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How does Portal Compare to Other Video Calling Products?

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Introducing Portal from Facebook, the newest addition to the video calling world.

Portal is Facebook’s video calling device to make video calling easier and more convenient. Portal allows users to make video calls with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and integrate with Alexa to provide hands-free calling, voice commands, and more.

Let’s look at how Portal compares to other video calling products.

Introducing Portal From Facebook

Portal from Facebook is a video calling device with powerful AI technology, combined with cutting-edge optics and audio to bring people together in an entirely new purpose-built way. Portal’s Smart Camera will automatically pan and zoom while you move around the room, so you can freely talk, laugh, and cook without missing anything. In addition, its Smart Sound humanises your voice so that everyone is heard clearly no matter where they are in the house – even when you are listening to music or other general noise is happening in the background.

Portal allows you to make calls on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Using Amazon Alexa built into Portal, you can also control other smart home devices with just your voice. Other features include Story Time (an interactive storytelling mode), Augmented Reality (AR) effects for entertainment, a convenient home newsfeed for streaming videos and music services like Spotify, Pandora, Red Bull TV and more – all accessible through touch or voice navigation. Finally, Portal also features various privacy features including a physical camera cover when you don’t want to use the camera at all times and all conversations are encrypted end-to-end with password protection on each device as well as two factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorised access.

Portal is a great solution for individuals or families looking for an immersive way to stay connected while they’re apart – giving them back precious moments of quality time together that would otherwise be lost due to distance or other factors outside their control. It offers powerful yet customisable features that allow users to tailor their calls however they see fit for any situation that needs special attention – sharing pictures during a business meeting or playing interactive stories during family game night.

Comparison to Other Video Calling Products

In today’s digital age, video call products have become essential for business, friends and family to stay connected.

Facebook’s new Portal video calling product is the latest technology to join this growing trend of video communication services. Let’s take a closer look at how Portal compares to other video calling products on the market.


Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform used by millions of people around the world. It is an established product that has been in development since 2011 and currently offers various features.

On one hand, Zoom’s interface is simpler than Facebook Portal’s and does not feature as many social functions. But, conversely, Zoom can be used for more elaborate conferences, community discussions and high-definition video calls.

One of the benefits of using Zoom is that its transmissibility rate is much lower than Facebook Portal’s, meaning there will be less buffering during conversations and higher-quality audio that remains consistent throughout the call regardless of how many participants are involved. Additionally, unlike Portal, Zoom allows users to record entire meetings if desired and users can also host meetings with up to 1,000 participants live if necessary. Finally, privacy settings provided by Zoom enable participants to easily mute or remove someone from the conversation. At the same time, they remain on call and control who can join their meetings using passwords or waiting rooms.


Skype is one of the most popular video calling products on the market. It offers free and premium versions, and can be easily downloaded or accessed through a web browser. Skype’s basic features include screen sharing, text chat, instant messaging, file sharing and audio and video calls for up to 50 participants.

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Regarding video quality, Skype does not fare as well as products like Facebook Portal. While Skype supports HD video calls with 720p resolution at 30 frames per second, it can go up to 1080p at 60 FPS if you have premium subscription plans. Additionally, while Skype allows you to use different backgrounds in a call (such as your photo or a third-party image or video), its overall background blur effect is not as strong or clear as Portal’s.

Skype also allows users to record interviews/ sessions for sharing after the call, create group chats for up to 300 people and use custom emoticons during chats – all features absent from Portal’s feature list. However, compared to portal’s cutting-edge AI technology, inherent privacy features and ease of use with voice activation capabilities – skype lacks in certain aspects compared with Portal’s superior offerings that cater more heavily towards personalization of the user experience when it comes down to making video calls.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a powerful, user-friendly video calling platform from Google. It allows users to make audio and video calls from any device connected to the internet. Hangouts also integrates with other Google services, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. Video calls can include up to 10 people at once and appear in full HD on most devices.

Regarding privacy and security, Google provides end-to-end encryption for all its chat services, including Hangouts. Furthermore, conversations are archived in several ways, so users can look back on them anytime. Other features like background blur allow users to focus on their conversation while minimising distractions caused by their environment or appearance in the call.

Overall, Hangouts offers a reliable and secure way for individuals to simultaneously communicate via video with each other or large groups of people. However, compared to Portal’s Smart Camera technology and AI Calling capabilities, Google Hangouts falls short in terms of cutting edge features that simplify the overall calling experience for users.

Features of Portal

Portal is a video calling product by Facebook that offers a suite of features to make video calling more convenient and immersive.

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Portal uses AI-powered Smart Camera technology to keep everyone in the frame, and combines voice-enhancing technology with smart sound for a more natural, immersive experience. Let’s look at some of the features Portal has to offer.

