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How Kooply’s Mobile Gaming Platform Works

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Kooply recently announced that it has secured $18 million in seed funding for its mobile gaming development platform.

This platform allows developers to use the Kooply SDK to make their mobile game within minutes. In addition, Kooply offers game development tools, game engine support, analytics and monetization capabilities, making it easier for developers to create mobile games.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Kooply’s mobile gaming platform works and the features that make it a popular choice for game developers.

Overview of Kooply’s mobile gaming platform

Kooply is a mobile gaming development platform that enables game developers to collaborate on building and deploying HTML5 mobile and cross-platform games. The platform has been backed by various investors’ $18 million seed funding round, enabling the company to refine its product offerings.

Kooply’s platform is optimized for various devices, from iOS and Android to desktops, making it a versatile option for developers. Among its features are the ability to quickly build and deploy HTML5 games, easily edit them at any stage in the development process, and implement code without depending on an IT department.

In addition to designing mobile games with pre-built assets including characters, enemies, levels and backgrounds created with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Kooply provides an in-built physics engine for game designers. This physics engine allows developers to customize bullet trajectories or simulate realistic environmental movements such as water rolling off surfaces. The physics engine also includes the ability to adjust the character collision parameters to achieve desired player experiences within any adopted virtual environment’s context. Kooply also allows real-time sharing of source code among various members working on the same project–debugging becomes easier due to improved visibility over all changes made throughout each round of development.

Furthermore, Kooply also enables users to track their app’s usage statistics through a proprietary analytics package–capturing data such as player progression through levels or registering user feedback to help craft future projects with player preferences in mind.

Kooply Announces $18 Million Seed Funding to Enable its Mobile Gaming Development Platform

Kooply Inc. recently announced that it has received $18 million in seed funding for its mobile gaming development platform. This capital is expected to help Kooply expand its platform to include more mobile games and provide the resources needed to develop innovative and engaging user experiences.

Let’s look at how Kooply’s mobile gaming platform works.

What the funding will be used for

Kooply announced $18 million in seed funding from investors, including DKM E-Ventures, which will be used to power its mobile gaming development platform. Kooply is a game development platform that enables developers to create games with other creatives quickly, using templates and cloud-based assets they own. In addition, it allows users to create games on mobile, PC, and console platforms.

israelbased kooply microsoft tpy capital playtikalundentechcrunch

The funds will allow Kooply to expand its network of partners — enabling more developers worldwide to join the Kooply community and benefit from its services — as well as increasing the capabilities of Red Knight Technologies (its game engine) and Brainiac (its game ideation platform). The funding also supports further development of REDHEAD, an AI-powered tool that helps developers significantly reduce production times while allowing them to focus on their creativity and design process.

The funding enables Kooply’s increased investment in esports initiatives such as competitions & tournaments for both amateur and professional players around the world; a wide range of new features for their community such as live user broadcasts; expanded marketing tools & analytics support for studios; expanded monetization options; and a commitment towards accessibility so that everyone can gamer where they are. Kooply’s ultimate goal is to promote continuity within the gaming industry by providing content creators with reliable tools & resources necessary for making great games faster.

What the platform will enable

Kooply, a mobile gaming platform for developers, announced that it has raised $18 million in seed funding to enable its development of a powerful mobile gaming platform. The new capital will allow Kooply to continue developing its suite of services and solutions — from content production and distribution, to game development and monetization — providing developers with all the resources needed to create best-in-class games powered by Kooply’s technology.

Kooply’s mobile gaming platform enables game makers to develop titles quickly and efficiently. With simple tools, studios can quickly provision environments, build logos, create projects within minutes and instantly launch live versions of their games. Global analytics plus detailed insights into game performance provide valuable real-time data on optimizing every aspect of the development process. In addition, gamers benefit from lower latency and no-fuss payments powered by donations and microtransactions that don’t require credit card information or user accounts.

Kooply’s mission is to provide a single entry point that enables the global community of developers to easily create the world’s best mobile games. With this seed funding announcement for their development efforts, gamers everywhere can be sure that Kooply will continue working hard to make this vision come true.

Technology behind the Platform

Kooply recently announced $18 million in seed funding to enable their Mobile Gaming Development Platform. The technology behind the Platform is based on cloud-native architectures and mobile app back-ends which allows developers to quickly create and deploy apps that are suited for mobile gaming.

Let’s look at the technology behind Kooply’s Mobile Gaming Platform.

Cloud-based technology

Kooply’s mobile gaming development platform leverages cloud-based technology to help developers create, debug, and deploy their games quickly and easily. In addition, it simplifies the process for developers by providing a simplified development toolchain that can be used to quickly create high-quality 2D and 3D games.

