progress if you’re playing a longer game. You can share these photos and videos with friends on social media and share the highlights of your gaming experience with the world.

Screenshots are also great for capturing custom artwork or pixel style game visuals in spectacular detail, perfect for creating fan art or game critiques. Whether you’re sharing funny stories, creating fan-art, tutorial videos or writing up overviews; the ability to take screenshots and record gameplay footage from your Nintendo Switch turns it into an amazing platform for sharing entertainment experiences online. With this guide, anyone can start taking amazing screenshots or recording video segments in no time!