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The Bizarre Situation between Marcelo Ríos and His Former Physical Trainer

In early 2023, an Instagram post made by a man called Manuel Astorga set off a chain reaction in the Chilean sports world. You can visit the betting site 1xBet for everyone to wager on multiple sports that involve Chilean athletes too.

This story has three main protagonists, which are:

  • the footballer Arturo Vidal;
  • Marcelo Ríos, which is by far the best Chilean tennis player ever;
  • and Astorga.

But who is Manuel Astorga in the first place? He was the physical trainer of Marcelo Ríos during the late 1990s and early 2000s when the Chilean became the number 1 in the ATP ranking. He became the first South American player to do so. The betting site 1xBet is for everyone, and all sports fans can use it to wager on the best tennis players.

Rios and Vidal’s Questionable Behavior

Astorga wrote on Instagram that he felt quite sad about the disciplinary problems of Arturo Vidal. Here Ríos replied with a complete nuclear bomb. Among other things, he stated that the physical trainer was basically no one to speak about Vidal. Also, he “doubted that Vidal even knew who he was in the first place.” Besides tennis and football, you can also bet cricket only on website.

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Why is there so much bad blood between Ríos and his former physical trainer? After all, he was Ríos’ partner in the best and worst moments of his career. In order to understand what happened, we need to go back to a very weird occurrence that took place in the year 2000.

During that year, Ríos was still among the top 10 of the ATP ranking. On the 1xBet website, you can bet only on cricket and also other sports, including tennis.

A Joke that Went Out of Control

During the beginning of that year, Ríos was preparing for the upcoming season in his native Chile, working alongside Astorga. Apparently, Ríos wanted to use his car to make a sort of “joke” to his physical trainer. So, before other great tennis players jump onto the court, visit – live casino Bangladesh awaits for you.

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The exact joke he wanted to make isn’t so clear. However, what is clear is that Ríos’ car accidentally began to move, crushing one of Astorga’s knees. This left him with permanent damage to that part of his body.

Astorga himself stated that he didn’t talk to the press about this situation immediately. He did so because he knew that this would harm Ríos’ career. However, their years-long friendship ended in an instant. In fact, Astorga himself has stated that Working with the Chilean tennis legend “has been the worst mistake of his life.” What isn’t a mistake is to visit the live casino of 1xBet Bangladesh, which offers an impressive selection of games for all visitors.