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Kooply’s Mobile Games – Partnership with Microsoft

kooply 18m microsoft tpy capital playtikalundentechcrunch

Kooply, a mobile games development platform that is still in stealth mode, has just tapped into $18M from Microsoft and more to create a new gaming platform.

This strategic partnership between Microsoft and Kooply brings a wealth of new opportunities for the game developer community and provides promising potential for Kooply’s platform.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what this partnership entails and what it could mean for developers who use the Kooply platform.

Background on Kooply

Kooply is an internationally-renowned gaming studio renowned for creating popular and immersive mobile games. Established in 2014, Kooply quickly made a global name for themselves by creating engaging and high-quality gaming experiences that resonated with the international mobile gaming community. As their reputation grew globally, they became the first ever mobile game publisher to partner with Microsoft, which allowed them to reach an even wider audience.

Today, Kooply is known for developing some of the most popular mobile games on the market. With their partnership with Microsoft, Kooply continues to create innovative and engaging experiences through their world-renowned IP such as The Godfather: Road to Revenge and Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) Mobile. As part of the partnership agreement with Microsoft, Kooply includes Xbox Live integration into all their titles so players can experience Xbox Live achievements, leaderboards and friends lists for better game connectivity within their titles.

Kooply continues to develop captivating stories in fresh gameplay environments that resonate globally with players of all ages. By partnering up with Microsoft’s global resources, Kooply aims to bring exciting new gaming experiences to both console and mobile users worldwide.

Overview of Microsoft’s investment

Kooply is proud to announce a major investment from Microsoft Corporation. This investment will help Kooply continue developing innovative mobile games that appeal to a global audience of users. Microsoft’s investment is validation of Kooply’s loyal fan base and expanding game offerings, including the current hit titles Zombie Derby 3 and TowerQuest 2.

18m microsoft m12 tpy capital playtikalundentechcrunch

Microsoft Corporation will receive options to own up to 20 percent of the company in return for an unspecified initial investment by one or more Microsoft funds. This marks Kooply’s first significant institutional financing since launch in 2018, and provides the resources for Kooply to accelerate its growth.

With this partnership, Kooply has access to Microsoft’s vast resources and talent pool, setting them up for further success as they continue developing gaming experiences optimized for mobile devices worldwide. Ultimately, Kooply aims to become one of the top-tier gaming companies, with market-changing insights into how games are played on smartphones by audiences around the world.

Kooply’s Mobile Games Platform

Kooply, a mobile game development platform that is still in stealth mode, has recently secured an investment of $18M from Microsoft and other undisclosed investors. This move is part of Microsoft’s plans to tap into the growing mobile gaming market while simultaneously positioning Kooply as a powerhouse in the industry.

Kooply’s platform is designed to help game developers create and monetize their titles with tools such as integrated analytics, sophisticated microtransactions, and AI-enabled optimization of code.

Features of the platform

Kooply’s Mobile Games Platform is an Android-based gaming platform developed in partnership with Microsoft. This platform provides developers and players with a comprehensive set of features, from streamlined game development to cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer gaming.

Among the features of Kooply’s Mobile Games Platform are:

• Cloud support – Leverage Microsoft’s cloud-based storage solutions for leaderboards, achievements, scores and other data related to each player’s gaming experience

• Cross-platform play – Enable players to play on any compatible device they own and access the same game world

• In-app purchases – Allow developers to monetize their games through in-app purchasing models tailored for their specific platforms

• Automated testing and debugging – Streamline the process of debugging mobile games on different devices with automated testing tools

• Realtime Multiplayer – Enable realtime, cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer capabilities for players on different devices

• Enhanced Graphics – Provide a superior graphical experience by utilizing enhanced graphics and animation tools

• Role Playing Game (RPG) Integration – Support integration with popular RPG engines that allow developers to create compelling immersive experiences that appeal to all types of players

Benefits of the platform

Kooply’s partnership with Microsoft offers many benefits for developers, allowing developers to create and publish mobile games in a number of different markets, with users from all over the world. The platform uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud to make game deployment faster, smoother and more efficient, while also providing access to analytics solutions that enable deep insights into user behavior and game performance.

israelbased 18m microsoft m12 tpy playtikalundentechcrunch

By leveraging the platforms capabilities, developers can reach a wider audience, with improved targeted marketing that helps ensure their games get seen by appropriate audiences. The platform also provides comprehensive analytics tools that help measure customer engagement and game development metrics in real time.

