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SaaS Labs raises US42 million from investors

labs smbs 42m series atoliasinghtechcrunch

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has recently announced that they have secured US$42 million in a Series-A funding round led by institutional investors.

This investment will help SaaS Labs to further expand their product portfolio and meet customer demands. This news is significant for India’s startup ecosystem and indicates the potential of SaaS Labs.

Let us look at the details of this investment and how it will pan out for SaaS Labs.

Overview of SaaS Labs

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has raised US$42 million, in what has been reportedly the largest funding round for a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup in India. This round was led by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm and technology investor Accel. It was closed along with participation from Tiger Global Management, with existing investors Ribbit Capital, Illuminate Financial, Rocket Internet’s GFC (Global Founders Capital) also participating in this financing round.

Founded in 2015, SaaS Labs provides SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) with specialized SaaS solutions that automate operational workflows within their businesses while also providing insights into their data to help them make smarter decisions more quickly. The company’s automated process allows organizations to better manage customer data efficiently and uncover meaningful insights. In addition, the platform addresses a wide range of tasks related to sales operations, such as order processing and payment collection thus allowing them to focus on their core function, which is improving customer experience.

The company’s CEO Vishnu Kant said that the additional funds raised would be used for product development as well as expanding their international footprint into developed markets like North America. He further added that the company would continue building its self- serve engine by introducing new features such as automation of expense processes and integrating handpicked products which would further increase its capacity to serve larger enterprises more systematically.

Investment Details

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs recently announced closing a Series C funding round of US$42 million. The round was led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from returning investor Sequoia India and new investor Insight Partners.

This investment will further enable SaaS Labs to expand its customer base and product portfolio, as well as accelerate its growth in the global market.

Amount raised

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs recently raised US$42 million from a series C funding round. The round was led by Mariwala Global Ventures and Lightspeed India Partners, with participation from existing investors Matrix Partners India, Steadview Capital, and Sequoia India.

The startup said funds would be used to develop its product offering for medium-sized enterprises and expand its presence in international markets like the US, UK, and Southeast Asia. It currently serves around 10,000 businesses in India.

The startup had raised US$3 million in a Series A funding round five years ago followed by a Series B funding worth US$14 million two years ago. Apart from this series of investments, the startup also counts early-stage venture fund 3one4 Capital amongst its earlier investors who invested during the pre-series A rounds. SaaS Labs has now raised a total of US$59 million till date.


India-based business automation platform, SaaS Labs, secured US$42 million in a Series B funding round led by venture capital firm SignalFire and private equity firm Multiples Alternate Asset Management.

The funding round was participated by existing investor Matrix Partners India and new investors- LGT Lightstone Aspada, Titan Capital and Agilo Capital. Notably, it marked the first Series B investment for India-based early stage venture capital fund, Agilo Capital.

According to reports, the raise follows an earlier Series A funding round of US$6 million SaaS Labs had raised in December 2020 from Matrix Partners India. This latest infusion will be used to strengthen its product offering further while expanding the China market.

The company plans to expand its global footprint with a potential expansion into Southeast Asia and will also look to lift up its marketing efforts across segments including automotive and hospitality industries. Besides this, it is expected that the funds raised will help boost the development of SaaS’s corporate treasury solutions tailored for businesses with complex accounting structures (banking splurges).

SaaS Labs was founded in 2011 by Gaurav Sharma and Abhya Aggarwal, both DCE alums with a mission to empower finance teams worldwide to build self-driving businesses through AI powered analytics solutions grounded on accounting principles.

Impact of Investment

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has recently raised US$42 million from investors. This infusion of capital has created a major impact on the industry, as SaaS Labs has been able to expand its resources and capabilities.

In this article, we will take a look at how this investment affects the market and how it will shape the future of the platform.

saas labs smbs 42m atoliasinghtechcrunch

Expansion of product offerings

With the new US$42 million investment in India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs, the company is poised to expand its product offerings, reach more customers, and develop other software solutions for their client base. This will allow them to provide more comprehensive solutions for customers and increase their ability to stay abreast of current industry trends and changes.

The infusion of funds will also help SaaS Labs build and maintain a strong brand portfolio across the world. As a result, they can develop a global customer base with better customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, SaaS Labs can invest in talent acquisition and development initiatives that will help build a skilled workforce and retain top employees.

Furthermore, the company has hinted that they’ll be investing in product development initiatives as well. With the right know-how, SaaS Labs can produce innovative products that would revolutionize how businesses operate today.

