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Introducing the new 140W charger from Apple

140w macbook pro usbc pdchargerporter theverge

Apple has recently released their new 140W charger for the MacBook Pro, providing an unbelievable amount of power that can charge a lot more than just your laptop.

This new charger can provide fast charge to up to four devices simultaneously. It is one of the highest wattage chargers currently available on the market, and the possibilities that it presents are quite exciting.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and capabilities of Apple’s new 140W charger.

Apple’s new 140W charger can fast charge a lot more than just your MacBook Pro

Apple’s 140W charger is the perfect addition to any modern workstation or home office. It features an advanced power delivery design that provides high-speed charging to multiple devices and carries a safe charging certification for user safety. In addition, with advanced voltage and current management technology, the 140W charger ensures reliable, efficient power delivery for rapid device charging.

The charger comes with a detachable wall plug that allows users to easily connect to different outlets without adapting or relying on external cables. It also comes with a USB-C cable that easily connects to laptop models like the MacBook Pro, allowing users to conveniently charge their laptop and other USB-C powered devices from one compact charger. This sleek LED illuminated design certified by Apple’s Made for iPhone/iPad program makes Apple’s 140W charger safe and reliable for all your device charging needs in today’s fast paced life.

Design and Specifications

Apple’s new 140W charger is one of the most powerful chargers in their lineup. It is designed to quickly charge any device that supports USB-C power delivery, including iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. It also has a USB-A port that can charge smartphones as well as other USB powered devices.

This charger comes with a variety of specifications, let’s take a closer look to find out more.

Design of the charger

The design of the new 140W charger by Apple is both stylish and practical. It boasts a modern, minimalistic aesthetic with an edge-to-edge sleek finish, while still offering all the necessary power requirements and USB ports users need at home or on the go.

To ensure dependable performance, this charger comes equipped with a USB Type C PD port that provides up to 99W of power for fast charging capability for compatible devices such as laptops and iPad Pro.

140w macbook usbc pdchargerporter theverge

For added convenience it offers an additional four USB ports – two 12W “Smart Charging” USB ports and two 18W Quick Charge 3.0+ ports capable of charging compatible phones up to 4x faster than a regular 5W charger.

In addition, a 6FT/2M long cable allows for greater reach making it perfect for use in bed or on your desk as you work or play. Finally, the thin profile ensures maximum flexibility for plugging into tight spaces making this charger the smartest choice for almost any application!

Specifications of the charger

The Apple 140W USB-C Charge Power Adapter is a slim and compact wall charger used to quickly charge your compatible device. This charger features a 6.6-foot long USB-C to Lightning cable that lets you charge from a laptop or other device with a USB-C port.

This charger is equipped with a folding plug, making it more portable and easy to transport. Its powerful output of 14V at 10A can deliver up to 140W of maximum charging capacity for quick, safe charging on the go.

The Apple 140W charger also has an LED light indicator to easily tell when the power is connected and your device is charging. In addition, it has built in overvoltage protection, which keeps the device safe from any voltage fluctuations that may occur during power surges or outages. It also features temperature regulation that helps keep the internal temperatures lower while preventing damage caused by overheating.

This Apple charger meets all safety standards required by various international regulatory bodies, including UL1993, CE, EN 62368-1, EN60950-1, and FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B Regulations for emissions and Safety Class 2 requirements for electric shock safety compliance.


Apple recently released their new 140W charger, which has quickly become a game changer for many electronic devices. This new charger can charge multiple devices at once and offer fast charging for your Macbook Pro. This makes it much more efficient and convenient than using multiple chargers.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that the 140W charger offers.

Fast charging capability

The new 140W charger from Apple features fast charging technology that allows your device to charge faster than ever. It can charge an iPhone up to 50% in just 20 minutes. This can provide a good boost for those who need extra power quickly.

apple 140w macbook usbc pdchargerporter theverge

The highly efficient charger also has a wide range of outputs and can power devices from iPhone to iPad to Macbook, with nine different wattages available. Additionally, the charger comes with an LED indicator that provides visual reassurance when plugging in your precious device.

With its fast charging capability and safe LED monitoring, Apple’s 140W charger is the perfect way to keep your mobile devices up and ready.

Compatibility with multiple devices

The new 140W charger from Apple is specifically designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of Apple products, making it an ideal charging companion for users who rely on multiple Apple devices as part of their everyday lives. So whether you’re using a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max, or AirPods stylus, this charger can power them all at the same time with its 140W output capability.

Beyond the obvious convenience of being able to charge multiple devices from one power source, the 140W charger also offers a range of other practical benefits including: fast charging technologies for iPhone and iPad; USB-C Power Delivery for compatible Macs; compatibility with either 100V or 240V outlets to accommodate any travel needs; and an impressive 10-foot cable connected to the charger so you can continue using your device even as it charges. Adding innovative features such as foldable prongs also helps make this product lightweight and portable without sacrificing strength or performance.

With its multi-purpose compatibility and advanced features, the new 140W charger from Apple has been specifically designed to maximise device performance while continuing to offer its users reliable power in almost any situation.


Apple has announced its newest product- their first 140W charger- and promises to be a game-changer for tech lovers. The charger can charge more than just your MacBook Pro, so let’s look at how much faster it can charge your devices compared to the previous generation of chargers.

In this article, we will compare the new 140W charger to the prior generation of chargers, detailing the charging speeds and other specifications.

Comparison with other Apple chargers

Apple’s new 140W charger is the most powerful charger offered by the consumer technology giant. It is unlike any other Apple Charger, which is 5x more powerful than the 30W USB-C charger. In addition, it has a maximum wattage of 140W, allowing fast and efficient charging for compatible devices.

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The 140W charger can charge some Macs up to five times faster than other Apple chargers – like the previously stated 30W USB-C charger, which charges at 18W and up to 27W on select Mac models; 12W iPad charging and 10 W iPhone charging. In addition, with the 140 W charger you can get full charge on devices in less time than the other adapters.

The new Apple offering also comes with a caveat — it works only with 15” or 16” MacBook Pro laptops released in 2016 or later, plus all MacBook Airs with Retina display released after 2018. This limited compatibility may be expanded shortly to include other Mac devices as well as iPadOS and iOS devices — so keep an eye out for any further updates regarding this exciting product launch!

Comparison with other brands

The new 140W charger from Apple uses cutting-edge technology to give customers the power and flexibility they need. It has an impressive maximum wattage output of 140W, which is more powerful than many competing products in the same price range. It also features an advanced fanless design for silent operation and a multi-functional USB-C port for connecting multiple devices.

Comparing the new Apple charger to others on the market, you can see that it has numerous advantages over its competitors. Not only does it have a higher wattage output, but it’s also able to charge multiple devices with its one USB-C port. This gives customers greater flexibility when powering their devices, as they won’t be limited to just one type or brand of device. Additionally, the fanless design ensures silent operation, so there won’t be any sound disruption while charging your devices.

When looking at other brands of chargers in this price range, you can see that the new Apple charger offers better value for money due to its powerful maximum wattage output and multi-functional USB-C port. With these features combined with its superior efficiency and silent operation, it’s easy to see why customers are turning their attention towards the new 140W charger from Apple for all their charging needs.