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What are the benefits of using Nasuni?

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Nasuni is a data storage system that combines cloud and on-premise solutions for organisations of all sizes. It aims to simplify data storage by providing a consistent global file system. Nasuni leverages cloud object stores to provide resiliency and scalability while running on local or virtualized hardware, ensuring high performance file access. Additionally, its architecture is designed to help control costs and improve operational efficiency by taking advantage of the cost savings offered by Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Nasuni also provides an easy-to-install professional services package as standard, which includes pre-configured devices with hardware compatibility, installation of operating systems, verification of connection to cloud providers and integration with existing infrastructure.

Nasuni’s benefits include improved scalability and resilience through the use of a distributed file system, greater flexibility by leveraging public or private cloud resources for capacity and performance needs, strong security through encryption in transit (AES256) and at rest (AES128), faster disaster recovery times due to instant failover capability without manual intervention, enhanced visibility into user activity via comprehensive audit trails for forensic purposes, comprehensive integration with existing infrastructure including support for multiple authentication methods such as LDAP/Active Directory/Kerberos, efficient utilisation of WAN bandwidth for improved application performance over remote sites as well as potential cost savings from tiered seeding processes to decrease local disk requirements.

What is Nasuni?

Nasuni is a popular provider of enterprise file services that combines the scalability, reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness of cloud object storage like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure with on-premise or cloud-hosted local access media, such as NAS or storage area networks. Using a single global namespace and secure cloud storage, Nasuni simplifies file sharing for large enterprises by providing secure access to data from any location.

In addition to the scalability of cloud-based storage and the capacity benefits of local access media, Nasuni also provides industry leading features such as automated multi-site data protection and disaster recovery; instantaneous global access; continuous backup with version history; infinite scalability – built in zoomable analytics; complete responsibility for privacy/confidentiality; reliable support/service level agreements (SLAs); proactive monitoring (Promon); simple drill down for reporting and customizable notifications. Furthermore, enterprises gain an additional layer of security by utilising encryption on their local NAS appliances that syncs with their cloud object store so files are encrypted both in transit and at rest while maintaining powerful search capabilities to quickly find the desired files.

Nasuni offers multiple deployment models depending on customer requirements, including an “all cloud” model which contains no primary data stored onsite making it simple to manage file sharing from any device with just an Internet connection. In addition, customers can choose from software clients for Mac OS X, iOS devices and computers running Linux or Windows to readily access files stored remotely.

Nasuni Secures $60 Million Growth Equity Investment from Sixth Street to Extend Market Leadership in File Data Services

Nasuni, a leading provider of file data services, recently raised a $60 million growth equity investment from Sixth Street to extend its market leadership. With this additional funding, Nasuni hopes to accelerate its next-gen file data solutions development and expand its customer base.

This article will discuss the various benefits of using Nasuni and how they are helping to shape the file data services industry.

Data Protection and Security

Nasuni has several data protection and security features that can help reduce risk and maintain compliance in the cloud. These include file versioning for long-term preservation; data encryption at rest and in transit; local and cloud-based antivirus scanning; early detection of internal and external threats and anomalies via built-in security analytics; IP address whitelisting, integrated two factor authentication options, auditing capabilities, access control lists (ACLs) that let you set granular permissions for each user or group, role-based user management to control who can access what systems, end-to-end security visibility on the file level across both local and cloud storages, backup retention policies to ensure no data loss or corruption, disaster recovery procedures so data isn’t lost after an outage or natural disaster, compliance reports to review changes in documents over time, and automated archiving features which allow users to store large amounts of files securely in the cloud.

Cost Savings

Using Nasuni for file data storage can result in cost savings for companies over traditional on-premises solutions. With an easy scaling of cloud capacity and a single, entry-level purchase price, Nasuni can help organisations significantly reduce capital expenditures and help them easily respond to rapid expansion. As the company grows, its file data needs increase but with Nasuni no additional hardware is needed; cloud capacity is automatically increased as demand increases.

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Nasuni also protects against out-of-date software versions or hardware components. With software and hardware updates included in the subscription fee, organisations can avoid paying the high cost of upgrading or replacing entire systems or components before they become unusable.

Additionally, storage costs associated with traditional solutions tend to be higher due to multiple hardware requirements and local site replication with periodic sync processes. An enterprise version of Nasuni enables global synchronisation across multiple sites, eliminating the need for redundant storage on each end while streamlining operations such as managing multiple user accounts at different geographic locations, eliminating bottlenecks associated with manual user creation processes.