The platform also provides comprehensive templates for game development, allowing developers to easily create complex titles in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods. In addition, developers can design full games or levels with intuitive drag-and-drop tools and a sound production system. This enables effective team collaboration with audio effects customised for various game devices.

In addition, Kooply enables secure upload options that allow developers to easily manage their projects across multiple device types. This allows them to maintain versions of their game structure, enabling them to test changes before going live across different platforms and gaming devices. Finally, Kooply’s powerful analytics functionality allows developers and game companies to track players’ successes or identify improvement areas.

Artificial intelligence

Kooply’s mobile gaming platform utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology advancements to allow developers to produce more streamlined games with smoother workflows. AI has the potential to power complex gaming tasks, such as character interactions and game analytics. These are not only time consuming but also effort-intensive tasks that require experienced game designers. With AI powering these tasks, Kooply opens up new opportunities for developers to create fun, interactive and personalized games at unprecedented speed.

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Kooply’s platform-agnostic API allows developers to use their tools (such as Unity or Unreal Engine) for games development and provides efficient integrations of popular services (Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Services). In addition to providing better performance thanks to its distributed architecture, Kooply also enables dynamic tuning of game parameters in real time using its Auto-Tune technology; this ensures that the developer’s game design is always optimized for end-user experience.

Kooply’s automated AI powered service can handle technical tasks such as graphics and code optimization. In addition, the platform’s environment friendly approach helps decrease memory and energy consumption leading towards sustainability in future mobile gaming ventures for developers.

3D graphics

Kooply is leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enable developers to create interactive 3D games of unparalleled quality. The engine includes high performance 3D graphics, AI algorithms, and animation control for a fast and efficient development experience.

Using their proprietary software, Kooply enables up to 6 million polygons per second on mobile devices. This gives game designers unprecedented freedom in designing detailed characters, intricate environment models and optimized textures that render smoothly regardless of device or platform. Kooply also supports many popular 3D file formats like FBX and OBJ, making importing existing assets into games easier than ever.

Kooply’s 3D graphics library is built on OpenGL ES 2.0, the industry standard API for mobile graphics processing. Developers can take advantage of this API’s wide range of device support by choosing between OpenGL ES 2.0 or OpenGL ES 3.0 when developing their projects on supported devices including iPhones 6s or later, current iPads and Android smartphones running Lollipop 5 or higher.

With its comprehensive feature set, developers can create immersive worlds within their games — from beautiful landscapes to complex structures — which can be experienced from multiple angles in real time (including 360-degree perspective). Along with advanced rendering capabilities across all major platforms, Kooply also boasts a powerful scripting engine which allows developers to quickly manipulate objects and environment lighting for realistically rendered scenes with authentic physical properties such as gravity and particle effects like fire and smoke .

Platform Features

Kooply is a mobile gaming development platform that recently announced $18 Million in seed funding to support its mission of making mobile gaming development easier and more accessible.

Kooply’s platform is designed around a suite of tools to give developers the flexibility and scalability they need to create engaging mobile gaming experiences.

Let’s look at some of the key features of the Kooply platform and how it can help mobile game developers.

In-app purchases

Kooply’s mobile gaming platform offers users convenient in-app purchases of various goods and services, giving players a seamless experience while they play games on their mobile devices.

In-app purchases are securely administered with appropriate safeguards to discourage unauthorized use of third-party payment methods.

In-app purchases are processed quickly and efficiently through the Kooply API, which accepts payments from major credit cards and popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, all transactions are stored safely using military-grade encryption for ultimate security for game developers and players. In addition, since payment is conducted within the game, developers have ultimate control over how goods and services can be purchased within their games without compromising user safety or dealing with complicated legal agreements.

Cross-platform compatibility

Kooply’s mobile gaming development platform provides cross-platform capability, which means developers can design and deploy games across multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows. This allows developers to easily create games for various devices and platforms. Cross-platform compatibility also makes it possible for gamers to pick up their game no matter what type of device or system they are using.

This platform adds features such as cloud gaming, social leaderboards and robust cross-platform analytics so developers can better understand user behavior across devices. With Kooply’s cloud gaming feature, players can access their game from any device or network connection without compromising performance or graphics quality. The custom analytics toolset provides insights about user engagement with an individual’s game on different devices, which helps developers optimize the overall performance of their titles.

Kooply is committed to making the game development process easy for its customers. Its sandbox environment accelerates game testing by running multiple builds simultaneously while storing previous versions. In addition, the platform will provide hosting infrastructure, social media integration and version control support that were previously too expensive even for established development studios looking to target mobile markets.