Additionally, Kooply enables developers to utilize software development kits (SDKs) that speed up the process of creating mobile apps. These SDKs can be used to create new experiences for players or integrate existing features without having to worry about re-implementing the code on various devices or platforms. Furthermore, this partnership allows for large distribution opportunities across numerous stores across different territories.

In summary, the partnership between Kooply and Microsoft offers powerful advantages for mobile game developers. With access to distribution in multiple global market places as well as analytics tools and SDKs designed for streamlining development processes and targeting customer engagement, it can help boost any developer’s success rate significantly for mobile games.

Kooply taps into $18M from Microsoft and more for a mobile games dev platform still in stealth

Kooply, a mobile gaming development platform, recently announced their partnership with Microsoft to bring more innovative gaming experiences to players. Through the partnership, Kooply has tapped into an initial investment of $18M from Microsoft, as well as additional resources.

This brings many new opportunities to Kooply’s creative platform, allowing them to explore a limitless world of possibilities.

How the partnership will help Kooply

Kooply Mobile Games has recently entered into a partnership with Microsoft that is expected to increase the reach and exposure for its gaming platform. Through this strategic alliance, both organizations hope to drive each other’s mobile gaming successes.

This partnership will give Kooply access to Microsoft’s advanced cloud technologies that can be utilized to optimize their infrastructure and deploy more scalable services, which will help them launch new games faster and manage costs more effectively. With access to Azure, Kooply’s developers can easily create experiences that work across multiple platforms while taking advantage of the cost savings of not delivering a packaged version of their games.

In addition, through the use of Microsoft’s cross-platform game engine and AI suite, Kooply will be able to improve the player experience by creating dynamic in-game environments and characters that adapt quickly based on player feedback. The partnership with Microsoft also provides Kooply with an entry point into Xbox Live – allowing them to reach an even larger audience of gamers across multiple devices including consoles, personal computers, tablets and phones.

Ultimately, this partnership creates a clearer path for Kooply as it expands its user base as well as new markets on a global scale.

How the partnership will benefit Microsoft

Through the partnership with Kooply’s Mobile Games, Microsoft will be able to expand its presence into the mobile game industry while still maintaining the high standard of quality that it holds itself. The partnership will provide the company with access to a significant user base who are passionate about their games, as well as a reliable platform for creating and hosting new games. This collaboration will also help Microsoft capitalize on emerging trends in mobile gaming, such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

As part of the collaboration, Microsoft and Kooply’s Mobile Games will develop a range of co-branded games across several popular genres. These new titles will be accessible from multiple platforms, including Xbox One and Windows Store, allowing players to enjoy them regardless of which device they own. By leveraging the graphical prowess of Xbox One consoles, these titles can offer stunning visuals and immersive experiences that stay true to Microsoft’s triple A standards.

Moreover, this partnership will open up new advertising opportunities for both companies. Kooply’s Mobile Games has developed an effective strategy for monetizing their content by utilizing leading ad networks. Through this strategic alliance with Microsoft, these solutions can be integrated directly into their portfolio of titles while still providing an exceptional playing experience for gamers.

By providing users with access to co-branded titles across multiple platforms and utilizing leading ad networks, this collaborative effort has all of the ingredients needed for a successful collaboration between two industry leaders in mobile gaming as well as software development – making it one that both companies will benefit from immensely!

