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How to set a custom wallpaper on your PS5

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Changing the look of your PS5 doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some easy tips and tricks to help you customize your PS5’s theme, so you can transform it into your own personal style statement!


Changing your PlayStation 5 theme is easy and allows you to customize your gaming experience. Your PS5 theme can be changed anytime, with a wide variety of themes available for personalization. With the console’s continuous development, there are now more options than ever to choose from – from classic and modern designs to vibrant, bold colors. Themes also come in different sizes, and many custom themes can be found online. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to change your PS5 theme quickly and easily.

Benefits of Changing the PS5 Theme

Changing your PS5 theme is a quick and easy way to customize your gaming experience. With the ability to choose from thousands of discounts, high-resolution backgrounds, accent colors, and more creative designs, you can refresh and personalize your console’s look. Additionally, if you don’t like the customization that came with the console out of the box, switching up your theme will give you some much-needed change.

Beyond giving you options for a customizable look and feel for your console layout, changing themes offers plenty of other benefits. For instance:

– Themes can allow you to relate better to games by becoming more immersed in their visual style;

– Change up text and icons size for improved readability;

– Create a theme that matches when playing with friends;

– Prefer a darker color palette? Use night mode settings;

– Utilize multiview designs with multiple tabs open at once; and

– Find video game windows while multitasking (e.g., music player).

Understanding the PS5 Theme Options

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has a variety of customizable theme options, allowing gamers to personalize the look and feel of the console’s interface. Themes can be changed by going to Settings > Theme in the PS5 home screen. From here, users can select from standard themes or download custom themes created by Sony, available at PlayStation Store or Theme Studio.

Each theme includes unique design elements such as background images, music and color schemes. Standard themes come with a set of images that can be used as background art, while custom themes allow users to select their own images as well. In addition, music and sound effects can be chosen for each theme and muting the theme is also an option. For gamers who like to maintain order in their home screens, they have the option to sort applications according to logo artwork or background images.

Finally, users have further control over their home screens with a variety of display outputs available such as full-screen display mode, grid view and wallpaper display modes. With so many customization options, users can create a PlayStation 5 experience that is truly unique just for them!

How to change ps5 theme

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Changing your PS5 theme is a great way to personalize your gaming experience. With the right theme, you can be sure that no two experiences are alike. The UI and icons can be tweaked to your own personal taste, giving an almost unique experience based on who’s playing the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how to do it:

Step 1: Press the “Options” button while in any of your applications or games.

Step 2: Tap the “Themes” icon and select one that suits your tastes.

Step 3: Once selected, press “Accept,” and you will be all set.

Step 4: To further customize your PS5 look, there are options for changing wallpapers and avatars associated with each profile as well; simply press “Personalization Options” in order to make more changes to your gaming environment.

You can now enjoy a personalized gaming experience that fits with whatever game you are playing. Enjoy!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect PS5 Theme

One of the great features of the PS5 console is the ability to customize your own gaming experience with unique themes. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, colors, and soundtracks to make your gaming setup reflect your style and preferences.

When it comes to picking out your ideal PS5 theme, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Consider themes that fit with your existing décor. If you already have a specific color scheme in mind for your living room or game space, you may want to look for themes that fit into this aesthetic.

2. Think outside of the box! Themes don’t have to be limited to traditional settings; feel free to explore more abstract or fantastical options as well if they appeal to you.

3. Check out demos before you commit – there are lots of great options available for PS5 themes, so make sure you’re familiar with them before finalizing a decision—you may end up falling in love with one that wasn’t previously on your radar!

4. Don’t forget about soundtracks! Make sure you take the time to listen through any potential music tracks associated with certain themes – something as simple as an upbeat soundtrack can really impact the atmosphere in a space!

5. Have fun with it! The best thing about choosing a theme for your PS5 console is that there isn’t any one “right” choice – go with whatever speaks most deeply to you and makes playing games an even more enjoyable experience!

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for changing the theme on a PlayStation 5 console. The process involves selecting your desired theme from the console’s Theme Library, accessing the Quick Menu to access the Themes option, activating the desired theme, and confirming your selection. It is important to note that you may have to purchase some themes before you can use them. Once a theme has been purchased and downloaded onto your console, it can be changed as needed. Additionally, any music or image files stored on an external device can be set as your PS5 system’s background/theme after being imported in the Settings menu. Finally, this guide also explains some of the cool features that are included with each themed UI such as custom icons, background art and sound effects.

It’s important to remember that themes can be changed at any time, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different options if you ever feel like changing it up. Whether you opt for one of Sony’s official themes or you select something more personal, this is an easy way to add some personality to your console. Enjoy!