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Why You Might Want to Delete an App from Your Nintendo Switch

Struggling to clean up your Nintendo Switch home screen? You can easily delete any unneeded apps. Learn how to remove an app from your Nintendo Switch in this guide and finally get your console looking the way you want. If you’re looking to make some room for new games on your Nintendo Switch, deleting apps is an easy way to free up space. You may also want to delete apps that you’re no longer interested in playing or that no longer provide the same gaming experience as newer versions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to delete apps from your Nintendo Switch console so that you can reclaim storage and make room for new games.

How to delete app on nintendo switch

To delete an app from your Nintendo Switch, start by pressing the home button and selecting the game that you want to remove from your console. Once selected, press the + sign or – sign on the controller until a menu pops up. Next, select “Delete Software” and confirm your selection by pressing “Yes” when prompted. Once deleted, all associated data will be lost so be sure to back up any important files before deleting an app.

To reinstall a deleted game, simply head over to the eShop and search for it using its title or product code. If you’re having trouble finding a game that was previously installed on your device, try searching for it in the recently played section of menu options at the bottom of the screen. Finally, if need be, set up default settings such as parental controls before starting a new game or downloading content from the eShop after deleting an app from your console.

Reasons to Delete an App from Your Nintendo Switch

You may choose to delete an app from your Nintendo Switch at some point for a variety of reasons. This can be done either from the Home Menu directly, or through the System Settings menu if you are unable to access the Home Menu. Reasons why one might wish to delete an app include:

  • You don’t use the app anymore and it is taking up valuable storage space;
  • The game version has been updated, but you still want to keep the old version;
  • You want to re-download a specific update;
  • The system is struggling with frequent crashes or glitches when playing certain apps.

Before deleting an app, it is important to remember that all data associated with it will be wiped and become inaccessible. This means any progress or achievements earned in the game will be lost unless they have been backed up previously using Cloud Saves or other similar services. Generally, though, if you are only deleting apps and not system files, then backups are not required.

How to Remove an App from Your Nintendo Switch

Deleting an app from your Nintendo Switch offers several benefits. Doing so can help declutter your dashboard, free up space on your system memory, and ensure that you have the latest version of a game or app. Here’s how to delete apps from your Nintendo Switch:

  1. From the main menu, select System Settings and then Data Management.
  2. Once in Data Management, select Manage Software. Select an application you wish to delete and then select Delete Software at the left end of the option bar.
  3. A warning message will appear on-screen: “All software data will be deleted. This action cannot be undone… Do you want to continue?” Select Yes to delete the app or No to cancel the action.
  4. Once complete, Return (bottom option) to go back to Data Management menu and Exit (uppermost option) when finished with any actions in Data Management menu.
  5. Your application has now been removed from your system memory, decluttering your Switch home screen!

What Happens When You Delete an App from Your Nintendo Switch

Deleting an app from your Nintendo Switch console can be quick and easy but it is important to understand the potential consequences first. When you delete an app, the data associated with it will be erased. This includes any game progress, screenshots taken in the game, in-game purchases and saved personalization settings such as interface themes and color schemes.

Additionally, if you remove an online-enabled app, your associated Nintendo Account will no longer have access to any of its online features or services. This means that you would not be able to access any paid content or any cloud saves associated with the deleted software program even after re-downloading it from the Nintendo eShop. For these reasons, before deciding to delete an application from your Nintendo Switch console, make sure that you have:

  • Downloaded all necessary data from within the app itself (such as save files or screenshots).
  • Checked whether there are any important DLC items that need to be purchased for reselection before deleting.
  • Considered keeping some apps as digital copies even after you’re done playing them so as not lose out on their associated downloadable content or online features.

Potential Disadvantages of Deleting an App from Your Nintendo Switch

It is important to consider the potential drawbacks of deleting an app from your Nintendo Switch before making a decision. Depending on the size of the app and its content, deleting it may take up valuable storage space on your system. Additionally, if you currently access the app frequently, you may experience reduced functionality of your Switch if you delete it. When considering deleting an app from your Nintendo Switch console, also keep in mind that some apps can be difficult or impossible to re-download or install later. This could be due to expiration of licenses or other limitations on access to the app’s content.

Therefore, make sure that you’re absolutely certain about deleting an app from your Switch before doing so. If an update for the relevant software is available on the system, consider applying it before deleting the entire application from your Nintendo Switch console entirely. This can help resolve any issues with compatibility that might have led you to delete the application in the first place. Be aware that each application may have different ways of updating so check its installation files and other settings as appropriate for more information about how to do this safely and correctly.

Alternatives to Deleting an App from Your Nintendo Switch

If you don’t want to delete an app from your Nintendo Switch, there are a few other options that can help you save space. One option is to move the game or app to a microSD card if one is available. You can also create separate user accounts for each person who will be using the Switch and store games on multiple accounts. This will allow you to keep one main account with all of your most-played titles while still having access to the titles on the other accounts when necessary. Additionally, you can transfer games and apps from one Nintendo Switch console to another, allowing everyone in the household to play without having multiple copies of the same game taking up space. Ultimately, whether or not you decide to delete an app from your Nintendo Switch will depend on personal preference, as well as available storage space and budgets.


In conclusion, deleting an app from your Nintendo Switch can be done in a few easy steps. There are several reasons why you might want to delete an app, such as free up storage space, prevent the download of automatic updates or unwanted ads, or clear projects that you are no longer working on.