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How will Blockdaemon scale up enterprise blockchain infrastructure?

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Blockdaemon, the leading infrastructure platform for blockchain nodes, recently raised $28 million in a Series A round. This funding brings the company’s total funding to $36 million.

This investment will expand Blockdaemon’s enterprise blockchain infrastructure platform, enabling users to securely and quickly launch, connect and manage blockchain nodes on the world’s leading blockchain networks.

Look at how Blockdaemon plans to use this funding to scale up enterprise blockchain infrastructure.

Overview of Blockdaemon

Blockdaemon is an easy-to-use platform that allows businesses to spin up blockchain nodes in just a few clicks. It is designed to let users launch multiple types of nodes for various distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) including Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. Blockdaemon’s intuitive design makes it easy to spin up nodes quickly, in any part of the world.

The platform streamlines deployment processes by providing users with one-click automation tools and plugins. It also simplifies maintenance tasks like monitoring performance and logs, updating software versions, testing upgrades, protecting against DDoS attacks, reselling node services and more. By doing so, Blockdaqon helps enterprises quickly get their blockchain networks operational.

BlockDaemon enables businesses to reduce operational overhead by taking complex tasks that used to require manual work and automating them through its APIs and devOps tooling. This helps companies save time while focusing on other areas of their operations such as application development or marketing initiatives instead. It can also help them scale up their infrastructure as they test applications over multiple DLTs in different countries or regions before making full production deployments possible by providing enterprise-level data privacy and access control features that comply with government regulations such as GDPR or Sarbanes Oxley (SOX). Ultimately, this feature set gives businesses the confidence they need to experiment with various use cases for enterprise blockchain technologies at scale without worrying about complex technical deployments or downtime due to anything unexpected happening during operation timeframes.

Blockdaemon’s Approach to Scalability

Blockdaemon has recently raised $28M in a Series A funding round to scale up enterprise blockchain infrastructure. This is a major step towards bridging the gap between traditional enterprise computing networks and the decentralized blockchain networks.

This article will explore how Blockdaemon plans to scale up blockchain infrastructure.

Automation of Node Provisioning

Blockdaemon’s platform brings a practical approach to scaling up enterprise blockchain infrastructure, significantly revolutionizing traditional IT adoption timelines. Specifically, Blockdaemon’s automated node provisioning—which provides access to dozens of nodes on demand—significantly reduces complex manual network configuration and gives businesses crucial access and control over their chain network.

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The automated provisioning process ensures nodes are operating correctly by running config check software to detect any broken components or other technical issues that need addressing. This process allows for quick repairs, or rerouting if needed, and keeps the node running efficiently. In addition, automated alerting and monitoring capabilities allow teams to quickly spot outages on the network so they can be addressed promptly. This means fewer manual processes resulting in real-time updates across multiple nodes that give businesses greater visibility into what is happening on their infrastructures.

Moreover, Blockdaemon also incorporates enhanced security ratings for every node—including firewall scanning and rule-set auditing for every ownable resource—so businesses can rest assured their infrastructure is always private and secure.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service Model

Blockdaemon’s approach to scalability is built around the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. This model enables blockchain enterprises to scale up quickly, securely, and cost-effectively by offloading the burden of servers, networks and software to an external provider. In addition, IaaS provides access to virtualized computing resources that can be accessed on demand, allowing businesses to quickly adjust their infrastructure according to changes in user engagement.

Furthermore, leveraging IaaS eliminates the need for businesses to maintain their IT infrastructure and instead rely on Blockdaemon’s high-performing virtualized systems. This includes a wide selection of cryptocurrency nodes hosted in over 25 cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. In addition, the provider manages all aspects of system maintenance — from hosting hardware upgrades and scaling up user applications with auto-scaling capabilities through custom availability zones—allowing enterprises to focus on core business operations instead of worrying about hardware resources.

These advantages have led many enterprise customers across various industries such as financial services, healthcare and gaming adopting Blockdaemon’s IaaS model for their blockchain deployments. With its scalability capabilities at its core — both enabling horizontal scaling (scale out) or vertical scaling (scale up) — users can access secure interoperable networks within a single interface while benefiting from increased speed and elasticity with minimal effort or upfront costs required by traditional infrastructure solutions that entail complex monitoring processes and manual server management.

Benefits of Blockdaemon’s Scalability Platform

Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure platform, has recently raised $28M in a series A funding round. The funding will be used to further develop and scale up the platform’s existing suite of enterprise-grade products and services.

By leveraging the platform’s scalability, Blockdaemon will offer many business benefits, from reducing costs to increasing agility.

The following article will explore how Blockdaemon’s scalability platform can help businesses in the blockchain space.

Increased Efficiency

Blockdaemon’s scalability platform offers many benefits for enterprises looking to scale up their blockchain infrastructure. The most notable advantage is the increased efficiency it enables. By automating nodes, including node setup and maintenance, Blockdaemon’s platform drastically reduces enterprise operational workload. In addition, Blockdaemon’s unique decentralized architecture allows easy scaling when workloads grow, meaning an enterprise can keep its blockchain infrastructure running as efficiently as possible.

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In addition to increased efficiency gains, Blockdaemon’s platform offers additional benefits such as reduced security threats and improved privacy controls. With its advanced security protocols and automated node deployment, enterprises can ensure safe operation of their networks even with increasingly complex infrastructures. Moreover, due to the scalability platform’s distributed nature, permissionless access controls can be applied at different levels of the network providing improved privacy capabilities over a conventional centralized architecture.

