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How Habi makes home renovation projects easy and stress-free

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Habi is a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace that has revolutionized the way home renovation projects are completed. Developed with automated pricing technology, Habi allows homeowners to get the best value for their renovations.

Recently, Habi secured $100 million in a series B funding round led by the SoftBank Latin America Fund.

This article will discuss how Habi makes home renovation projects easier and less stressful for homeowners.

Overview of Habi

Habi is a project management platform designed to streamline and simplify the home renovation journey for homeowners. We make accessing professional guidance, quality products, and project timelines quick and easy for customers, helping them achieve the home of their dreams without the stress typically associated with large remodeling projects.

At Habi, we believe that renovating a home should be organized and enjoyable! Our intuitive software platform gives customers access to vast supplies from brands they trust and certified professionals committed to creating beautiful end-results. In addition, our customization tools allow homeowners to explore different design elements before committing — ultimately giving them confidence in their renovation decisions.

Whether you’re looking to install new hardwood floors or update an outdated bathroom, Habi is here to help make your home restoration dreams a reality!

habi colombiabased series softbank latin fundbealeforbes

Automated Pricing Technology

Habi, a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace with automated pricing tech, makes home renovation projects stress-free and easy. This is done through their technology which uses machine learning to determine the best price for the renovation project. Using this technology, Habi recently raised a $100M Series B led by SoftBank Latin America Fund.

Let’s look at how this pricing technology works and its advantages.

How Habi’s technology works

Habi’s automated pricing technology is built to streamline the home improvement process and make it easier for homeowners. It uses a combination of computer vision, the most advanced machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing to estimate project costs quickly and accurately.

Computer Vision: Habi’s computer vision technology allows homeowners to submit high-resolution images of renovation projects, whether surface touches or complete overhauls. Habi processes this information and performs a rapid analysis which preserves accuracy while minimizing the time spent by homeowners and contractors in providing estimates.

Machine Learning Algorithms: Habi utilizes powerful machine learning algorithms that recognize patterns within images submitted by users, applying its understanding of those patterns to generate an accurate estimate for the project. This technology further reduces turnaround times by training itself based on anomalies between image analysis results and actual project costs, reducing inaccuracies without relying upon extensive manual calibration processes.

Natural Language Processing: Finally, Habi leverages natural language processing (NLP) to provide compliant response capabilities when communicating with customers about their projects, helping them understand every step of their home improvement journey. From initial outreach through quoting, remodeling phases and follow-up surveys – NLP assists at each stage of communication – providing a single source for customer service excellence.

Benefits of Habi’s technology

Habi, an automated pricing technology built specifically for home renovations, makes planning and budgeting your projects easy. Combining the latest technology, advanced analytics and local resources, Habi simplifies finding the perfect contractors and materials for any project. In addition to streamlining management of home improvement projects, Habi’s automated pricing technology helps customers significantly reduce costs.

Numerous benefits come with using Habi’s automated pricing technology. First, it provides homeowners access to sophisticated algorithms that can compare materials, labor costs and pricing across the entire renovation career in their region or city. This ensures that customers get the highest-quality services and materials from experienced professionals in their local area at the best possible rates.

Moreover, this automated system enables customers to better control project costs by providing precise estimates about costs associated with each phase of a renovation project. Furthermore, its sophisticated data analytic capabilities eliminates guesswork in cost estimations as it considers essential factors including area labor rates and market demand when creating an accurate estimate. This helps assure that customers will not incur unexpected costs during their renovation process.

Finally, Habi’s transparent platform allows customers to easily track project progress while they are away from home through an online portal or mobile app, giving them clear visibility into what is happening onsite. For example, customers can view up-to-the-minute materials cost estimates and anticipated labor hours required for completion in real time giving them complete control over budgeting decisions even when they have no way of physically being on site for inspection or job oversight purposes.

habi colombiabased 100m softbank latin fundbealeforbes

Series B Funding

Habi, a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace with automated pricing technology, has just announced that they have raised $100M Series B funding.

This funding is led by SoftBank Latin America Fund and is the largest Series B investment in the real estate market in Latin America.

This new funding will help Habi further its mission in making home renovation and improvement projects easy, affordable, and stress-free.

Overview of the Series B funding

Habi is pleased to announce closing our Series B funding with the leading venture capital firms in the construction and home improvement industries. This funding round will help us continue providing our customers with more innovative, simple, and stress-free home renovation projects.

Our Series B funding is a natural expansion of our early success and growing business model. It features two cornerstone investors, both leading names in the venture capital industry. Our main investors are CiteGroup, which focuses on startups that bring convenience to all areas of life, especially within the real estate market; and Vertical World Ventures (VWV), an investment firm specializing in financing home improvement companies. In addition, we have several supportive minor investors: Lemontree Capital, Golden Roots Investments LLC, Deckmark Enterprises LLC, Yono Venture Brigade LLC.

