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Xbox One Controller vs. Series X: Which is Better?


Are you trying to decide between the Xbox One controller or the new Series X controller? In this article, we explore both controllers and provide an in-depth look at their features, performance, and design. Let’s discover together which option is best for your gaming needs!

Xbox one controller vs series x

Welcome to the Xbox One Controller vs Series X comparison. Though they look similar, they offer gamers distinct advantages and feature upgrades. In this guide, we’ll dive into what makes each controller unique and how it can improve your gaming experience. We’ll also compare how each controller handles input lag, compatibility with other systems and accessories, comfort & ergonomics, as well as price points in order to determine which is better for different types of gamers. By the end of this comparison, you will have a better idea of which controller is best for your needs – let’s jump in!

  • Input Lag
  • Compatibility with Other Systems & Accessories
  • Comfort & Ergonomics
  • Price Points

Design Comparison

When comparing Xbox One controllers with the new Series X controller, it is important to look at several key design elements. While the controllers are very similar in appearance, they have a number of distinct differences that make them suited to different gaming styles.

  • Ergonomics: The first major point of comparison between the two controllers is their overall ergonomics and comfort. The original Xbox One controller has slightly larger, concave analog sticks and triggers for better grip, while the new Series X controller has more premium materials and smaller analog sticks for increased accuracy when aiming. Both also feature vibration motors for a more immersive experience.
  • Functionality: In terms of function, both controllers offer optimized audio and response time as well as support for headsets. However, only the Series X controller features an integrated battery life indicator and Bluetooth connectivity for improved gaming on Windows 10 devices and Samsung GearVR devices. Additionally, only the Series X controller is capable of using Microsoft’s exclusive ‘Share’ button feature which allows players to easily share clips on social media or stream live gameplay directly from their console.
  • Extra Features: In addition to general design improvements on both models, there are some extra features that are only available with one or other of these controllers. For example, only the Xbox One Controller provides dedicated button mapping controls while only the Series X offers adjustable joysticks and dedicated quick-access menu buttons. Each model also boasts other unique features like texture-based triggers and impulse triggers on the Xbox One controller or built-in rechargeable batteries in the case of the Series X controller.

At a glance we can see how even subtle design changes can greatly affect how your gaming experience feels, so when it comes time to choose between Xbox One Controller vs Series X you should consider these factors more carefully before deciding which one will be best suited to your needs!

Comfort & Ergonomics

The comfort and ergonomics of a controller are extremely important factors to consider when purchasing the perfect device for gaming. Fortunately, both controllers offer superior comfort and ergonomic features when it comes to playing games. The Xbox One Controller is arguably the most comfortable controller to hold and use, thanks to its sleek design and adjustable grips. The device fits comfortably in your hands and you can customize the paddles with interchangeable parts to suit your individual style of play.

The Series X, however, takes it up a notch with its slim- but-sturdy build. The controller has an upgraded D-pad designed for better accuracy which makes it highly responsive. As well as this, the triggers have been redesigned from the Xbox One version giving them a more tactile feel so you get better feedback from your gaming sessions. Both controllers also feature permanently-attached rechargeable batteries as well as Bluetooth connectivity for easier pairing with PCs, tablets or smartphones – perfect for crossplay gaming!

Performance & Connectivity

When it comes to gaming performance and connectivity, the Xbox One controller and the Series X both have made great strides in delivering an outstanding gaming experience. The Xbox One controller offers up to a 40-foot wireless range, while the Series X provides up to a 50-foot range. This means that gamers can stay comfortable while playing their game of choice at distances further away from their console. Both controllers also utilize Bluetooth technology, allowing gamers to connect their devices wirelessly with ease. Both controllers offer vibration for immersion, as well as an impressive array of buttons and adjustable triggers for precision control during any game.

On the Xbox One controller you will find four AA batteries which provide up to 30 hours of battery life, while with the Series X you’ll find a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 15 hours of gameplay before needing recharging. The Xbox One controller also features a 3.5mm headset jack for customization options such as headsets for voice chat, providing an even more immersive experience when playing games with friends and family online or in person. The Series X adds in two accessories ports located on the back of the controller that allow players access to add-on controllers such as paddles or other paddle styles and other customization options like rumble packs.

Battery Life

When it comes to controller battery life, the Xbox One controller and the Series X controllers both have impressive batteries that can offer up to 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge. However, the Series X controller does come with a few advantages.

  • The first is that the battery life is said to last two times longer than the Xbox One controller – approximately 30-40 hours compared to 15-20.
  • The second advantage is that there will be less time spent charging, thanks to a more efficient charging system. Both controllers use rechargers, but the Xbox One requires an AA battery while the Series X recharges via a USB-C cable.
  • Additionally, since both controllers use Bluetooth technology, they are compatible with most mobile devices. This adds even more convenience for those who like to play games or watch movies on their phones or tablets.

Price & Value

When it comes to price, the Xbox One controller is generally the more affordable option for most consumers. The current retail price for the standard version is $59.99, whereas the Xbox Series X controller retails for around $64.99. This makes the Xbox One controller more budget-friendly for those wanting a new controller with fewer bells and whistles, although there are other versions of both controllers that cost slightly more.

However, when you look at value and quality, the overall consensus is that the Xbox Series X controller is a far superior product in terms of build quality and performance compared to its predecessor. It has better vibration motors to provide a more immersive gaming experience as well as paddles which can be programmed to control specific functions while playing games. The triggers have also been improved with adjustable tension dials that allow you to customize your input experience based on your preferences and playing style. All this adds up to a controller that not only looks better but plays better as well.

Pros & Cons

When it comes to gaming, you want the best performance and experience possible. With the current generation of gaming consoles, two of the most popular controllers are the Xbox One controller and the Series X controller. There are both benefits and drawbacks to each option, so let’s take a closer look at what makes them stand apart from one another.

Pros of Xbox One Controller

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable fit
  • Large selection of colors available
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Has vibration support for a more immersive experience
  • Wireless capabilities for wireless play
  • Rechargeable batteries included with purchase
  • Includes Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection to PCs/mobile devices

Cons of Xbox One Controller

  • Only compatible with Xbox games up to 1080p resolution
  • No support for 4K resolution gaming
  • Not as precise controls as later versions on newer consoles

Pros of Series X Controller

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable fit
  • Support for up to 4K resolution gaming
  • Updated precision controls offer improved accuracy
  • Sleek updated design offers better comfort and grip
  • Increased button sensitivity allows more complex inputs
  • Includes adjustable trigger locks which enable finer control
  • Includes Bluetooth connectivity and Wireless capabilities

Cons of Series X Controller

  • Battery life shorter than predecessor controllers
  • Limited color options available

Final Thoughts

When determining which controller is better for you, it comes down to personal preference. Most gamers prefer the older Xbox One controller because of its ergonomics and comfort level, as well as its extended battery life and plethora of customization options from software. On the other hand, the Series X pad offers a more sophisticated level of control due to its advanced feedback systems and improved accuracy and responsiveness from enhanced tracking with haptic technology. It also allows for easier sharing of gameplay clips due to its dedicated share button. In addition, it has a 3.5mm jack for users to easily plug in headphones or headsets.