Smart Camera

Portal from Facebook brings you an exceptionally smart video calling experience, thanks to its advanced Smart Camera and AI-powered features.

The first thing you will notice about Portal is the outstanding Smart Camera technology that allows you to move and talk freely during calls without losing sight of the people on the other end. You can easily make conversations more natural by transitioning from smaller to bigger groups or switching focus between participants in the call. The Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms for optimal framing and can recognize multiple faces for group calls with no effort on your part. With precision auto zoom, intelligent tracking and full 360° panning, Portal provides a seamless way to stay connected with your loved ones even when they’re far away.

In addition, Portal also intelligently enhances the quality of each call by adjusting factors such as brightness, saturation, contrast so that everyone is seen even in low-light settings or backlit rooms. Furthermore, it uses AI technology to reduce background noise during calls so that no one else’s voice interferes with your conversation with the people on the other end of a call. This makes it even easier for everyone involved in a call to stay focused on what matters most—each other—without any distractions.

Smart Sound

Portal’s Smart Sound technology helps you focus on the conversation, not the disruption of background noise. Portal features an Artificial Intelligence (AI) beamforming four-mic array that automatically detects and minimises background sound during your call. As a result, only the sound of your voice or that of your friends and family will be crystal clear through Portal’s intelligently enhanced speakers. This technology helps ensure that your conversations stay private and uninterrupted no matter where you are or what is going on around you.

Additionally, Portal’s advanced AI Enhanced Audio feature minimises unwanted echoes and adjusts the audio for each participant, helping to reduce discomfort for everyone involved in the call. Portal also keeps distractions to a minimum by muting notifications on connected mobile devices when a call is in progress. With all these sound-enhancing features combined, Portal provides an unmatched quality experience for easy video calls with family and friends near or far.

Alexa Integration

Portal provides an incredibly simple way to make voice and video calls thanks to its integration with Amazon Alexa. With the voice assistant, Portal users can easily get directions, check their calendar, make certain changes to the Portal device like turn on the microphone or the camera and more – all while on a call.

In addition to providing access to Alexa’s thousands of skills like news, weather updates and more, installing Alexa also unlocks special SMART Camera capabilities such as Smart Sound. This feature reduces background noise so all participants in a video call can be heard clearly by dynamic voice recognition and superior echo cancellation technology. In addition, smart Camera’s clever AI-backed software will detect each person in a room and automatically crop them into frames for the best viewing experience.

Moreover, Alexa integration is easier with hands-free control for activities such as taking photos or live streaming content from supported music or video sources within Facebook Messenger Rooms. Furthermore, Portal makes it easy to stay connected across distances with family and friends with no disruption in quality by enabling end-to-end encryption for secure calling over Wi-Fi or data connection.

Reasons to Choose Portal

Portal is a personal video-calling device from Facebook that provides a unique way to connect with family and friends with video calling from wherever you are.

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It offers a variety of features that helps you stay connected with loved ones, including a Smart Camera, AI-powered audio, and a simple and intuitive design. Let’s look at some reasons to choose Portal for staying connected.

Easy to Use

Portal is designed to be simple and intuitive, easily fitting in with how you already use other popular messaging apps. With just a few taps, Portal allows you to start a video call with friends and family, regardless of whether they use the Portal app. In addition, you can invite anyone on your contact list by typing in their phone number or email address. Once they’ve accepted the invitation, they can join the video call in seconds – no need to download another app or create an account!

Plus, Portal makes video calls more fun. There are a variety of animated effects and masks available for you to customise your video call experience – from silly cartoon characters to virtual hats and sunglasses. Furthermore, the Smart Camera technology will automatically pan and zoom as each person moves around and talks. With these features, staying connected becomes effortless and enjoyable.


Portal offers great value for money. It is one of the leading video calling products on the market and is significantly more affordable than its competitors. With no subscription needed to unlock Portal’s features, you can enjoy the product’s high-quality video calls, wide-angle HD camera, and other features without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Portal boasts artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that allow it to pan and zoom. At the same time, you move or speak to ensure you are always seen in shot – an important element of smooth, natural interactions. Thanks to these cost-effective AI advancements, Portal makes video calls available to a wider range of audiences without cutting back on quality or functionality.

Enhanced Security

Portal is designed with privacy and security in mind. It encrypts calls to protect your privacy and has exclusive hardware-based secure video calls powered by trusted hardware providers like Qualcomm.

As an added security measure, Portal requires a two-factor authentication process via the Portal App to access your account settings, so you know that only the right people can access it. All of this is run through our secure Amazon Web Services data centres, ensuring that no one other than the people directly involved in the call can gain access to personal information.

Finally, we offer a Privacy Mode setting, which allows you to set up a PIN code or voice unlock before allowing others to join the call.