With all these opportunities open before them, this investment will undoubtedly help India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs onto new horizons unscaled before now in terms of more unique technological capabilities and an expanded portfolio of services they offer customers industry-wide.

Expansion of customer base

The investment in India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has enabled the company to expand its customer base significantly. With the additional funds, SaaS Labs is now able to provide even more efficient services to its clients and enable them to benefit from the automation of their business processes.

The new funding will also allow SaaS Labs to further drive innovation within its platform and launch new products that can support large enterprises. In addition, the budget is expected to help the company scale into different geographies, introduce new products, and attract experienced talent for increased business expansion.

The funds raised by SaaS Labs will be channeled into developing more differentiated technologies in response to customer demands and scaling up existing teams across departments such as product, engineering, data science, and sales & marketing, leading to faster product development cycles.

saas labs smbs 42m series atoliasinghtechcrunch

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs raises US$42 million

For investors, investing in SaaS Labs has many benefits. India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs recently raised US$42 million from investors, which is a testament to the company’s value. Investors in SaaS Labs stand to gain from the potential returns of their investments as well as the company’s strong track record of success.

Let’s look at the benefits investors gain by investing in SaaS Labs.

Access to India’s rapidly growing SaaS market

India’s SaaS market is quickly growing, giving investors special access to a high-potential market. The country currently has 6,000+ cloud-based software startups, and the rapid growth of digital technologies and e-commerce stores has only increased the need for automation tools. This presents significant opportunities for India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs to reach new markets.

Through its US$42 million investment from venture capital firm and global private-equity group Aether Asset Management, SaaS Labs has gained access to an invaluable network of Indian corporations that can use the company’s software solutions. With these funds, SaaS Labs will be able to rapidly expand its already extensive product offerings and find new customers in India’s large corporate marketplace.

The influx of capital also benefits data infrastructure upgrades in India’s remote areas and provides essential resources for employment opportunities — two positive developments that can facilitate the ongoing growth of the Indian economy. Ultimately, this massive investment injection paves the way for further advances in automation technology while providing investors with a prime opportunity to gain exposure within a promising market sector with immense potential offering lucrative returns on investments.

saas labs series atoliasinghtechcrunch

Opportunity to partner with a leading SaaS company

Investors who participated in India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs’ US$42 million Series B funding round can partner with one of the region’s fastest-growing cloud companies. This high-growth enterprise software company develops and markets comprehensive cloud-based solutions to automate, standardize and streamline business processes and generate new revenue streams.

The investment provides investors with access to cutting-edge SaaS products, services and technologies and the chance to support a market leader in the booming Indian business automation platform space.

With best-in-class customer service, customizable solutions for any size business, and 24/7 technical assistance and training, SaaS Labs allows businesses of all sizes to innovate quickly. Leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, process automation, and natural language processing technologies, SaaS Labs creates products that are designed for today’s changing digital world.

Through this partnership, investors have unprecedented access to an advanced suite of AI products that enable entrepreneurs to create powerful smart systems that cost-effectively solve real problems. With intelligence built into every layer of the platform’s infrastructure, investors can develop innovative software solutions specific to their organization’s needs faster than ever before while also reducing operational costs.

This partnership provides both strategic insights into technology trends as well as tangible returns on investments over time–enabling investors to reduce risk while optimizing opportunities in today’s interconnected world. It is an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders involved as they work together towards two shared goals: growth through innovation and success through collaboration.


India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has raised a total of US$42 million in a recent funding round. This round was led by Lightspeed India Partners, with participation from existing investors, including Accel and Sequoia India.

This funding will be used to strengthen the technology behind SaaS Labs and expand its services to businesses across India.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this development, its impact and the larger implications for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry.

Summary of SaaS Labs’ success and potential

India-based business automation platform SaaS Labs has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2020, raising US$42 million from investors. The company aims to provide enterprise-level digital solutions to small and medium businesses across India.

Since its launch, SaaS Labs has been offering an array of business automation solutions such as ERP systems, E-visa facilitation services, digital payments processing for institutions, and more. It also provides development services for eCommerce websites and mobile apps across various sectors.

The successful fund raise will enable SaaS Labs to further develop the technology it offers and its go-to-market strategy in a bid to meet the needs of Indian businesses. In addition, the additional funds will help the company make investments in technology that could benefit SMBs, add new products and services, or upgrade existing ones which could add value to the market as a whole.

The increased focus on automation technologies by Indian businesses not only promises long term returns for investors but also paves way for further expansion of this lucrative industry sector. SaaS Labs, a leading provider in this field, offers additional assurance that Indian businesses will be at the forefront of digital transformation.