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How will use the funding? 40m series cota tempocaplundentechcrunch has recently closed a $40M Series A funding round to expand its open banking-based account-to-account payments service in Europe. This funding will allow to expand its services and reach more European users.

This article will explore how plans to use the new funding to accelerate its international expansion.

Overview of is a payment and security platform that enables account-to-account money transfers allowed by open banking. Token’s technology enables financial institutions in Europe to offer their customers a rich set of features while providing the highest standards of security, compliance, privacy, and reliability. will use the recent funding of $40M that it obtained to expand its operations in Europe and further develop its open banking platform. In addition, it plans to use the funds to help drive innovation in the payments industry through key strategic partnerships and innovations, including Open Banking Architecture and GDPR-Compliant Tokenization.

The funds will also go towards expanding its existing customer base and increasing investments into R&D for new solutions across different sectors such as retail, corporate banking, and SMEs. In addition, Token plans to use the funds to strengthen customer service initiatives to make access to account-to-account payments easier.’s Funding recently announced a $40 million funding round for their open banking-based account-to-account payment system. The company plans to use the funds to expand its operations in Europe. This is a major milestone for, as the funding will enable them to bring the latest open banking technology to Europe.

We will further explore these funds’ application and their potential impact on the payments industry. 40m series capital tempocaplundentechcrunch

The amount of funding raised., a European fintech company focused on open banking-inspired account-to-account payments, has recently raised $40 million in Series B funding to support its expansion into new markets. This round was led by a group of top venture capital firms, including investment from existing investors Hello Milky Way and Creandum.

The series B funding will be used to develop technologically advanced account-to-account payment services that allow customers to make secure and cost-effective transactions with friends, family, vendors, and other businesses without involving traditional payment rail intermediaries. The funds will predominantly be allocated to expanding the company’s reach further into Europe and helping gain traction in other international markets. The money will also bolster its team of engineers, product managers, and designers dedicated to creating the best possible user experience for its rapidly growing customer base.

Overall, this capital injection allows to continue pushing towards its ultimate goal — becoming the leader in providing innovative open banking services worldwide while ensuring they remain fully compliant with local regulations through every step of its growth journey.

Investors involved in the funding round recently announced the successful completion of its Series B funding round, which brought in a total of $40 million. The investors included Anthemis Group, CommerzVentures, Intesa Sanpaolo, and Mastercard.

The funds raised will accelerate the company’s growth in Europe and expand its core product offering – open banking-based account-to-account payments. The funds will also allow Token to invest in more advanced fraud prevention capabilities and partner with leading financial technology providers and Open Banking initiatives to drive scale across European markets.

This is the largest round of investment Token has raised in 2020 and brings their total capital since they launched to over $50 million. The company’s plans include leading an ambitious expansion into other European countries and further developing its cutting-edge platform by investing in engineering resources, product innovation, growth, and customer success programs.

With this new round of funding, Token is looking to partner with banks, technology vendors, and businesses on an international level to provide secure open banking solutions across Europe.

londonbased 40m capital tempocaplundentechcrunch raises $40M to expand open banking-based account-to-account payments in Europe, the open banking-based account-to-account payments provider, recently raised $40M to expand its services in Europe. This funding will help reach its goal of building the world’s best platform for digital payments by making it faster and easier to move money.

But how exactly will the funding be used? Let’s take a look.

Expansion of open banking-based account-to-account payments in

Europe, a leader in open banking-based account-to-account payments and financial services, has raised $40 million in a recent funding round. The funds will further expand the reach of available banking-based charges and build out Token’s suite of services for banks and fintech firms worldwide. focuses on expanding its reach into Europe, where account-to-account payments are an important part of its offerings. This includes increasing support for key payment channels such as SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT) and Faster Payments (FP), in addition to card networks such as Mastercard and Visa, as well as new country launches in the European Economic Area (EEA). The additional funding also allows to focus on improving customer experience with faster transfer times, lower fees, and enhanced security protocols.

In addition to expanding payment channels in Europe, Token plans to use the funding to further bolster its comprehensive platform functionality across Europe by integrating advanced knowledge-based authentication protocols into the platform and other innovative features related to fraud prevention. Lastly, Token plans to utilize the funds raised through this investment round to meet the expected regulatory requirements of operating within different European jurisdictions.

