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Xbox and PS4 Cross Platform Compatibility for Rainbow Six Siege


Are you confused by the myriad of reports regarding Xbox and PS4 cross platform compatibility for Rainbow Six Siege? Here’s what you need to know – it is possible to play across the two platforms! Let us explain how you can make this happen:

Is rainbow six siege cross platform between xbox and ps4

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular tactical shooter console video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2015. Since then, it has become one of the most successful multiplayer games with over 70 million players worldwide. In the past few years, there have been efforts to make the game more accessible across multiple platforms. One important issue that gamers have asked about is whether Rainbow Six Siege is cross-platform compatible between Xbox and PlayStation 4 (PS4). This article will delve into this topic, exploring what cross-platform play means in regards to Rainbow Six Siege and examining its potential benefits.

Xbox and PS4 Cross Platform Compatibility Overview

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the world’s most popular first-person shooter games, with a huge player base. It offers a variety of options for cross platform play; from local LAN capabilities to full global online integration. Rainbow Six Siege does have some level of Xbox and PS4 cross platform compatibility, allowing players with either system to compete online together in certain game modes. While there are a few restrictions, overall this feature can be extremely beneficial and increases the player base immensely. The exact extent of the collaboration depends on the specific game mode being played and what devices are supported by Ubisoft’s Uplay service or Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN). The following will provide an overview of what modes are compatible, as well as a list of supported platforms for each game mode.

The cross-platform functionality includes Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 support for Ranked matches and Unranked matches. This means players can join up with opponents from other systems in Ranked or Unranked matches across all consoles (except Windows PC). Note that console users will still need to subscribe to their respective services in order to participate in these kinds of competitive matches (Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus for example). Below is a breakdown of which types of multiplayer modes support cross-platform matchmaking between Xbox/PS4 platforms:

  • Ranked Matches: Ranked Mode supports party matchmaking based on individual rank points that include players from all five Rainbow Six platforms (Xbox One/Series X|S/PlayStation 4/5) including PC via Uplay
  • Unranked Matches: Unranked includes all match types that don’t feature any ranked score or points
  • Crow: Crow makes its debut as an unranked Free For All event
  • Terrorist Hunt: Terrorist Hunt Coop mode also supports cross-platform play
  • Custom Matches: Custom Match Hosts can configure different parameters based on their liking

Advantages of Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross platform compatibility allows players to game with friends on any platform. This means that someone playing Rainbow Six Siege on an Xbox can invite a friend playing the game on PS4, allowing them to team up and compete against squads made up of players from both platforms. Having this open to users of all platforms gives Rainbow Six Siege the potential for larger match sizes and even better competition.

The capabilities of cross platform gaming are expansive. Players can not only team up with friends regardless of what system they’re playing on, but they also can use one console as their primary device while playing in another home or environment, allowing for greater freedom while gaming. Furthermore, they no longer have to worry about transferring their progress when upgrading or switching consoles, as their online profile will move with them between systems seamlessly. This could dramatically reduce the time spent downloading updates too, as the patch would only need to be installed once.

Disadvantages of Cross Platform Compatibility

Despite the potential advantages of cross-platform gaming, there are some factors that disqualify certain games from having such compatibility. One major drawback is the security requirements for communication between consoles when information is sent and received. Since developers must ensure that their game is safe and secure, their level of control over the communication process is lower than if the online environment were limited to one platform. Another disadvantage of cross-platform gaming is that each console may need to be updated or patched differently in order for the game to operate properly.

If a problem occurs with either of these updates, it can result in a less than ideal gaming experience as players cannot communicate or play with each other until the issue has been resolved on both sides. In addition, players may experience technical difficulties when launching a single game across multiple platforms due to hardware and software limitations. In order for cross-platform gaming to be successful, both platforms must receive sufficient support from the developer either through:

  • consistent patching and updates
  • making sure all consoles are running compatible versions of their respective firmware.

How to Enable Cross Platform Compatibility for Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer tactical shooter game that allows players on different Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms to play together. Enabling cross-platform compatibility for this game is easy, as long as you are playing on the same console. To start, make sure that all players have Uplay accounts. To do this, users will need to create an Ubisoft Account if they don’t already have one. Each user should then link the Ubisoft Account to their gaming console’s account (Xbox Live or PlayStation Network). Once that’s done, each player needs to log into the same Uplay account via the game in order for cross-platform compatibility to be enabled. Once cross-platform compatibility is enabled, users should ensure that their Xbox/PlayStation party chat setting is set up as follows:

  • Xbox – Party Chat “Set Up At Launch”
  • PlayStation – “Party Settings > Party Mode > Remain in Party After Game”.

If these settings are adjusted correctly, players can now invite friends regardless of their platform of choice. It’s important to remember that those joining or inviting other players must make sure they use the same platform when sending invites; otherwise it won’t work properly. Players may also want to check whether they have friend or system voice activated before attempting matchmaking with guests from different platforms.

Possible Solutions to Enhance Cross Platform Compatibility

The possibility to play Rainbow Six Siege across different platforms is one of the most requested features from the Rainbow Six Siege community. Currently, the game only allows you to play with players on the same platform, meaning that Xbox players are unable to interact with PlayStation players. There are some potential solutions that could be implemented to allow for cross-platform compatibility between Xbox and PS4 systems. One approach could be to create a hybrid platform that supports games from both systems, making them available on one unified platform. This could be done through a dedicated server that manages connections between the two systems, allowing players on either system to join each other’s games without being restricted by their chosen console brand. This would reduce technical roadblocks for multiplayer gaming and make it easier for people of different gaming preferences to join a single session.

Another solution is for both Microsoft and Sony to invest in server infrastructure specifically built for cross-platform gaming. This would eliminate issues caused by inherent lag or latency when connecting two distinct platforms together, as these servers would be able to manage connections more efficiently than existing ones. It could cost a lot of money upfront, however it would greatly cut down on frustration from gamers who cannot establish an online connection due to distance or network issues in the long run.


Overall, Rainbow Six Siege is cross platform compatible between Xbox and PlayStation and can be played by users on both platforms. As mentioned previously, users on both platforms will still require an active subscription from their respective networks in order to access the game’s online components. Moreover, some of the game’s features may only be supported by either platform. This incompatibility could lead to certain game elements being inaccessible for people playing between different consoles. That said, the core game-play experience is still enjoyable and accessible across both platforms.