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The a16z Crypto Portfolio

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Katie Haun is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm, and a board member of Coinbase. In an recently published interview, Katie shared a few insights into a16z’s success so far in the cryptocurrency space. She stressed that they are proud of their accomplishments but cannot rest on their laurels.

This article will discuss what the a16z Crypto Portfolio has been up to and analyze their investments’ success.

Overview of a16z’s success in crypto

Anchorage Capital and its venture wing, a16z crypto, have had significant success investing in crypto-related startups and projects since its initial investments over 1.5 years ago. With team members from both traditional venture fund backgrounds and deep experience in cryptocurrency, a16z has established itself as one of the most respected investors in the market.

A16z’s portfolio includes:

  • Investments in major services such as Coinbase, Ripple Labs, and Circle.
  • Blockchains such as Ethereum and Zilliqa.
  • Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.
  • Protocols like 0x Protocol and Compound.
  • DeFi projects (Decentralized Finance) like Synthetix, Maker DAO, and Instadapp.
  • Online gaming companies including Enjin Coin.

Their success is due to their strong track record of identifying promising crypto startups early on when values are still relatively low and making sure to exit (by selling positions) when necessary to maximize returns. A16z has consistently been one of the top performing venture funds across all sectors for the last several years due to this strategy which involves diversifying exposure across multiple markets while minimizing risk through proper currency hedging techniques and portfolio optimization strategies. Additionally a16z generates additional returns through liquidating their investments when the conditions are right.

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Katie Haun’s Perspective

Katie Haun is a partner of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and is widely known for her successful track record in the crypto space. She has been a major force in the space, having been Coinbase’s first female board member and the first female partner at a16z.

In the recent investor call at a16z, Ms. Haun shared her views on the fund’s progress and what’s next. Let’s explore her perspective on the a16z crypto portfolio and its success.

Katie Haun’s background

Katie Haun is an American businesswoman and venture capital investor. She is a general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and the current Head of their crypto investments division. Haun’s career in venture capitalism began in 2003 and she has since been part of some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, Symantec and DARPA.

Haun has deep experience leading companies through the complex maze of corporate governance, M&A strategies, compliance issues and intellectual property law. Her valuable insights on this subject make her a valuable asset to a16z as they look to tackle investing opportunities within the cryptocurrency industry.

Before joining a16z she served as Managing Director at The Hamilton Group at Morgan Stanley, providing growth-stage financing and strategic consulting services to companies in the blockchain, software-as-a-service (SaaS) space. Most notably Katie served as general counsel and was on the board of directors for cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase during its time as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups.

Katie Haun’s views on a16z’s success so far

Katie Haun, the first female general partner at a16z’s crypto fund, has been the driving force behind the company’s success in the blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, she believes that a16z’s success is directly attributed to their long-term approach, which she emphasizes when discussing her experience with the firm.

In her eyes, a16z was always focused on picking projects and companies with staying power in the long run. However, to evaluate such opportunities well, Katie stresses that there needs to be an extensive research process that looks at technical feasibility and factors such as legal implications and user adoption levels.

She also believes that in many cases it makes sense for venture capitalists to make more hands-on investments, such as helping founding teams with product development or offering assistance with legal issues. She encourages teams to pursue direct advice rather than relying solely on contact forms or just waiting for investors to respond — something which often leads founders down dead ends when seeking capital or strategic support.

One detail which Katie particularly values is humility: she acknowledges that cryptocurrency and blockchain are nascent industries where knowledge gaps exist even among experienced professionals. As such, she recommends focusing on what you do best and asking for help when needed; two attitudes which will take any team far towards succeeding in this industry.

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Katie Haun on a16z’s success so far in crypto: We ‘can’t rest on our laurels’

Katie Haun, the managing partner at a16z Crypto, the venture arm of Andreessen Horowitz, says the firm “can’t rest on its laurels” following their remarkable success in the crypto markets.

With their large $350 million portfolio, a16z has invested heavily in many top crypto-related projects and startups.

In this article, we’ll explore a16z’s crypto portfolio and the success it has enjoyed thus far.

Overview of a16z’s Crypto Portfolio

a16z’s venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz (also known as a16z), has invested in more than 70 crypto and blockchain-focused companies. In addition, it invests in tokens and cryptographic assets through its separate cryptocurrency fund, a16z crypto. The fund provides capital to small start-up companies and early stage projects with growth potential.