Impact of the Partnership

Kooply, a freshly funded mobile game development platform, recently secured $18M from Microsoft and other investors to increase the development and reach of their platform. With this capital injection, the platform aims to bring new technologies and methods to the mobile game industry, enabling developers to create games faster and more efficiently.

israelbased kooply 18m m12 tpy playtikalundentechcrunch

This partnership has the potential to have a huge impact on the mobile gaming industry and it will be interesting to see how Kooply transform the industry in the years to come.

Impact on mobile gaming industry

The partnership between Kooply and Microsoft is seen as a groundbreaking move in the mobile gaming industry. The collaboration combines the power of Kooply’s mobile games development expertise with Microsoft’s cloud, hardware, and gaming platforms. This all-encompassing partnership will result in greater accessibility and cross-platform compatibility for millions of gamers worldwide.

Not only will this agreement lead to an improved gaming experience, players will have access to more content and game stores. The two companies will be working together to build tailored experiences on every platform, making it easier for gamers to play with friends across different devices. Additionally, the new platform promises consumers better stability due to enhanced server support and faster loading speeds.

Kooply’s mobile game catalogue will now be able to tap into a larger market by being made available on Microsoft’s hardware such as Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and virtual reality headsets. This opens up new opportunities for large investments from both parties in working towards solutions such as cross-play or unified accounts, making switching from one device to another more seamless than ever before. The behind-the-scenes synergy created by this partnership could revolutionize how gamers connect with each other in a way never seen before on other platforms.

Impact on Kooply

Kooply’s partnership with Microsoft enabled the mobile game developer to penetrate the global gaming market in a major way. As part of their deal, Kooply was able to access Microsoft’s extensive infrastructure, which allowed them to take advantage of its vast distribution network and scale up quickly. This cooperation sparked Kooply’s expansion across multiple platforms, enabling the company to reach new markets in an efficient and effective manner.

Kooply benefited from leveraging the Windows platform by taking advantage of Microsoft’s established reputation for reliability and security. Additionally, the partnership benefited their marketing push; as a result of teaming up with Microsoft, Kooply was able to tap into the company’s renowned brand recognition power in order to more easily promote their products. The relationship enabled quick entry into retail stores, although this success was not exclusive only through physical outlets; a digital presence was also established as part of their collaboration. Another factor that contributed to Kooply’s growth was cross-promotions through Xbox and other related platforms.

The partnership also provided benefits for Kooply both on a financial level and on a development side. The deal opened countless opportunities such as monetary incentives via payments from MS subscriptions or by offering discounts on Xbox Live services making it an attractive option for those seeking gaming entertainment at cost conscious prices. The cooperation proved mutually beneficial with both companies boosting each other’s success rate while navigating modern markets characterized by intense competition and customer loyalty issues as well as providing support in different aspects including developing compatible products, customer service training regarding customer experience, risk management analysis along with conflict resolution support among other services.


Kooply has a successful partnership with Microsoft and is continuing to grow and expand their Mobile Games Development Platform. With the $18 Million they have received from Microsoft, they are well-positioned to create more engaging and successful mobile games and become a leader in their field.

In this article, we have looked at the details of the Kooply and Microsoft Partnership, the advantages it brings to Kooply, and what the future could hold for this mobile game development platform.

Summary of the partnership

Kooply, the leading independent mobile game developer, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft to bring their games to the Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. The initiative will see Kooply’s titles make the leap from smartphones and tablets to consoles, expanding their reach to millions of gamers worldwide.

Kooply’s titles will be available on Xbox consoles, PCs and phones running Windows 10, giving players more access points than ever before. Kooply is also integrating its cloud-based features into its existing games as they move into Xbox Live and Windows 10 services. This messaging system enables gamers on multiple platforms – such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone – to connect with friends on other operating systems for gameplay interaction.

This partnership has immense potential for both companies; Microsoft gains access to Kooply’s impressive library of titles as well as innovative cloud-based gaming integration functionality which will significantly expand its consumer base. Kooply has opened up a myriad of opportunities through this deal – they’re now able to tap into a much larger audience while maintaining their standing in the ever-changing mobile game industry.