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Get rid of unwanted add ons on ps4

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If you’re a PlayStation 4 gamer, chances are you’ve acquired some add-ons over time that you might not need any longer. But how do you get rid of them? Don’t worry, in this blog post we’ll show you exactly how to delete add-ons on your PS4, so you can free up some space and make room for new games and experiences!

Introduction to Deleting Add-ons on PS4

Delete add-ons on your PlayStation 4 to free up hard drive space and keep your console running optimally. If you’ve purchased a game or app with added content, such as downloadable levels and extra features, deleting the base version but keeping the add-ons will help you save space and still have access to the extra content. When deleting add-ons be aware that some may also delete any saved game data for that item so make sure you have completed all progress in that game before proceeding with this process.

To delete an add-on from PlayStation 4, open your “Library” which is the list of games, apps and media you own in the home screen. In Library view, select “Purchased” to view a list of all the items you have purchased either through digital download or disc format. Find the game in your library for which you want to delete its add-ons and select it with either X or square button if it corresponds to a Playstation controller button command. Then go down to Add Ons or Other Data as different terminology might be used by different developers to include their downloads. Select each one of these content individually and delete after confirming it by pressing Delete/X once again. Make sure you delete all of them separately until there is nothing left behind from downloads made from Store or from discs such as bonus level DLCs, art books etc before continuing on. It’s best practice to ensure what other type of content might also be included within downloads thus reducing possible headaches for accidental deletion in near future.

Benefits of Deleting Add-ons

Along with taking up precious hard drive space, certain add-ons can slow down the performance of your PlayStation console. Deleting add-ons that you no longer need or use is a great way to free up storage space and improve the overall performance of your system. It’s an easy process, but there are some important steps you’ll need to follow in order to make sure that all of your data and information remain secure. This guide will walk you through the steps for deleting add-ons on a PlayStation 4.

Deleting add-ons from your console can have some noticeable benefits:

  • Faster loading times when starting games and using apps
  • Improved controller responsiveness
  • Quicker motion response in gaming environments
  • Better performance from high graphically intense games
  • Easier navigation through menus

By removing extraneous downloads, you are freeing your system up to run at its full potential – ensuring that all of the latest updates and additions work seamlessly with your hardware.

How to delete add ons on ps4

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Playing video games on Playstation 4 (PS4) can be an exciting way to experience the latest titles and explore new worlds. The vast library of downloadable add-ons – such as characters, missions, skins and textures – creates an immersive experience that is often enhanced by online play with other players. As you embark on your digital adventures, however, it is important to understand how to manage your add-ons and keep your system running smoothly. Here are some steps to delete add-ons from PS4:

  1. From the Home screen of the PS4 UI, select LIBRARY > manage game and add-ons.
  2. Select Add-Ons in the left hand navigation menu to view a list of current installed add-ons for all installed titles.
  3. To delete any add-on content associated with a title, select “Delete” from the overflow menu located at the top right corner of each title icon in this view. This will remove all content associated with the title (including patches).
  4. Once content has been deleted from all titles, you can then choose to delete any game content packages specific to an individual game or application by selecting the arrow next that particular title in the left hand navigation menu of applications viewed under LIBRARY > MANAGE GAME AND ADD–ONS> ADD ONS > [GAME TITLE].
  5. To verify that your selection has been properly uninstalled from PS4 console, you will receive a prompt confirming that deleting was successful and successful deletions will be indicated as installed = ‘No’ within this Viewer.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having issues with downloading add-ons for your PlayStation 4 (PS4) system, there are several troubleshooting steps that can be taken to help isolate and correct the issue.

  1. First, try resetting your PS4’s internal cache. This can be done by powering off your console and then holding the power button until two beeps are heard. After doing this, turn on the system and download the content again.
  2. If this does not prove successful, delete any incomplete downloads or corrupt save files by going to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage. Highlight any unwanted files here and select “Delete”. Afterward, attempt to re-download the content from the PlayStation Store.
  3. For game specific issues with add-ons not downloading properly after purchase, contact PlayStation support for further assistance as this may require more advanced troubleshooting steps such as an alternate account or linking a payment method to the account.
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How to Reinstall Add-ons

If you find that the performance of your PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console has decreased after you’ve downloaded and installed add-ons, it may be necessary to reinstall them. Luckily, this is an easy process, with just a few steps.

Once you have decided which version of the add-on you wish to use for your PS4 game console, all you’ll need to do is:

  1. Go to your software library on the main menu of your PS4.
  2. Choose the ‘Downloads’ option from within the Software Library.
  3. Select the ‘Ready To Install’ submenu and all downloadable content that is currently on your system should appear here.
  4. Reinstall all relevant add-ons by selecting them one at a time and pressing X on your controller when prompted to confirm installation choice before confirming with another button press on your controller when prompted again with a dialogue box indicating that installation has been successful or seeking further information about software downloads related to PS4 control or game download options available on their system such as app downloads or associated media downloads such as music downloads or video content from experts in the field or video gamers sharing exciting insights into their world and much more.
  5. Your existing download history can also be found accessible from this area in case you wish to uninstantiate any prior downloaded content that may no longer be relevant for storage space optimization for smoother gaming experiences.

Alternatives to Deleting Add-ons

In addition to deleting add-ons, there are several alternatives you can consider if you are trying to manage space on your PS4. These options can help reduce clutter in the system without completely eliminating the add-ons.

  • One option is to disable or uninstall unused or unwanted applications and games. This will prevent them from running, but they will still be stored on the console in case you want them back later.
  • You can also move apps and games to an external hard drive to free up space internally, allowing you to keep any add-ons you want while maintaining room for music, videos, and more.
  • Finally, some more serious users may be able to reboot the console in Safe Mode and select certain types of memory tinkering options such as “Initialization” or “Reset” that could delete data pieces that might help with add-on management regardless of their size. Be warned this could cause possible data corruption so use at your own risk or have a professional do it for you if it feels too risky for comfort.

For those who have been wondering how to delete add ons on their PlayStation 4, we hope that this tutorial has been of some help. Whether you’re looking to get rid of old games or just want a clean slate, you now know how to completely erase any and all add ons that you may have had stored away in your PS4 console.

It’s important to keep in mind that removing add ons won’t remove any saved data or Trophies – those will remain tied to your PSN account despite a game or app being removed or uninstalled. However, removing a game from the library will ensure that it doesn’t take up precious storage space anymore.