This series of investments bolsters Habi’s position as a leader in home renovation services by increasing availability and quality of resources for our customers’ projects— walking them through the entire process from start to finish with in-depth artistic support at every turn! Our goal is to become your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all aspects of home renovations: project planning, design specifications and advice on building materials selection – plus with value pricing on top vendors at our fingertips– you can be reassured that you will receive fair prices from quality suppliers every time., leveraging artificial intelligence technologies that recommend personalized lifestyle ideas taking into account individual preferences. In addition, we now hope to use these funds for developing and launching automated construction end-to-end solutions ensuring consistency in workmanship quality from project beginning until completion. These systems will not only streamline projects but also vastly improve scheduling procedures making even complex renovation jobs faster and more accessible than ever before!

Implications of the Series B funding

Raising Series B funding for a startup can bring many new possibilities and opportunities. This round provides the funds to turbo-charge growth and scale quickly. It also opens the door for larger strategic partnerships and investments from experienced institutional investors including venture capital firms and accelerators.

The influx of capital access can also increase staff, unlocking new potential technology, product features, sales channels and marketing strategies. With an expanded team, you can also focus on researching new markets, building relationships with key industry players or seeing how your company fits into wider trends in the market.

Having sufficient funds impacting other areas such as infrastructure costs like office space or IT hardware means companies can invest more heavily in core areas without worrying about budgeting or stretching the existing additional capital thin.

Series B funding could enable Habi to unlock features that make it easier for home renovation users to find contractors more quickly, create more user-friendly tools for estimating project costs and better facilitate communication between contractors and users. These objectives could flow into developing a platform that creates an easier way for people to plan their home renovations by getting personalized recommendations from industry professionals. It will also open avenues for looking at partnerships with trusted suppliers providing materials at discounts which could then be passed on to customers making their projects more cost effective overall.

habi colombiabased series softbank fundbealeforbes

Habi, a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace with automated pricing tech, raises $100M Series B led by SoftBank Latin America Fund (Margherita Beale/Forbes)

Habi, a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace with automated pricing tech, has recently raised $100M Series B led by SoftBank Latin America Fund. This investment is expected to help Habi revolutionize how home renovation projects are conducted.

Let’s examine how Habi can make home renovation projects easier and stress-free.

How Habi simplifies home renovation projects

Habi Home has become a trusted partner for many homeowners facing the daunting home renovation or repair task. The Habi platform allows homeowners to connect with local contractors and create comprehensive renovation projects without stepping outside their front door. From getting accurate estimates to efficient communication between contractors, Habi simplifies the home renovation process and eliminates any guesswork associated with work in your home.

Habi’s integrated platform makes navigating both the practical and financial considerations associated with a major home improvement project easy. Through its online portal, Habi allows homeowners to quickly and conveniently identify specific requirements and access detailed quotes from several local contractors. During each stage of the process – from selecting materials and designing a plan to scheduling inspections and finalizing payment – Habi streamlines communication between homeowner, contractor, vendors and other providers. This ensures that all parties are aligned on expectations for timing, quality of service and price for any given project.

In addition, Habi’s professionals are trained and certified in various areas such as energy efficiency, green building standards and water conservation measures so homeowners can trust that their project will be completed according to industry best practices. By eliminating much of the confusion surrounding large scale renovation projects through its advanced technology tools, integrated operations model and experienced team members – Habi enables more visibility into every aspect of a renovation project for every involved party – including cost savings for both contractors and homeowners alike!

How Habi reduces stress associated with home renovation projects

Home renovation is often stressful and challenging, but Habi makes it easier for homeowners to tackle projects of any size. From creating a timeline that considers local building regulations, to taking care of the paperwork required by local governments, Habi handles all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Habi simplifies the planning and design process by working with top quality contractors in your area. Our team knows your area’s local laws and regulations and what works in various climates. As a result, every project is tailored to meet the needs of each customer. We also handle any permits that may be required to ensure that projects run smoothly and on time.

The team at Habi also helps customers create realistic budgets that work for their individual needs preferences while ensuring they never sacrifice quality or safety. With Habi, customers can be confident that their project will be done right and within budget while being compliant with all applicable building codes associated with home renovation projects in their area.

At Habi we strive to take the stress out of home renovation so that homeowners can focus on what’s most important—getting started immediately on their project without worrying about every detail along the way!


Habi is a Colombia-based residential real estate marketplace that uses automated pricing technology to make home repair projects easier and more stress-free. Recently, Habi raised $100M Series B led by SoftBank Latin America Fund, making this their largest capital raise.

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