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Habi’s $200M raise: Why it is a big win for the Colombian startup ecosystem

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Habi, a Colombian startup, reportedly raised over $200 million in a funding round valued at $135 million. This news will likely positively impact the Colombian startup ecosystem, especially for the photo app Poparazzi, which Habi owns.

This article will explore why this is an important win for the Colombian startup scene, and what it means for the tech industry in the region.

Overview of Habi’s $200M raise

Habito, a digital mortgage broker startup based out of Colombia, recently announced a whopping $200 million in Series D funding. This is the largest private equity round ever for a Colombian startup, and has caused quite a stir in the Latin American tech community. Some are even calling it the tipping point for the Colombian Startup Ecosystem.

Leveraging data-driven technology, Habito has revolutionized the home-buying experience by offering individuals and families an intuitive way to identify and obtain mortgages online. In addition, the company aims to make personal finance goals far more accessible – allowing users to take control of their finances with unprecedented speed and ease-of-use.

This influx of capital will enable Habito to expand its current offering throughout Europe – where it already holds strong footing – while expanding its reach into Latin America, Asia Pacific and North America. Furthermore, by providing more consumers with access to its technology in global markets, Habito hopes to continue innovating within their chosen space of expertise thereby increasing accessibility within financial services across several geographies.

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Habi’s Background

Habi, the photo blogging app from Colombia, had a pre-money estimated valuation of $135 million when it raised $200 million in the latest funding round. This funding, led by Tiger Global Management and D1 Capital Partners, will further propel Habi’s growth and success.

Drawing on its success, Habi has become a beacon of hope for the Colombian startup ecosystem. Let’s look closer at Habi’s background and how it has been a big win for Colombia.

Overview of the Photo App Poparazzi

Poparazzi, the photo-sharing app created by Colombian tech startup Habi, recently raised a $200 million Series A fundraising round. This is significant because of the amount of money raised but also because this marks a rare success story in Colombia’s technology sector.

Poparazzi is a free and user-friendly photo-sharing app that encourages users to post photos of their everyday lives and experiences. Unlike other popular social media apps, Poparrazi does not offer features like editing filters or resharing content; instead, it focuses on fostering an authentic way for people to connect with one another through experiencing ‘moments’ – real life occurrences such as concerts, vacations or other special occasions. In addition, it encourages users to be creative without trying hard by providing them with daily tips and suggestions for capturing new ideas.

The app’s rise to prominence was rapid; within two weeks after its launch in July 2020, Poparazzi accumulated over 5 million downloads and became one of the most successful apps in Colombia’s tech sector. Furthermore, this success filled a gap for investors in Latin America as English-language apps typically receive most venture capitalist investments in the region. Habi will use the investment to heighten Poparazzi’s reach worldwide and continue its growth within the fast-growing Latin American market. It will also develop its international version, which contains additional features like direct messaging and push notifications.

Overview of Habi’s Business Model

Founded in 2015, Habi is a Colombian sharing economy platform that operates a marketplace for booking temporary workspaces. It connects small businesses and entrepreneurs with private individuals with unused areas in their homes, offices or retail stores, which can then be used as furnished workspaces.

Two Colombian entrepreneurs founded the company to provide flexible and affordable workspace solutions to individuals and small businesses worldwide.

Habi’s business model is designed to make office space rental more accessible and affordable than traditional real estate leases. The service eliminates up-front costs such as security deposits, long-term contracts or legal fees associated with traditional leases by allowing users to rent hourly, daily or monthly depending on their needs. This allows users to easily find the right workspace without committing to a long-term contract or bearing high upfront costs. In addition, Habi offers services such as space search tools, insurance coverage for hosts and renters, competitive prices and 24/7 customer support.

Since its launch, the firm has become one of Colombia’s leading tech startups, making it an exciting success story within the local ecosystem.

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Colombian proptech Habi reaches unicorn status with $200M raise co-led by SoftBank and Homebrew

Habi, the Colombian photo-editing app, has reportedly raised $200 million in its latest round of funding. This is a major accomplishment for the startup, as it is estimated to put their valuation at $135 million.

What’s more, it also speaks volumes about the growth of the Colombian startup ecosystem. In this article, we’ll look at the potential impact of the $200 million raise and how it could benefit Colombia’s economy.

Stimulating the Colombian Startup Ecosystem

The $200M raise led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 is a major win for the Habi and the Colombian startup ecosystem. Not only is this the biggest Fintech round ever in Latin America, it has also set a benchmark that makes Colombia one of the most attractive investment hubs in the region.