The portfolio of the a16z crypto fund is diverse and spread across different areas ranging from decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, regulatory compliant exchanges and brokers, software wallets, custodians, data structures and algorithms related to blockchain technologies. It includes investments in infrastructure projects such as Coinbase, Polychain, Protocol Labs, Chainalysis, 0x, MakerDAO, and investments in decentralized applications such CryptoKitties.

a16z crypto also invests heavily in token projects with high growth potential. These include Tezos, Ripple Labs, Zcash, IOTA and Dash. Beyond these direct investments, the portfolio also has equity holdings in secondary markets related to cryptocurrencies including LedgerX, Digital Assets Data, Abra and BlockFi.

The portfolio also includes several private market players who provide research, consulting and legal representation related to cryptocurrencies. This includes 18Cryptos Team Advisory & Analysis Group, ICO advisory firm Cornerstone International Group (CIG), law firm Fenwick & West LLP specializing in cryptocurrency activities, asset management players such as Polychain Capital Management LLC and Park Ave Partners.

A16z’s investments in crypto

The a16z crypto portfolio comprises investments in emerging platforms and cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other token-related projects. It includes a mix of direct investments (in which a16z is the primary or sole investor), secondary investments that expose it to already established companies, and corporate venture partnerships. Direct investments are often made through early-stage venture capital rounds or seed rounds, while corporate venture partnerships are made through strategic alliances with global technology companies.

A16z has invested in more than 60 crypto-focused companies from its inception in 2018 including Coinbase, Ripple, Dfinity, Filecoin, Basis Protocol and more. The firm’s portfolio spans sectors such as exchanges, infrastructure and protocols, wallets & privacy tools and web 3.0 applications. Their investment strategies focus on creating new networks for token economies enabling growth for the future applications built off these protocols.

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A16z’s Future Plans

Katie Haun, a general partner at a16z, recently expressed her thoughts on the venture capital firm’s success in the crypto space, noting that they “can’t rest on their laurels.” But, of course, this begs the question of what other initiatives a16z may be planning to continue to add value to the crypto ecosystem.

This article will look at a16z’s current projects and explore potential plans.

A16z’s plans for future investments

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) Crypto has identified five investments it intends to continue. These investments are designed to fuel their portfolio’s growth to reach a $1 billion valuation goal in seven years.

In this portfolio, a16z targets five investments: nascent technologies, new business models, business infrastructure companies, blockchain applications and protocols in various fields. By investing across these categories, a16z hopes to achieve a wider and more diverse reach while reducing risk within their portfolio during the next seven years.

For Nascent Technologies – this category involves funding early-stage technologies such as distributed storage and data processing platforms and other disruptive technologies such as quantum computing.

For New Business Models – this includes investing in platforms that enable new business ways like Ethereum-powered tokens used for buying and selling assets or any other technological advancements that redefine modern business structures.

For Business Infrastructure Companies – it includes those ventures which address customer needs by providing improved services through cost efficiency such as hardware computing with low-cost cloud technology, user facing web/apps with integrated messaging/payment/arbitration support etc.

For Blockchain Applications & Protocols – it covers ventures building on existing blockchain protocol stack by developing alternative uses of blockchain limited by open source standards such as identity & authentication, derivatives products related legal & regulatory infrastructure etc.

Finally, For Other Fields – here they are looking for investment opportunities which explore newer possibilities of using blockchain between two unrelated industries like agriculture risk management products powered by smart contracts enabled on ethereum etc.

Katie Haun’s views on a16z’s plans

As the Managing Partner of a16z, Katie Haun has provided insight into their plans for the a16z crypto portfolio. Recently at the Web summit in Lisbon, Portugal, she stated how her venture capital firm sees an opportunity to turn cryptocurrency investments into long-term holdings through an aggressive strategy that focuses on buying different tokens after they hit the market. She believes this will create more value for shareholders and create better opportunities for individual investors and companies.

Moreover, a16z is looking to invest in all areas of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They plan to focus on infrastructure projects related to scalability, security and privacy; protocols that drive innovation in exchanges and payments; digital asset projects related to stablecoins, tokenization and asset management products; and ones focused on financial applications like lending, trading and prediction markets. Ultimately, a16z wants their portfolio companies to be industry leaders regarding accessibility and scalability. They are confident that with careful guidance from experienced professionals such as Katie Haun and Marry Meeker’s expertise, they can make smart investments that will have lasting positive effects on the entire blockchain space.


Katie Haun’s comments on the a16z Crypto Portfolio emphasize the importance of pushing the boundaries in the crypto world. While the a16z Crypto Portfolio has seen great success thus far, Katie Haun stresses the need for the team to continue to innovate and stay ahead of their competition.

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