Finally, there are significant savings through the flexibility that comes with using a cloud platform like Nasuni: services are available on demand and users benefit from functionality such as automated capabilities that eliminate manual management tasks like patching and backups — all without incurring additional costs from hiring external IT support staff members.


One of the major benefits of using Nasuni is its scalability. With Nasuni, businesses can scale operations without incurring significant costs, as the capacity requirements can be easily adjusted to meet their specific needs. This gives businesses great flexibility and allows them to grow quickly and securely as their needs change.

Furthermore, Nasuni also provides organisations with seamless global file access across all devices, regardless of location or network connection. The distributed nature of the solution ensures that businesses have access to a single source for all of their content from any device, at any time—ensuring greater productivity and collaboration in distributed settings.

As a bonus, organisations no longer need to worry about managing multiple storage silos when scaling or replicating data or applications. By leveraging the power and flexibility of Nasuni, IT teams can efficiently manage global storage needs even in heterogeneous environments with varying demands.

High Availability

Nasuni offers businesses high availability to ensure their data is consistently accessible, even if a hardware or software failure occurs. Nasuni is designed to self-heal from any failures within milliseconds, without interruption in service availability. This means that users will have uninterrupted access to their data regardless of potential issues with hardware or software, meaning no lost changes when a user goes to retrieve a file.

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Nasuni utilises its global file system, which provides additional resiliency and redundancy by allowing the same file to be stored on multiple sites and devices simultaneously. As the primary file server at one location fails, another on-line site will immediately assume responsibility for serving updates and ensuring high availability of files. This eliminates the need for extra back-up processes or manual failover procedures and allows users across distributed locations access the same content without interruption.

In addition to assuring high availability of files, Nasuni also helps organisations protect their data against malicious threats such as ransomware attacks by offering point in time versioning – preserving copies of every single version of each file as users continuously write over them. In addition, users can use flexible settings like hourly snapshots that enables them to restore data up until the minutes before an outbreak occurs easily and quickly from any physical location without worrying about leaving behind vulnerable backups in the cloud environment.

Nasuni’s Recent Investment

Nasuni, a cloud-native provider of enterprise file services and storage, recently announced $25 million in Series D funding. This investment brings Nasuni’s total capital raised to date to more than $100 million. ReThink Group led the investment with participation from some of the company’s existing investors, including Canaan Partners, GGV Capital and DFJ Growth.

The additional funds will help accelerate the company’s growth plans and provide customers with added benefits in enterprise requirements, scalability, cost effectiveness and data management. With their investment, Nasuni has proven their commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for customers’ large-scale needs.

Named in 2009 by Andres Rodriguez and Chris Santilli, Nasuni provides flexibility for customers with an enterprise file services platform that allows businesses to achieve exponential growth by scaling cloud capacity. By leveraging peerless architecture for scalability and elasticity; businesses are provided access to unlimited storage via a combination of cloud-based object store interface (NFS or SMB/CIFS) clients and on-premises hardware accelerators. In addition to access speed improvements due to caching; business intelligence tools facilitate better collaboration between teams inside and outside an organisation.

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Utilising this cutting edge technology has many advantages over traditional storage systems. It allows organisations unprecedented flexibility in configuring their infrastructure while also providing added backup features such as snapshot capability that enable simpler recovery from local failures using cloud based copies of their data ensuring quicker recoveries than ever possible. It also offers cost savings in multiple forms: continual expansion without disruption; effortless maintenance; compact deployment options; on-demand pay­per­use subscriptions; increased ROI when compared against traditional rollout cycles due to lower costs associated with expansion activities like forecasting capacity needs or procurement activiti­es like influx of personnel or asset investments during deployments requiring multiple customer IT administrators involved during expansions which incur extra salaries while also occupying more physical space due expense associated with asset/server expansion/armoring & cooling systems required therein even if customer is attempting move onto other cheaper forms deployments like server virtualization or multi Environment clouds etc.; further cost savings can be had via single platform spanning multiple 2 environments giving Synergy benefits due larger volume discounts & consolidation effects accruing at the geographic level resulting in better pricing both monetarily & SPLA licensing wise for them for same cost again achieving increasing ROI rapidly.