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Habi’s technology: How it’s making the buying and selling process easier

habi colombiabased 100m latin america fundbealeforbes

Habi is a Colombian iBuyer startup recently raising $100 million in a SoftBank-led Series B funding round. The company is dedicated to making the buying and selling process easier for users, by providing an app-based platform for a smoother experience. Habi’s technology is revolutionizing the housing market in Colombia, and the company hopes to expand to other Latin American countries soon.

In this article, we’ll look at how Habi makes buying and selling easier.

Overview of Habi’s technology

Habi’s technology is revolutionizing the buying and selling process, making it simpler and faster. Automation, self-service features, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) give Habi’s users unprecedented control over their buying and selling. So whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced seller, Habi’s user-friendly platform will simplify the entire process.

At its core, Habi’s technology provides buyers a platform to easily find whatever they need. Its range of search options makes it possible to find what you need in seconds – regardless of price or specific location. The platform can surface relevant products based on user input by leveraging AI and ML technologies. In addition, users can save their searches and quickly access them when needed with no further effort.

Furthermore, Habi’s technology also provides intuitive self-service features for sellers – save time by scheduling postings in advance or creating recurring listings that refresh automatically at predetermined times. Sellers can also benefit from automated price adjustments based on real-time market trends. With these features available out of the box, even less experienced sellers can use comprehensive sales campaigns from within the interface. This allows them to explore new markets without worrying about complex technical challenges associated with marketing campaigns that may be outside their comfort zone or expertise.

The combination of automated sales tools, AI/ML technologies, intuitive self-service features, and advanced search functions make Habi’s technology one of the most advanced ecommerce platforms today – allowing buyers and sellers greater control over their buying/selling experience than ever before.

Overview of Softbank-led Series B

In 2018, Habi raised a Softbank-led Series B of $25M to expand its services and expand into new markets in the U.S. This allowed Habi to spearhead a new era of technology that revolutionized how consumers purchase and sell real estate. The company leveraged cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline the buying and selling process. By taking a data-driven approach, they could identify potential buyers more quickly, offer more tangible solutions faster, provide ways to assess a property’s value more accurately, and get deals closed faster than ever without sacrificing quality.

With this injection of capital, Habi was able to continue its development of innovative solutions for consumers such as their digital home assessment tool that takes 3D imaging and comes up with an accurate estimate of a property’s value as well as their proprietary immersive walkthroughs that let buyers take virtual tour of any listed property from anywhere around the world through VR-ready goggles or using their mobile devices.

habi colombiabased 100m america fundbealeforbes

Colombian iBuyer Habi raises $100M in Softbank-led Series B

Colombian iBuyer Habi has recently announced a new $100 million in a Softbank-led Series B, which is set to revolutionize the home-buying and selling process.

Habi’s technology offers buyers and sellers a streamlined process, with property evaluations and offers made within a few clicks. Additionally, Habi is the first iBuyer in Colombia and Latin America, offering a unique and refreshing process of buying and selling homes.

Let’s look at Habi’s technology and how it changes the industry.

Digitalization of the process

Digitalization is converting information into a digital format for easier processing and storage. In addition, technological advancements have increased the demand and use of digital services to make buying and selling more efficient. This is where Habi’s technology comes in — it has incorporated various digital tools, such as e-commerce, to streamline the buying and selling process.

Habi’s technology collects data from buyers and sellers through APIs or real-time inventory systems. This data is then made available on one platform, allowing all stakeholders–buyers, sellers, brokers–to easily access it. For example, Habi’s technology enables buyers to see real-time prices and discounts, as well as product specific information such as availability and updates on online auctions or marketplaces where they are being sold.

Additionally, merchants can set up store fronts that offer a range of options for buyers —such as payments subscriptions— which allows them to focus more on customer service than keeping track of inventories or pricing. Furthermore, sellers can keep track of their sales trends thanks to dashboards showing detailed analytics on product purchase channels (e-commerce websites) performances over time.

