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Which Should You Choose? Nintendo Switch Digital or Physical Games

Are you confused about the difference between Nintendo Switch Digital and Physical games? You are not alone! Let’s explore the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. As gamers, we have to make many decisions, such as what kind of console to buy and which games we’d like to explore. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, there are two options for owning its games: switching up your game collection with digital copies or amassing an impressive physical library for your Switch. Each has its pros and cons, so let’s break down what’s best for your particular gaming preferences.

Benefits of Nintendo Switch Digital Games

Nintendo Switch digital games provide convenience and savings for gamers. When you purchase a digital game from the Nintendo eShop, you can download it to your Nintendo Switch and play it without needing to insert a physical game card. This allows for immediate access to play, and no need for additional storage space for game cards. Additionally, digital copies of games are generally cheaper than physical copies, especially when taking into account special sales from the eShop that offer even greater discounts on select titles.

Another benefit of purchasing digital versions of games is that all progress will be stored in the cloud, meaning that you can access your game data anytime during a console reset or if you switch or lose your Nintendo Switch by logging into your Nintendo Account. Digital downloads also include any updates made to the game after its initial release. This ensures that players will always have access to the newest version of their favorite games in the series whenever they choose to play them.

Benefits of Nintendo Switch Physical Games

Choosing between digital and physical games for your Nintendo Switch can be a difficult decision. While both platforms have unique advantages, there are many benefits of purchasing physical Nintendo Switch games.

  • One of the most significant benefits is that physical games provide an extra layer of security to your library. Unlike digital downloads, physical copies are always backed up in case of an unexpected system crash or hardware failure. They’re also much easier to lend or trade with friends.
  • Nintendo Switch physical games can also offer features that digital versions don’t, such as exclusive bonus content like soundtracks, collector’s cards, and add-on expansions that can extend the life of your game collection. Additionally, many retailers have special promotions that may allow you to get unique bonus items or discounts when you buy a physical game versus its digital counterpart.
  • In addition to the added security and perks associated with buying physical games, purchasing them at retail stores can often be more convenient than waiting for a long download digitally. You don’t have to worry about storage space because the game will live on its own cartridge; you just need to pop it into your Switch and start playing right away! Physical applications may also be less expensive than their digital counterparts due to retailer promotions or sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals; so it pays off to shop around before paying full price for a download from the Nintendo eShop.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Digital and Physical Games

Choosing between digital and physical versions of Nintendo Switch games can be difficult. There are a few factors to consider when making this decision, such as cost, convenience, and storage options. Depending on what is important to you, one option may be better than the other. If you are looking for convenience and worry about running out of storage space on your device, then getting a digital version of the game may be the best option for you. Digital versions tend to cost more than physical copies but they do offer benefits such as being able to download them instantly instead of having to go out and buy the physical version. You can also download multiple games without worrying about how much room they will take up on your device or console.

Furthermore, many digital games come with exclusive features or bonuses that are not available in the physical versions so it’s worth doing some research before making your final choice. On the other hand, if you want to save money then buying physical copies could be a better option. Although they usually cost less than their digital counterparts, there are additional costs associated with getting them due to shipping fees or store visits if you don’t have easy access to a shop that carries Nintendo Switch titles. Furthermore, having a physical copy does mean that you own it and it can’t be removed from your possession unless given away or resold so there is peace of mind in knowing that your game will always be accessible.

Pros and Cons of Digital vs. Physical Games

When competing gaming consoles and styles fill the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Both digital download and physical discs for the Nintendo Switch offer unique features that can add to your gaming experience. Whether you’re someone looking for a low-risk investment or someone who enjoys collecting rare physical media, there are pros and cons to be aware of with both digital and physical games. Digital games: With digital downloads, you get access to the games through an online marketplace like the Nintendo eShop, making it more convenient than having to go out and buy something at a store. Additionally, digital game downloads tend to be slightly cheaper than physical copies as well as allow access across different platforms.

On the other hand, with digital purchases there is a risk of larger file sizes resulting in slow download times and lack of ownership resulting in losing all game progress if your account were suspended or deleted. Physical games: When buying a physical game disc from your local retailer you have complete ownership over it; once purchased you can resell it or keep it without worry of losing data or being locked out if something were ever happening to your account. However, this does mean you may end up spending more money compared to digital downloads not only for the initial purchase but also for storage since physical media will take up space at home so consider whether storing piles of discs is feasible.

Nintendo switch digital vs physical

When deciding whether to purchase physical or digital versions of Nintendo Switch games, the primary factor to consider is cost. The price of digital games is usually lower than that of physical copies, but before you make a purchase it’s important to factor in other potential costs like shipping and tax.

  • Physical copy of a game: Buying a physical copy requires you to have the game with you at all times and It always costs more that buying games digitally. Additionally you must pay for shipping depending on where or how you buy it from. You may also need to pay additional sales tax depending on state legislation.
  • Digital Copy of a game: Purchasing the digital version of your favorite Nintendo Switch title allows players to download their preferred game directly from the eShop. Digital downloads don’t require any extra costs associated with packaging and shipping, so they are often cheaper than buying physical copies – especially if you also use promotional codes for discounts. One additional benefit with digital download is that you don’t actually need an internet connection for playing the downloaded game variety; internet connection would only be necessary when downloading a new title or completing other tasks related.

Tips for Making the Right Choice

Making a decision between digital and physical Nintendo Switch games can be tricky, but there are a few things to consider that may make the choice easier:

  • Cost – Generally speaking, digital versions of games are more expensive than their physical counterparts. That said, many digital games go on sale more frequently than physical copies, so be sure to keep an eye out for discounts.
  • Availability – When it comes to availability, physical game cartridges offer more flexibility as they can be traded and sold among friends with ease. With digital games, your purchase is linked directly to your account, making it impossible for someone else to use it after you’ve finished with it.
  • Physical evidence – Without question one of the biggest draws towards physical copies is the presence of an actual object – a game cartridge or disc – something tangible that you can show off and display in your collection of games. Digital versions don’t share this distinction; they have no physical presence whatsoever which means it’s up to you to find some other way of displaying them proudly.
  • Storage & Space – As there is no disc or cartridge needing space physically on your shelves or in drawers, digital versions of games don’t require any storage space aside from whatever data capacity you have within your system or external microSD card meaning they avoid taking up any valuable real estate in your home or apartment.
  • Time & Patience – Depending on the size of the game being downloaded digitally versus purchasing a physical copy from a store could also significantly change how much time you wait before being able to actually play the game in question; usually downloading directly from an online store will take quite a bit longer than simply taking an already manufactured piece home with you straight away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets.


In conclusion, choosing between digital and physical video games on the Nintendo Switch depends on your own individual preferences. Digital video games provide convenience and may be easier to find in a pinch whereas physical versions offer permanent ownership and can potentially be resold or purchased used at a lower cost. Additionally, physical editions might have bonus content or small collectibles that you won’t find in digital copies. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether digital or physical purchases will fit their needs best.