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Katie Haun raises $1.5 billion for debut crypto funds

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Katie Haun, a former federal prosecutor and the first female partner of a16z crypto, recently raised $1.5 billion for her debut crypto funds. This is a remarkable achievement at such a young age and has been lauded by the cryptocurrency community world-wide, proving that Katie Haun is a force to be reckoned with in the market.

In this article, we will look closer at Katie’s success and its potential impact on the crypto world.

Who is Katie Haun?

Katie Haun is an American business executive and investor who, in 2018, was one of two managing partners of the first crypto-focused venture capitalist funds in the US — Andreessen Horowitz. She is also a former federal prosecutor and law professor. Her career has taken her from Wall Street to Silicon Valley where she works with leading technology companies such as Google, Stripe, and Coinbase.

Haun entered the cryptocurrency world in 2013 when it was still a largely untested investment opportunity. With her previous experience as a prosecutor prosecuting financial crimes related to digital currency, she was well-positioned to help Andreessen Horowitz launch its first crypto-focused venture fund — which quickly became one of the most successful crypto funds ever raised.

In addition to her role as a managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Haun has extensively served as an advisor for government agencies on various topics related to blockchain technology and digital currencies. In addition, she serves on several boards including Blockchain Capital Advisory Council, GTR Nation Board of Directors, Village Capital Fintech U.S., and FemTechNet Board of Advisors.

Haun is a recognized leader in the blockchain space having served as the chairperson for both Mission 2020 blue ribbon panel initiatives aimed at battling illicit use of cryptocurrencies and providing recommendations around them. Her vision has resulted in significant investments into projects related to cyber security, policy research into usage scenarios that maximize consumer choice while minimizing consumer risk associated with digital currency trading/investing activities such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

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What is a crypto fund?

Crypto funds, also known as cryptocurrency funds, are professionally-managed portfolios of digital assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), that aim to generate a return for investors. Crypto funds provide the same exposure to digital assets that individuals can access on their own, but with the benefits of having a highly qualified and experienced team managing their resources.

The investment professionals running crypto funds typically deeply understand markets, capital markets, and the underlying technologies behind blockchain-based cryptocurrency networks. That knowledge allows them to invest in cryptocurrencies with greater assurance of success than an average investor. Teams generally also manage projects that involve developing infrastructure for the cryptocurrency markets.

Crypto funds come in different sizes ranging from small groups run by independent operators to larger fund management organizations run by teams of industry experts. Examples of large crypto fund managers include A16Z Crypto, Polychain Capital and Coinbase Ventures. In addition, some institutional investors are now allocating capital to more traditional investing vehicles such as Venture Capital firms and hedge funds specializing in investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain companies/startups. Katie Haun has recently become part of this group by initiating two crypto funds worth $1.5 billion combined—one focused on public protocols and the other on tokenized securities—backed by renowned venture capitalist firms Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Dragonfly Capital Partners respectively. The launch is a major milestone for the crypto industry which will draw increased attention from institutional investors looking for diversified exposure to digital currencies or tokens representing various asset classes outside fiat currencies like USD or EURO/GBP albeit through an alternative medium such as Blockchain technology based Smart Contracts and Initial Coin Offerings/Security Token Offerings .


Katie Haun is a prominent figure in the crypto world, having served as a managing partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. She also led the company’s initial investigation into the crypto space, and is the founder of the newly announced investment fund, “Defy.”

A former federal prosecutor, Haun has secured the impressive sum of $1.5 billion for the fund’s debut round, a remarkable feat considering the current economic climate.

In this piece, we will look at the background of the fund and what it means for the cryptocurrency industry.

History of Katie Haun

Katie Haun is a venture capitalist, speaker, and financier. She is the former Assistant United States Attorney at San Francisco’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and the current General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. She is also a board member for Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Before serving as Assistant US Attorney, Katie was a special collector in the narcotics section of the DOJ’s Criminal Division devoted to prosecuting technology-enabled crimes such as computer hacking and fraud. During her tenure as an Assistant US Attorney she pursued some of the most notable tech cases in Silicon Valley including Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook IPO fraud case and Apple Inc.’s antitrust litigation with companies like Microsoft Corporation.

