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Benefits of gamesharing on Nintendo Switch


Are you looking for a way to share your Nintendo Switch library with friends and family? Gamesharing is the perfect solution for gamers who want to experience all the titles their console has to offer without breaking their wallets. Read on to learn about the great benefits of gamesharing on Nintendo Switch!

Introduction to Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch

Gamesharing on the Nintendo Switch is an incredibly helpful feature that allows you to share your digital game library with other players. With gamesharing, you can access any digital game in your friend’s library, giving you the chance to try out new games without having to buy them. You and a friend can also trade physical copies of games so that each of you owns both versions. This can save money and make it easier for friends to join in on multiplayer experiences together. Moreover, it’s a great way for Switch players to sample a variety of exclusive titles and enjoy more expansive gaming experiences without spending extra cash. There are some important points to keep in mind before using this feature including:

  • the type of account being used;
  • how many accounts can be linked;
  • where purchases made by other users will be stored.

Gamesharing is only possible if both users have created their own unique Nintendo accounts – family members or guests cannot share in this way. Furthermore, no more than two accounts at a time can be linked so players must choose which one will carry the shared elements of the account like downloaded titles and saved data. Any purchases that other users have made with your account details will appear in yours and those changes cannot be reversed or undone; they are permanent unless one user takes ownership of them through Nintendo’s claims process.

Benefits of Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch

Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch is a convenient way for two people to use the same set of digital games without having to purchase two copies. By gamesharing, you and a friend can share both your physical and digital games with each other. There’s no need to buy two copies of a game – simply share your existing copy or library with each other. Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch lets you take advantage of the many benefits of sharing your content with another person. From reduced costs, to social interaction, gamesharing can be an ideal way for two people to enjoy their favorite titles without breaking the bank. Here are some examples:

  1. Sharing Costs: With gamesharing, you can split the cost of a game between two players, resulting in lower costs overall. This makes it easier to try out different titles and split the cost with someone else instead of buying it all yourself.
  2. Family Friendly: Gamesharing provides an excellent opportunity for family members or close friends who are interested in gaming together but don’t have access to separate consoles or enough funds to purchase multiple copies—or who just want additional content at no extra cost!
  3. Social Interaction: Gamesharing allows players to interact more closely with one another through social gaming experiences such as online competitive play or split-screen multiplayer matches on one console. It also encourages closer friendships between individuals that may not be living close enough together to share this type of content themselves!
  4. Variety & Accessibility: By gamesharing, you are instantly increasing the variety and accessibility for digital titles—allowing for longer play sessions and better value for money when compared against buying separate console hardware/software products at full price!

Can you gameshare on nintendo switch

Enabling gamesharing on your Nintendo Switch allows you to share your digital games with friends and family. To enable Gamesharing, you need to have one console setup as the primary console and the other consoles setup as secondary consoles. The primary console is the only one that needs to be connected to a Nintendo Account. All other secondary consoles can access the same account, allowing you to access each others’ Nintendo library of titles. Here are the steps for setting up gamesharing on Nintendo Switch:

  1. From the Home Menu on the primary console, select System Settings.
  2. Select Nintendo Network ID from under User Settings then select Next at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On each secondary console, select System Settings.
  4. Select Friends Settings under User Settings and then go to Add Friend -> Find Friend with Code.
  5. Enter in your friend’s code that is displayed on their primary console.
  6. You can now play each other’s games!
  7. To remove a shared account, click Options in Friends settings -> Delete Friend->OK.
  8. Your shared account will no longer be available.

Gamesharing is a great way to get more people playing together without having to buy extra copies of games or share accounts across multiple consoles! It is important to keep in mind that all content purchased through that shared account must stay on those linked systems and cannot transfer between them or change systems without being paid for again – so make sure everyone agrees first before making any purchases!

How to Share Games with Friends on Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite games together with friends and family, then game sharing on the Nintendo Switch is the way to go. Game sharing allows multiple players to access different game libraries without purchasing a separate console or game. This is a great way to save money while still having the ability to play different games with friends and family. To set up gamesharing on your Nintendo Switch, begin by creating a separate user profile for your friend or family member using their own Nintendo Account.

Their profile can then be linked to your home address, so that it will have access to whichever games are present on that particular console. All purchases will still be made through the primary account holder’s Nintendo Account. Once the new profile is created, all you need to do is add them as a Friend on your Switch console. This will grant them access not only to any games that are already installed on the system, but also any additional titles you may purchase in the future. Your friend can also purchase their own games and add them onto the shared list of titles as well!

Tips for Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch

Gamesharing is a great way to share games and content without having to buy multiple copies. On the Nintendo Switch, it is possible to share your games and content with other consoles. Here are some tips for successful gamesharing on the Nintendo Switch:

  1. The primary console needs to be linked to the Nintendo eShop account you wish to share content with.
  2. When creating a user profile, select “Link Nintendo Account” and login.
  3. On the secondary console, also select “Link Nintendo Account” and have it logged in as well so all users will have access to shared games and content.
  4. All players must be connected online and consenting to game sharing (each user must accept friend request) before shared content can launch from any device.
  5. Once consent has been granted, shared content will be accessible for download on both devices.
  6. Make sure when transferring files to always select “Link Your Nintendo Account”. This will allow downloading of shared purchases across all platforms that you own or manage with your NNID.
  7. When downloading other people’s profile, remember to indicate if you would like the profile setting of children or adults enabled.
  8. Before un-linking accounts, each user should log out completely (turn off power switch) so that data remains safe.

Alternatives to Gamesharing on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a popular console with gamers looking to digitalise their gaming experience. One way of getting access to more digital games is by sharing them with other users, often called gamesharing. While many gamers find this practice convenient, there are some legitimate reasons of concern when it comes to sharing Nintendo Switch games with other players. If you want an alternative to gamesharing on Nintendo Switch that offers legal and secure options, there are several methods available:

  1. Subscription Services: Nintendo Switch has several subscription plans, such as the Nintendo Switch Online, that give you access to online multiplayer gaming and a library of NES and SNES classics. These services help you save money in the long run and provide a legal option for playing without having to resort to gamesharing.
  2. Buy Pre-Owned Physical Copies: If you’re looking for physical copies of your favorite games without having to share them, going for pre-owned options is a great way to get great deals on both new and classic titles.
  3. Buy Digital Copies from the eShop: If you prefer digitally downloading your games from the eShop but don’t want the hassle of sharing them or having them shared with you, then buying directly from Nintendo’s official store is the most worry-free option out there! You can even take advantage of regular discounts and promotional offers on select titles in their rotating catalogue.
  4. Get the Best Value Bundles: Some retailers offer awesome bundles that give great value for your money – more than what buying individual titles would cost – so make sure you keep an eye out for those offerings which may include multiple titles at discounted prices!
  5. Loan Games from Friends Only When Necessary: Ultimately nothing beats borrowing physical media copies or cartridges from trusted friends who are willing lend them out short or long term – just remember to always be mindful of returning borrowed media in its original condition promptly as promised! With these safe alternatives available, gamers don’t have to resort to any illegal practices like gamesharing on Nintendo Switch anymore!


In conclusion, game sharing on the Nintendo Switch can offer an affordable way to expand your gaming library. Allowing family and friends to access your games can save you money, provide opportunities to try out new games, and enable online co-op. With up to eight accounts that can access each copy of a game, the Nintendo Switch allows for maximum versatility in any game collection. Additionally, digital downloads from the Nintendo eShop are always available if you ever need more titles or additional content for any of your games. Overall, game sharing on the Nintendo Switch is a great way to explore new titles and get the most out of any gaming experience.