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Istanbul’s Dream Games launches its first game – Royal Match

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Istanbul’s Dream Games just landed $50M in funding, and with that, they’ve launched their first game – Royal Match. The puzzle-based game is set to revolutionize the gaming industry, making it more social, interactive and immersive for players.

We’ll dive deeper into Royal Match and explore how the game works and why it might be the dream game you’ve been looking for.

Overview of Istanbul’s Dream Games

Established in 2019, Istanbul’s Dream Games is a video game production studio focusing on mobile gaming. Based in Turkey, it has had remarkable success in the short period since its launch, with over $50 million revenue. The company was founded by CEO Buğra Güngören and is backed by various investors, including leading venture capitalists.

The studio has created many award-winning games with its signature art style and unique approach to game development. Most notably, its flagship title, ‘Royal Match’ released this month, is set to be a smash hit. The puzzle matching game features beautiful illustrations and strategic mechanics for an addictive experience.

Istanbul’s Dream Games is committed to creating unforgettable experiences for players of all ages across the globe and will continue pushing boundaries with their creative ideas. With its rapid growing fan base and impressive financial performance alongside its long list of awards – from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to Webby Awards – there is no doubt that this studio will become even more successful as it creates more delightful games for audiences around the world.

Overview of Royal Match

Royal Match, the first game from Istanbul’s Dream Games owing its success to their $50 million investment, is a charming puzzle-based experience aiming to captivate audiences of all ages. The game involves helping the King of Persia by solving puzzles, from simple tile matching challenges to more intricate block-movement conundrums.

With learning curve easy for beginners and difficulty gradually increasing for advanced players, Royal Match immerses its players in a magical adventure full of thrilling moments.

Recently released in 2020 on mobile platforms and PC, Royal Match has quickly attracted attention with its vivid visuals and engaging narrative. Even those unfamiliar with puzzles will love the enchanting music tracks featuring traditional instruments, which correspond with the action on-screen to create an even more appealing atmosphere while playing. With entertaining gameplay sequences complemented by historic stories related to each level, this puzzle game is an entertaining match 3 experience and an authentic history lesson.


Istanbul’s Dream Games, a mobile game developer, recently secured $50M in investment capital to launch its first game, Royal Match, a puzzle-based game. This investment marks a major milestone for the company and its founders, allowing them to create innovative games and reach a wider audience.

Let’s take a closer look at the investment details.

Istanbul’s Dream Games secures $50M in funding

Istanbul’s Dream Games, an up-and-coming game developer, recently announced that it has secured $50M in funding from various investors to support launching the first game in their lineup. Royal Match is a puzzle-based title that offers an interesting twist on traditional match-3 games.

games 50m series index ventures turkishlundentechcrunch

The development team at Istanbul’s Dream Games has been hard at work on Royal Match since mid-2019 and they reportedly used the latest technology during production. According to initial overviews, Royal Match is set to become one of the most exciting puzzle games on the market.

This influx of capital makes Istanbul’s Dream Games one of Turkey’s few startups to have achieved such success. At $50M this is also one of the largest investments for a Turkish startup and demonstrates immense promise for Istanbul’s Dream Games.

Investors are confident that this bold move will succeed both domestically and globally and will put Istanbul’s Dream Games firmly on the map as major players within this sector.

Investors and their roles

Istanbul’s Dream Games has attracted significant interest from various investors, having recently secured more than $50 million for their launch of Royal Match. The investors include venture capitalists, angel investors, and strategic partners. Each of these groups brings unique skills, resources, and insights that have been instrumental in the success and growth of Istanbul’s Dream Games.

games 50m index ventures series turkishlundentechcrunch

Venture Capitals: Venture capitals are knowledgeable about business strategy and can provide funds for projects with potential for higher return investments. They typically take equity in the company as compensation for investment.

Angel Investors: These individuals offer financial support to early-stage companies but with less focus on returns—they are likely motivated by their passion for the industry or product itself. These investments come with little concept or equity stakes taken.

Strategic Partners: Strategic partners can provide added value to a venture such as technological expertise or even access to new markets; they may also acquire some form of equity stake in the enterprise.


Istanbul’s Dream Games has overtaken the gaming industry with their new game, Royal Match. Royal Match is a puzzle-based game that incorporates classic match-3 gameplay and introduces various new levels, which makes the game both challenging and rewarding.

The game features multiple levels and power-ups, so gamers can experience the game from start to finish. So, what is the gameplay like? Let’s break it down.

Royal Match – puzzle-based game

Royal Match is the first game launched by Istanbul’s Dream Games, a video game company that recently raised $50M in its initial funding rounds. Royal Match is an exciting and challenging puzzle-based game, providing room for strategic and tactical thinking. The player has to match three or more colored blocks to score points and advance through the levels. Unique for this type of game is that the Royal Match AI system rewards playstyles tailored around an individual’s skill level and shown potential in progressing out of their comfort zone or within it.

Furthermore, Royal Match features multiple difficulty settings so players can customize the intensity to strategize and attack puzzles ranging from easy to expert difficulty levels. This promotes user engagement and a longer playtime session ultimately giving more opportunities to strategize masterfully with the limited pieces given per level. Additionally, each new level will increase the complexity of assigned tasks making this game a rewarding challenge for even experienced gamers. This increases competition among friends and family who seek to achieve excellence in gameplay.