In 2014, she joined Andreessen Horowitz—a venture capital firm founded by Netscape founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz—to advise on investments in financial services, financial technologies, marketplaces, cryptocurrency protocols and consumer internet companies. Since then she has launched a series of investments into emerging technology leaning companies such as Ripple Labs (now Ripple), Civic Technologies Inc., Plaid Technologies Inc., Basis Fund LLC., Libra Networks LLC., Oneshift Technologies Ltd.Coin Center to name a few.

In 2018 Katie closed her debut fund at $1.5 billion – which is believed to be one of the biggest crypto funds raised ever – which provided early-stage financing for blockchain startups reminiscent of what an early-stage venture fund would do within software investment space. Katie has since become an icon within the cryptocurrency investing world. She has subsequently launched other successful funds: Keith Rabois’ OpenDoor Capital closed their second fundraising $159M in 2019; Social Capital founder Chamath Palihapitiya raised $725M; MetaStable Capital which focused on cryptocurrency related interests closed their second fund with $250 million in 2019; co-founders Abigail Johnson and Cameron Winklevoss raised another crypto fund called Digital Currency Group with over $500 million under management through 2020; Blockchain Capital investment team launching their fourth own fund that increased up to $300 million funds this past year 2020; And finally thought leader Mike Novogratz launching Galaxy Digital Ventures evaluating assets related to property markets financed with cryptocurrency assets that sprang up during Covid pandemic lockdown regulations imposed during 2020 economy shut down period due to viral spread globally ever since advance towards 2021 liquidity insurances are set for more across all categories of digital currency markets both for B2C application use cases as well global corporate usages beyond all needs projected ahead..

History of crypto funds

Crypto funds have been gaining traction over the past few years as more investors seek opportunities to diversify their portfolios with digital assets. Crypto funds are open-ended or closed-end investments in digital currencies, tokens, and other blockchain-based investments. These funds can range from venture capital-style corporate investment vehicles to multi-strategy hedge fund entities.

Crypto funds originated at the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 when several venture capital firms began investing in blockchain technology startups. These companies took advantage of the initial coin offering (ICO) model to raise capital and offer investors early access to projects with potential for high returns. Crypto hedge funds emerged after this period and began offering long/short, arbitrage, and market making strategies for crypto markets.

The industry has grown steadily since then with the top 200 crypto asset managers raising nearly $17 billion in 2020 alone. This is attributed to increased institutional involvement in crypto markets and an inflow of traditional capital intrigued by cryptocurrency investing. The entrance of institutions into this space shows how far crypto fund management has come since its inception over a decade ago.

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Katie Haun raises $1.5 billion for debut crypto funds

Katie Haun, an experienced venture capitalist and crypto investor, has raised a record-breaking $1.5 billion for her debut crypto fund. This is the largest fundraiser ever in the history of cryptocurrency, with many industry insiders believing that this could represent a major shift in cryptocurrency ownership.

Let’s explore how she raised such a large sum and what this could mean for the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

Who invested in the fund

The $1.5 billion debut crypto fund was led by major investors including a16z’s limited partners, Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures, Lux Capital, former VMWare CEO Diane Greene and neo-banks such as Uphold and Revolut. Dr Haun also raised funds from the Rockefeller and Human Rights Foundation.

The fund also had significant institutional investments from mainstream corporate investors such as transportation company Uber Technologies Inc., retail giant Target Corp., payment processing company PayPal Holdings Inc., media outlets CBS Interactive and New York Times Company and pharmaceuticals firm Eli Lilly & Company. In addition, the venture capital arm of automotive manufacturer General Motors also joined the funding round.

Additionally, the venture capital arms of major banks included JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley acted as co-investors in the first venture capital fund for blockchain technology founded by a female investor. It is believed that this is the first time these giants have invested in a cryptocurrency-related product or service at scale with other participants in a syndicate including Salut Monde Ventures (backed by Saudi Aramco), Dragonfly Capital Partners and A/O Prop Tech — an Asian property technology-focused firm with headquarters in Shanghai.