Lastly, Blockdaemon’s scalability solution allows enterprises to customize their networks to better meet their needs and use cases. Integration with major cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows enterprise users to quickly and easily deploy specialized features on their networks with minimal effort or disruption of existing nodes or services on the network. With increased customization options, enterprise users can further leverage the power of their blockchain technologies for more tailored functionality and applications.

Improved Security

Blockdaemon’s scalability platform provides improved security for enterprise blockchain systems. Using its decentralized data storage module, Blockdaemon leverages a globally distributed network of validators and blockchain nodes to increase data redundancy for all enterprise users. In addition, this reduced attack surface improves security by allowing clients to automatically replicate or backup data across multiple nodes without requiring manual intervention.

Additionally, the stake requirement system of the validator network ensures that malicious actors are disincentivized from attempting to exploit the system with compromised node identities. Protection against internal manipulation is further augmented by a range of integrated monitoring solutions that allow administrators to quickly detect any anomalies in network behavior before they can cause significant harm.

Combined, these features offer enhanced protection compared to traditional centralized services that leave businesses exposed and vulnerable to malicious attack and unauthorized access.

Reduced Costs

Using Blockdaemon’s platform to scale up enterprise blockchain infrastructure helps companies save on costs, due to the automation of power consumptive tasks. By introducing a set of high-level, synthetic smart contracts and SDKs, our Scalability Platform allows companies to reduce their time to market while increasing their control over operations.

The result is that businesses can scale more quickly and efficiently than ever before, due to the platform being optimized for enterprise requirements—even in situations that may require constant monitoring or multiple simultaneous transactions. In addition, businesses do not need to make manual changes as they grow, eliminating human error and saving time.

Also noteworthy is that Blockdaemon’s Scalability Platform allows business users access to on-chain data with greater speed and accuracy without additional hardware. The scalability potential is further amplified by allowing businesses to access even more efficient Node orchestrator (NOA) capabilities than non-Blockdaemon nodes. Blockdaemon’s push toward compute optimization enables these cost-cutting benefits – meaning businesses spend less energy but achieve better economic and technical results.

Blockdaemon raises $28M to scale up enterprise blockchain infrastructure

Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure provider, recently announced the close of a $28M Series B funding round. This funding will help Blockdaemon scale up their enterprise blockchain infrastructure, expanding their services and offering more advanced solutions to their customers.

With the fresh capital, Blockdaemon is looking to position itself as the premier blockchain infrastructure provider, offering a range of services to enterprise customers.


Blockdaemon’s impressive $28M funding round resulted from a successful combination of equity and debt financing. The round saw participation from a broad range of investors, including existing shareholders and several new ones.

Leading the series B funding was American Venture Partners (AVP). With over US$8 billion in combined investing power, AVP is a powerhouse among venture capital firms. Their backing signals confidence in Blockdaemon’s product and its potential to revolutionize enterprise blockchain infrastructure scalability across geographies.

In addition to AVP’s lead investment, other notable backers affiliated with Blockdaemon’s ambitious goals are Dawn Capital, Firstminute Capital, Global Brain Corporation, Taavet Hinrikus & Sten Tamkivi (founders of TransferWise), and Plug & Play Ventures. Other strategic investors backed this substantial round of financing as well; including Hashkey Group and Coinbase Ventures which lent some weight behind the support for enterprise infrastructure scaling initiatives on a global level companies like Blockdaemon can provide.

Top-tier VC funds like Fintech Collective and DTCP also deeply committed to Blockdaemon’s mission to make enterprise blockchain scale up simpler than ever. With their expert guidance along each step — Blockdaemon stands poised to realize their grand ambitions in building next-generation infrastructure solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Use of Funds

Blockdaemon, an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure provider, recently announced the completion of its $28M Series B funding round. This brought the total venture funding the company has raised to a whopping $40M. Investors include Keyframe Capital, Digital Currency Group, CMT Digital and more. This capital will enable the company to substantially accelerate its goal of becoming a default infrastructure provider for enterprises deploying blockchain products and services at scale.

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Aspects of Blockdaemon’s mission: supporting existing enterprise customers in expanding their operations with scale and enhancing their security; as well as adding world-class personnel so that they can continue to increase customer service performance. Additionally, part of the funds will be allocated to both the scaling up of data centers across multiple parts of the globe, with specific resources dedicated towards enterprise customer onboarding and support; as well as further research and development into keys areas such as distributed ledger protocols and public/private networks implementation.

With this injection of capital Blockdaemon is now well setup to take on enterprises adopting decentralized technology for real world usages at any scale through its secure services offering – providing one more key piece needed in pushing forward today’s wave of digital transformation innovation.


Overall, Blockdaemon provides an end-to-end blockchain infrastructure platform designed to make it easy for enterprise customers to develop, deploy and manage their blockchain applications with minimal effort.

Its distributed virtual data centers worldwide enable the company’s cloud-based platform. It is committed to providing customers with secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions that can scale as their businesses grow.

The platform also offers a range of automated tools for managing deployments and nodes, performing analytics and monitoring performance metrics, which help ensure smooth operability at all times.

With these capabilities in place, processors can take advantage of distributed ledger technology’s benefits without compromising performance or security.