Moreover, Royal Match includes fun incentives such as colorful gems to collect while competing with others via leaderboards while working toward completing unique missions set throughout. This rewards players with greater points upon completion as an incentive for users to return every day! An exciting feature also awaiting Royal Match fans is online support on various social media platforms and bugfixing updates for smooth playtime experience making this game a must have title in everyone’s gaming library!

Game features

Istanbul’s Dream Games, the tech startup recently acquired for $50 million, has launched its first game – Royal Match.

The game is a tile-like puzzle that uses royal-themed winter elements such as monarchs and courtiers. The challenge is to match up three or more tiles of the same type with the goal being to create a continuous path between tiles of certain types along a predetermined pattern.

Players can access levels with varying degrees of difficulty and depending on their preferences, may choose from four different gaming modes that combine competition and cooperation. As well as providing an enjoyable challenge, playing Royal Match helps one develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and strategizing.

Each level involves unlocking treasures that become increasingly difficult to find; however, players can be rewarded with in-game rewards for completing certain combinations of tiles or achievements within the game. The player choices available will open up new paths through puzzles and provide opportunities for experienced gamers or those wanting to learn more about puzzle gaming genres. Players can also collect coins and treasure keys to open increasingly difficult levels while they build up their playing experience.

Players can also participate in events alongside other players who have shared similar interests or begun playing around the same time helping provide social interaction within an exciting platform rather than reaching out into traditional networks.

Marketing Strategy

With the announcement of Istanbul’s Dream Games’ $50M funding round and their new game Royal Match, the company has invested in highly successful marketing strategies to ensure its success. The company has targeted different demographics with various marketing campaigns to generate as much hype as possible and reach a wider audience.

In this article, we’ll explore the various marketing strategies Istanbul’s Dream Games has employed and how they’ve managed to reach a large and engaging audience.

Digital marketing

As Istanbul’s Dream Games seeks to further its reach with its first game, Royal Match, the importance of digital marketing cannot be understated. Establishing a well-executed digital marketing campaign is integral for success in the gaming industry.

games 50m series ventures turkishlundentechcrunch

Istanbul Dream’s should prioritize organic and paid search engine optimization (SEO) to build awareness of its new game. The company can increase web traffic and drive downloads through strategic keyword placement. Additionally, by creating a consistent presence on social media channels– in particular Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram –– Istanbul Dream Games can foster an online community engaged with the brand message and create a “buzz” around each update. Paid advertisement on these networks will also aid in increasing brand recognition.

The success of Istanbul Dream Game’s advertising campaign relies heavily on data collection and analysis; having access to detailed user data enables marketers to better understand customer preferences and tailor campaigns accordingly. By leveraging analytics to predict customer behavior and trends, companies can offer specific incentives –– such as discounts or complimentary upgrades – that directly address individual needs.

At this critical juncture for Istanbul Dream Games’ launch of Royal Match, they must create an effective digital marketing campaign leveraging organic campaigns and data-driven technology . With a comprehensive strategy that takes advantage of established techniques and cutting edge technology, Istanbul Dreams will be well equipped for the successful rollout of their first game.

Social media campaigns

Social media plays an important role in modern marketing strategies, and Istanbul’s Dream Games (IDG) is no exception. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are a great way for the developers to connect with their fans and spread the word about the launch of Royal Match.

IDG used several approaches to promote Royal Match through its social media outlets and purchasing sponsored posts on other networks. IDG used targeted hashtags such as #RoyalMatch, #DreamGames and #IstanbulsDreamGames to generate interest in its game before launch. This allowed them to reach out easily to their key demographics – gamers of all ages who may be particularly interested in puzzle-based games.

In addition, IDG posted regular updates on blogs, forums and news outlets to create hype around the game’s mini-releases and upcoming events for Royal Match. Events such as open beta tests were a great opportunity for IDG to build up feedback from fans and promote the game itself.

To further increase involvement from players, IDG encouraged gamers to share screenshots or videos of their gaming experiences with Royal Match while playing on any platform. This boosted player satisfaction while providing additional advertising materials the company could use across their channels.

Finally, IDG ran campaigns through existing networks such as Twitter Ads or Google Ads (Google Adwords specifically targeting mobile), enabling them to track ROI more closely than ever before thanks to granular analytics tools like Firebase or Mixpanel Analytics.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way for Istanbul’s Dream Games to gain exposure for their product, Royal Match. Influencers are key opinion leaders in the gaming industry with large followings on social media and in certain gaming communities. These influencers can create content showcasing Royal Match’s features and provide honest feedback. This will help Istanbul’s Dream Games build awareness and trust with their target audience, ultimately leading to increased sales.

When selecting influencers, it is important to select those with a common target market like Royal Match. Selecting influencers with a proven track record of successfully promoting other games with similar audiences is also important. When paying influencers, it is important to consider how much attention they will likely attract, how engaged their followers will likely be, their social media presence and the quality of their content. It is also recommended that both parties sign a contract outlining expectations and compensation terms before they begin any promotional activities on social media or elsewhere.

Using effective influencer marketing tactics, Istanbul’s Dream Games can ensure that Royal Match succeeds in the video game market even after snapping up $50M in investment.


Istanbul’s Dream Games has had a remarkable success with the launch of its first game, Royal Match. With an initial investment of $50M, the game has been well received by the gaming community and has reached its desired target audience.