By taking advantage of the latest in digital technologies Habi is helping to create a more efficient system for buying and selling goods with added benefits such as reduced delivery times, higher accuracy in product numbers/prices/quantities received/shipped out, improved customer service satisfaction scores amongst customers; enhancing customer engagement; better business management insights; improved supplier collaboration; less paperwork required throughout the entire process–just to name a few!

Automated valuation

Habi’s technology is revolutionizing the way buyers and sellers interact during the real estate process. One of the most significant advancements from Habi is automated valuation. No longer does the buyer have to wait weeks for a comparative market analysis to come back from a Realtor, or for an appraiser to look at countless comparables to ascertain an estimated value. Habi’s technology takes all of that out of the equation, as it assesses properties on a real-time basis through cutting-edge data models and algorithms.

The automated valuation uses comprehensive market data for instant access to up-to-date pricing trends — meaning that when it comes time for a buyer or seller’s counter offer or sale agreement, they are well positioned with accurate information on value propositions. The data includes daily recorded sale data, tax assessor’s values, current comparable home prices — giving buyers and sellers much greater confidence when navigating offers and making decisions on their next property investment. In addition, this technology reduces deal contingencies due to quicker understanding of market conditions needed in traditional deals including appraisal requirements.

Automated inspections

Habi’s technology is revolutionizing how buyers and sellers interact with one another. In addition to virtual tours and real-time property data, Habi is helping streamline the buying and selling process by offering automated property inspections.

Using its proprietary digital assessment platform, Habi’s automated property inspections take a holistic approach to evaluating a home’s condition and future value. For example, with its highly detailed scan, agents can pinpoint the exact areas of a house that need repair without traditional inspections. By efficiently providing accurate information on home maintenance issues, users can make informed decisions about which properties will make safe long-term investments in rental or resale value before purchase.

This new system reduces human error when assessing a house’s overall condition and speeds up the buying and selling process for everyone involved. Additionally, potential buyers are encouraged to be more proactive about their search before consulting a real estate agent due to the availability of detailed data that wasn’t available even just five years ago.

habi colombiabased softbank america fundbealeforbes

Benefits of Habi’s Technology

Habi, a Colombian iBuyer technology from Softbank, is shaking up the real estate industry with its world-leading technology. Its mission is to help make the buying and selling process easier and faster, from beginning to end.

With the help of their Series B funding of $100 million, Habi has been able to innovate how we experience real estate transactions.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Habi’s technology.

Increased efficiency

At Habi, we developed our technology with one goal: to increase efficiency throughout the buying and selling process. With our integrated systems, you can go from searching for properties and negotiating offers to signing paperwork and closing in just a few clicks. Our technology makes it easy to stay organized, minimize paperwork and speed up the transaction process.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Habi’s technology:

  • Automated reminders and notifications keep all parties on task so that deals can close quickly
  • Our meticulously crafted user-interface is designed for easy navigation and simplifies every step of the decision process
  • Electronic documents ensure accuracy, compliance and integrity during each stage of the transaction
  • Secure transactions keep your sensitive information protected at all times
  • Comprehensive reporting keeps everyone on track through progress tracking, listing management decisions as well as post-sale updates

Reduced time to close

Habi’s technology has been designed to simplify and streamline the home buying and selling process, significantly reducing the time it takes to close a deal. By automating the submission and validation of documents, eliminating tedious paperwork, and eliminating back-and-forth negotiations between buyers, sellers, brokers, and attorneys, Habi’s technology drastically reduces the time it takes to close a deal. As a result, buyers can move into their homes much more quickly than with traditional closing methods.

Using Habi’s technology also helps buyers save time throughout their home search by determining applicable local regulations during their property searches. Additionally, less inspection time is required since Habi’s technology has increased verification processes that help reduce rate issues from showing up in later stages of closing. Other areas where significant time savings are realized include faster loan processing times since there’s no longer any need for manual evaluation of loan applications.

All in all — using Habi’s technology drastically cuts down on both time spent searching for a new home and closing one!