Funding expansion will allow to develop more sophisticated features for their bank customers, which should greatly increase the adoption of their services across multiple markets throughout Europe and beyond!

Expansion of’s technology platform, a banking technology, and services provider focused on advancing open banking-based account-to-account payments in Europe, recently raised an additional $40 million in funding. The latest fundraising round was led by Temasek and included participation from SEB, BNP Paribas, Cyber Venture Capital, Global Brain, and Hub88.

The new funds will allow to expand its technology platform across Europe, meeting the needs of European banks and businesses by providing them access to Token’s suite of products for creating open banking services. This includes everything from enterprise money platforms to highly regulated payment initiation solutions designed for regulated institutions such as banks.

Token’s products also enable banks to bridge existing payment systems with digital wallets, giving customers increased flexibility when making payments. The purpose of Token’s platform is to offer solutions that are secure, cost-effective, and supportive of enterprise development goals related to customer satisfaction in open banking services. In addition, the new funds will be used to boost Token’s presence in the European market and support expanding its operations into Southeast Asia.

The hiring of new talent

The newly raised $40M in funding will be primarily used by to search for new and innovative talent for the team who can drive real change in the open banking-based account-to-account payments in Europe. wants to create an expert team of professionals with ambition and drive that is knowledgeable and experienced in the sector. Therefore, they are looking to hire experienced engineers, software developers, designers, mobile engineers, and product managers with experience in fintech, payment services, or the banking industry who can push boundaries while creating innovative solutions.

The company has stated that this move is part of its strategy to further its mission: creating a secure abstraction layer across global payments infrastructure so users can send money transferrable and seamlessly with other bank accounts in numerous European countries. This is made possible through Token’s Account Aggregator technology that provides secure access for customers to view consolidated account information from across banks via a single integrated platform.

Hiring a new team of experts focused on product development initiatives such as mobile integration and client onboarding processes ensures that they remain top contenders within the open banking technology space while providing customers with an efficient user experience when making payments via their platform. Furthermore, the new expertise also helps them meet upcoming legal requirements set out by regulatory authorities such as the Payment Service Directive (PSD2), which includes adhering to strict customer authentication measures when processing transactions about payments or data sharing between the customer’s account providers, i.e., banks & financial institutions. This allows customers to rest assured knowing that their money is secure and moving between verified bank accounts according to agreed terms under the law securely and safely within existing regulations, affording them a greater level of protection than ever before.

londonbased 40m series capital tempocaplundentechcrunch

Conclusion has raised a total of $40 million to expand open banking-based account-to-account payments in Europe. This funding will be used to build the Token Payment Network, enabling banks and fintechs to securely connect and provide greater choice and control to their customers.

The funding will also be used to expand the Token team and grow the platform’s global reach.

In this article, we will discuss the conclusion of how plans to use the funding.

Summary of’s plans for the funding, a payments infrastructure provider for open banking account-to-account payments (A2A), has raised $40 million to expand its operations and solutions further. The funding will be used to develop’s API platform and tools for the European market, in order to bring to market “new, innovative cross-platform A2A payment solutions based on open banking standards and PSD2-compliance”.

The new funding round was led by SEB Venture Capital and EQT Ventures, with participation from Goldman Sachs, ETF Partners, private investor Apis Capital Management and other undisclosed corporations. also aims to expand its engineering and sales teams in Europe in order to further invest in research & development around open banking data technologies such as reconciliation, fraud prevention & KYC/AML solutions that complement its existing A2A payment infrastructure capabilities.

In addition, will use the new funds to develop support services tailored towards banks that are looking to launch open banking initiatives through their APIs while managing the compliance requirements set forth by PSD2 regulations across the European Economic Area (EEA). This will enable banks & financial institutions participating in the EEA market access better tools for account authentication under strong customer authentication (SCA) regulations as well as identity verification (IDV). The company will also use a portion of its funding within partnerships so as to deploy point-of-sale services for B2B transactions via mobile applications or web browsers using bank or e-money accounts linked through Token’s platform.