Habi’s success has enabled more capital to flow into Colombia and highlighted its potential to other investors. This will help fuel more growth investments and stimulate the Colombian startup ecosystem by creating further development opportunities for future startups, innovative ideas and business models.

The availability of such capital also facilitates mentorship, which brings access to knowledge and expertise from established companies. This will undoubtedly create greater confidence from investors and founders willing to take risks, as they gain access to valuable information before making an investment decision. Furthermore, as investments increase and local experts share their insights into successful business strategies, competition will arise among entrepreneurs, making it easier for new startups to emerge and succeed internationally.

In addition, increased foreign presence in Colombia can help attract foreign talent who will bring new perspectives when working on innovative projects or technologies. This can give free rein to entrepreneurs to explore cutting edge ideas across sectors like, fintech, artificial intelligence (AI) or robotics enabling disruptive products and services that could potentially revolutionize industries around the world from within Colombia’s borders.

Impact on Other Startups

The recent 200 million dollar raise of Colombia-based real estate startup Habi has been hailed as a major win for the country’s startup ecosystem. As one of Latin America’s largest tech investment rounds, the funding will provide a much-needed boost to an industry that had seen a lull of activity over the last few years.

The capital injection injects new life into an industry struggling and creates more opportunities for new startups to get off the ground. The investment also forces incumbents and other companies to increase their focus on innovation and venture capital investments, as they seek to keep up with Habi’s rapid growth.

It opens up funding opportunities for other startups in Colombia by making investors more aware of regional companies and raising their expectations when evaluating businesses. In addition, investors may now be willing to take on slightly more risk when considering Colombian startups since they are assured knowing that there is potential for large returns or future exits through an acquisition or IPO. The giant capital injection also signals that investors are looking beyond countries such as Brazil or Mexico, giving Colombia-based startups increased attention and increasing access to international investors.

The spike in venture capital activity means other Colombian companies will likely see larger investment rounds followed by unicorns entering the market, creating significant economic impact across different industries throughout Latin America. By firmly establishing itself as a regional leader, Habi’s $200M raise could be needed for first mover advantage when building sustainable business models and scaling operations across international markets.

habi colombiabased series softbank america fundbealeforbes

Challenges Ahead

Habi’s recent funding round is a huge win for the Colombian startup ecosystem and Colombia tech. However, despite this huge raise, there are still some challenges ahead.

Let’s discuss some of these challenges, examine Habi’s current situation, and understand the implications of this big news.

Need for Sustainable Growth

The $200M raise signifies a major win not just for Habi, but also for the Colombian startup ecosystem. It marks a significant step towards the much needed growth, sustainability and increased investor confidence in Colombian startups.

Colombia’s unique blend of geostrategic assets and resource rich economy, combined with government backed initiatives to foster innovation have come together to create a strong startup ecosystem. This can be seen in the impressive growth of Colombia’s startup scene – with local startups raising over $1 billion in 2020 alone.

However, while the sector is booming, achieving sustained growth is still a challenge faced by many players in the ecosystem. Moreover, once companies reach certain benchmarks, challenges such as access to capital, workforce skill shortages and regulatory reform start to arise. Habi’s success however provides us with an inspirational example for generations of other Colombian startups on how these challenges can be overcome through perseverance and sound decision making.

It also serves as the best perspective for attracting more foreign investments (both venture capital and corporate) into Colombia’s growing startup contingent; from which it can benefit from greater flows of FDI (foreign direct investments) making it healthier and inherently sustainable in the long-term.

Need for Talent Retention

Habi’s $200M raise is a huge victory for Colombia’s startup ecosystem, a nation becoming an increasingly attractive destination to develop disruptive ventures. However, while this massive investment will open up opportunities for newly established startups and existing players in the market, it will also bring about its unique set of challenges. One such challenge is talent retention – the need to keep highly qualified workers from moving on when other companies make them more attractive offers.

For Habi to capitalize on these new investments and the many new opportunities they will create, it must ensure that it can retain and develop the talent that has been instrumental in bringing about this success. Strategies for doing so can range from offering higher salaries and better benefits than competitors, or creating an environment with ample development opportunities, where talented individuals can reach their full potential and feel valued within the organization. In addition, if a company avoids lagging behind its peers when retaining its talent pool, competitive differences can be minimized, allowing companies like Habi to keep their competitive edge.


Colombian startup Habi has reportedly raised $200M and is now valued at over $135 million. This is a major accomplishment for the startup, and serves as a testament to its quality and potential.

The successful raise is also indicative of a larger trend – the Colombian startup ecosystem is growing rapidly and drawing more attention from investors.

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