Increased transparency

With Habi’s technology, buyers and sellers are better informed about buying and selling. In addition, through the innovative use of blockchain technology, Habi aims to reduce fraud, increase trust and transparency in the process.

This is achieved through public ledger systems that track all documents related to the buying and selling process. These systems also improve security by providing encrypted versions of documents only available to certain individuals.

Buyers and sellers can benefit from increased transparency as they can now easily access information on each other while conducting purchase transactions. This minimizes the chances of anyone being taken advantage of or mistreated in any transaction as all documents are securely stored on an easily traceable public ledger system.

habi 100m series softbank latin fundbealeforbes


Habi, the Colombian iBuyer, has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to its innovative technology. This technology has made buying and selling homes easier without the hassle of traditional methods.

However, with such rapid growth comes certain challenges. In this section, we will explore the challenges Habi’s technology poses and how it addresses them.

Regulatory hurdles

Navigating the world of regulatory hurdles can be daunting, especially when new technology is involved. Habi’s technology has undergone a rigorous process to ensure that it complies with all regulations and laws in its operating areas. Currently, our technology is limited to functioning in certain locales; however, we are actively working on expanding our reach worldwide.

One of the key regulatory challenges for Habi’s technology depends on location. In some countries, regulations are more lenient and allow less oversight over online payments and sales. In other parts of the world, such as within certain states in India or China, payment processing methods must be heavily scrutinized before authorizing use. Likewise, countries may have restrictions on foreign companies doing business within their borders; hence why we are only currently operating in a specific set of regions.

The regulatory landscape is ever-changing, so staying abreast of new regulations that may apply to Habi’s services is important. Our skilled compliance team works tirelessly to ensure responsible app usage by monitoring customer traffic and blocking suspicious activity as needed. Additionally, developers must also remain updated on any changes that might impact how they design and implement their applications so they can adjust accordingly as needed.

By consistently monitoring updates to local laws and industry standards worldwide, we hope to continue making buying and selling easier while remaining compliant with today’s regulations.

Lack of consumer trust

Trust between consumers and retailers is crucial for any successful transaction. But unfortunately, physical stores are particularly vulnerable to out-of-stock inventory, fraudulent activities, a lack of product customization or selection, and delivery issues. As a result, many customers have turned towards online options to find better quality products or services.

The “Habi” technology platform addresses this challenge by providing users with a secure marketplace that uses advanced data algorithms to identify and validate vendors before allowing them access. In addition, Habi simplifies the buying process by streamlining payment transactions into a mobile wallet. This allows customers to purchase goods conveniently while protecting their financial data from malicious actors. Furthermore, it enables companies to track customers’ order histories and send product recommendations catered to individual preferences.

All of these features combined provide peace of mind and trust in the transactions that take place on the platform. Furthermore, as customers continue to become more comfortable dealing with online stores due Habi’s secure end-to-end encryption on its platform, they are more likely not only make repeat purchases but also recommend reputable suppliers to their family and friends who hold similar taste in products and services – creating a cycle of trust for all involved parties in the ecosystem that benefits everyone overall!

Lack of education

The lack of education about Habi’s technology can challenge its adoption. Many buyers may be unaware of the advantages of using such a platform, and even those with some knowledge may not be versed in its potential applications. Similarly, sellers may have difficulty understanding all the functions and features that Habi’s technology offers to help optimize their buying and selling processes. This lack of education can hinder sellers and buyers in utilizing this platform.

To overcome this challenge, Habi should make sure that their educational resources are easily accessible both on their website and through other sources such as webinars or videos. They should also highlight the unique features and benefits for buyers and sellers that integrate it into their purchasing process. Furthermore, working with community organizations or institutions could provide an ideal platform for creating product awareness among potential users of this revolutionary technology.


Habi’s technology is revolutionizing how people buy and sell homes in Colombia. With Softbank’s recent investment of $100 million in Habi’s technology, it is clear that there is immense potential for this service to continue expanding the buying and selling process in the country.

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