Social media integration

Social media integration is a powerful way to easily incorporate an existing audience, enhance engagement, and boost content visibility across multiple channels. For businesses, social media integration allows them to share content with a wider audience, leading to increased exposure and an opportunity for interested websites and influencers to link back to their sites.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube make it easy for companies to create content that will be seen by people all over the world. Incorporating these elements into the web or mobile apps you are building increases the potential of greater reach and brand recognition. With social media integration, applications can pull in feeds from third party networks such as Facebook or Twitter, post messages on user’s behalf automatically, provide users with secure logins through popular social networks like Google or Facebook Connected Accounts.

Social media components also remove the work of creating redundant data entry forms every time users need to switch between multiple devices or browser sessions as they remain authenticated through the authenticated connection they already have established on their device. Moreover, utilizing pre-existing social APIs can speed up development cycles dramatically over designing custom integrations from scratch.

Benefits of the Platform

Kooply recently announced a $18 million seed funding to enable its mobile gaming development platform. The platform features an integrated suite of tools and services developed to empower mobile game developers. In addition, it helps developers increase efficiency in developing, testing, and monetizing their games.

israelbased microsoft m12 tpy capital playtikalundentechcrunch

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the Kooply platform and how it can help developers create better mobile gaming experiences.

Increased engagement

Kooply’s mobile gaming platform provides a unique advantage to developers in the mobile gaming space. The platform allows developers to create detailed gameplay and immersive experiences that drive users towards higher levels of engagement and more deep, meaningful relationships with their game. The platform also provides developers with efficient tools and capabilities such as analytics, user segmentation, loyalty programs, and monetization solutions to help them gain further insights into performance metrics. With Kooply’s mobile gaming development platform in place, it becomes easier for game creators to build engaging games and benefit from the monetization capabilities offered by the platform.

Implementing this platform can also be advantageous for gamers because it can increase their level of engagement. Through Kooply’s sophisticated system for analytics, segmentation, loyalty programs, rewards-based activities and projects within the app community. For example, players can get special rewards based on their loyalty participation or achievements within a game which encourages them to keep playing longer or become more competitive against others in the same league. This helps build long-term relationships between gamers, increasing engagement within the app community overall.

Increased revenue

Kooply’s mobile gaming development platform allows video game developers and publishers to create immersive, user-dependent gaming experiences. Through the implementation of this platform, mobile game developers can expect increased revenue and engagement from their users.

By harnessing Kooply’s analytics-driven methodology, developers can leverage the data collected from user interactions to craft more personalized customer experiences. For example, this data collected from user engagement helps the development team better understand which game features are engaging, what aspects of a game could use improvement, and how content optimization can increase conversion and revenue. This allows developers to better segment customers and deliver more focused marketing efforts that drive user engagement.

Moreover, by leveraging Kooply’s cross-promotional features, developers can encourage users to stay connected with their games through repeat playing sessions. In addition, through Kooply’s payment support system coupled with their analytics resources, developers can calculate LTV (lifetime value) metrics which provides an insight into customer ROI (return on investment) – thus helping them to increase revenue at all stages of the mobile gaming journey.

Overall, Kooply’s Mobile Gaming Platform aims to allow mobile game developers and publishers to maximize revenue by providing tools that help build more engaging gaming experiences for end users at scale – all while measuring results for further gains in player retention and monetization methods.

Increased customer satisfaction

Kooply’s mobile gaming development platform provides an innovative way of creating and updating cross-platform mobile gaming applications that enables suitability across multiple operating systems and devices. Through its open-source technology, Kooply makes it easier for developers to quickly create engaging, high-performance gaming experiences for any level of user across popular platforms. This continued investment in Kooply’s platform ensures that clients have access to the latest technology to provide content with optimal performance.

The investment helps ensure that the Kooply platform continues to drive improvement in customer experience and satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction is an important element for any organization when developing mobile games for their brand or customers, as gamers can play any game at whatever level they want, allowing them to get further enjoyment from their purchase.

One of Kooply’s key advantages lies in its interconnectedness—allowing users on different devices, even those running different operating systems, to simultaneously interact and enjoy the same game with others in real time, while also providing developers with a single unified codebase that serves as a base on which they can build and customize specific experiences or scenarios. Additionally, the team at Kooply provides support help customers design progressive games with the most up-to-date 3D engines like Unity 3D or Unreal Engine 4 that meet all industry standards.

By continuing this steady stream of innovation within the mobile gaming space through its new seed funding, customers can thus be assured that all Kooply projects are built using cutting edge technology, foster enhanced customer satisfaction through effortless cross-platform compatibility regardless of device type or OS versioning plus provide customers with plenty of engagement opportunities through multiplayer assets and advanced graphics capabilities guaranteed by real time 3D engine support.