How much was raised

Katie Haun, a former federal prosecutor and current board member at Coinbase became the first woman to raise more than $1.5 Billion in her debut crypto funds. The two funds combine direct investments in Crypto startups and an investment platform in the cryptocurrency sector namely ‘Digital Currency Opportunity Fund’ and ‘Digital Currency Convergence Fund’. With this move, Haun has joined the ranks of well-known venture capitalists invested in Crypto such as Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures who have also raised large sums for their debut funds.

The digital currency opportunity fund supports early-stage companies across fintech, blockchain infrastructure, DeFi services and digital asset protocols. The Digital Currency Convergence Fund will invest in firms developing crypto financial products such as clearinghouses, insurance products and custody solutions, aiming to solve transaction scalability issues for high frequency traders.

Haun raised 1 billion dollars through her main fund and another 500 Million through her sidecar fund giving a total amount of 1.5 Billion in venture capital funding for the Crypto ecosystem, leading to a major influx of investments into various start-ups within this space. This could be one of the biggest advancements we have seen in the space next to Libra’s unveiling last year though Libra didn’t get off its feet technically speaking. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency adoption worldwide continues to grow given advances like Haun’s move here which could further fuel this very promising industry, giving it even more staid support from traditional VCs and private investors across multiple industries.

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Katie Haun’s successful raising of $1.5 billion for her debut crypto funds is a huge milestone for the crypto industry. The move demonstrates the potential of cryptocurrencies and the widespread potential impacts of Haun’s actions can be felt throughout the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the impacts of this major move.

What impact will this have on the crypto industry

The recent influx of capital has been seen as a major milestone for the crypto industry, which is slow to gain acceptance in the traditional venture capital world. The launch of Katie Haun’s two $750 million funds sets a new benchmark for transactions involving cryptocurrency investment and validates blockchain as a profound tool. It also demonstrates how much investors are willing to trust the power and potential of decentralized projects despite their ongoing volatility.

This enormous injection of resources into the sector will likely bring about more research, development, collaboration and talent acquisitions. In addition, the attention this news has generated could encourage more retail investors to enter or invest more heavily in established projects. This could significantly increase trading volumes on eligible cryptocurrencies and tokens, thus driving further investments down-the-line.

In short, having such a high profile figure commit substantial sums of money into crypto may persuade other venture capitalists to allocate resources towards similar opportunities too. This game-changing move signals greater progress for mainstream adoption and offers a degree of legitimacy for digital currencies worldwide.

What impact will this have on Katie Haun

This fundraising success cements Katie Haun as a leader in the cryptocurrency sector and will no doubt open numerous doors to future opportunities. With the ability to invest hundreds of millions in new products, Katie Haun is well positioned to become one of the most influential figures in the growing blockchain industry.

The capital gathered by Katie Haun can be invested into various cryptocurrency startups and projects, allowing entrepreneurs to further expand their enterprises. In addition, her position at prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, provides her with vast amounts of knowledge about potential investments and allows her access to current trends in emerging markets and established projects or businesses with great growth potential.

The $1.5 billion raised by Katie Haun catapults her firmly into the upper echelons of crypto venture capitalists and establishes her as a major player in blockchain technology investments. Moreover, given her background as a former prosecutor for many high-profile cases, hailing from multiple years working within regulatory enforcement at both Google and PayPal; Katie has acquired an unparalleled insight into risk management within new markets. This knowledge will undoubtedly help steer investments into start-ups that are safe for the long term.


Katie Haun’s success shows what can be accomplished with bold thinking and a strong belief in the potential of cryptocurrency. Her $1.5 billion crypto funds are a testament to the viability of digital currency and the power of blockchain technology.

Undoubtedly, the launch of Haun’s crypto fund will have far-reaching implications for the entire industry. Let’s look at the implications and the lasting effects of Haun’s successful crypto fund.

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