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How Airwallex Plans to Use its $200M Raise

airwallex 200m series 700mlundentechcrunch

The fintech unicorn, Airwallex, recently announced it has raised $200M in its series C round of funding. The company plans to use the new capital to further expand into international markets and explore opportunities in the open banking space. This influx of funds allows Airwallex to create opportunities on a global scale and enhance its offering to customers and partners worldwide.

The current investment allows them to propel forward their mission of providing an innovative platform that securely and easily connects customers and businesses worldwide. Backed by the world’s leading investors, Airwallex can now benefit from an even wider network of established financial powerhouses ready to support their vision for a more globalised payment sector.

Airwallex plans to use this latest investment round to continue pushing for a more global approach to payments and international business banking as part of its mission to create a borderless future for everyone involved in financial transactions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, they hope to revolutionise how companies move money around the world while providing value-added services such as real-time payment tracking and automated currency conversions with minimal disruption or risk.

Airwallex raises $200M at a $4B valuation to double down on business banking

Airwallex is a fintech company that provides businesses with cross-border payments and banking services. Founded in 2015, the company has grown to serve customers in more than 150 countries worldwide and recently raised $200M in a Series D funding round, valuing it at $4B. The company’s mission is to make international payments easier and more affordable for businesses, and this latest round of funding will help Airwallex double down on that mission.

Overview of the company

Airwallex is a financial technology company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Its goal is to make it easier for businesses to move, spend and collect money across borders. The company provides businesses worldwide with currency exchange services, international money transfers, merchant payments and more.

Since its founding, Airwallex has raised over $200 million in venture capital from leading investors such as DST Global, Sequoia China and Tencent.

Airwallex’s team includes former employees of some of the most esteemed companies in the financial technology industry, such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Stripe. The company’s core mission is to make global payments faster, cheaper, safer and more transparent for businesses everywhere. To achieve this mission, Airwallex utilises cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to reduce costs while providing better customer service.

The company currently has teams located in:

  • China (Beijing & Shanghai)
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Japan (Tokyo & Osaka)
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom (London)
airwallex 200m 4b 700mlundentechcrunch

With its $200 million raise coming primarily from retail investors worldwide, Airwallex continues to expand its reach with plans to open additional offices in other countries soon.

Previous rounds of funding

Airwallex has attracted strong investor interest since its inception, raising $363 million in six previous funding rounds. The most recent round was a Series-D led by Tencent and DST Global that closed in February 2020, raising $100 million at a post-money valuation of $2.6 billion. Most previous rounds have been led by big-name investors such as Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital China and PayPal Ventures.

This successful track record speaks to Airwallex’s ability to deliver on its promises and serve growing customer demand for seamless payments solutions worldwide. With this latest raise, Airwallex has stated plans to power its global expansion across new types of payments products and financial services that will help businesses grow faster by expanding their reach into different markets with one integrated and cost-effective solution.

Airwallex’s Plans for the $200M Raise

Airwallex, a fintech company, recently announced that it has raised $200M at a $4B valuation. This investment puts the company in the list of Australia’s most valuable tech companies. Airwallex intends to double down on business banking by using the funds to invest in developing innovation in payments and cash flow optimization for businesses.

Let’s look into the details of their plans.

Expansion into business banking

The most significant changes from Airwallex’s $200M raise will be in their plans to expand into business banking. The influx of funds will help them to build out their suite of financial services and make it easier for business customers to access cost-effective banking solutions.

Airwallex intends to use the funds to continue international expansion, enhance its technology platform and launch additional products such as an integrated payments solution. They also plan to develop a suite of business banking solutions including:

  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Foreign currency transfers
  • Risk management tools
  • Payment gateway products

The funding round is anticipated to significantly speed up Airwallex’s roadmap and accelerate product development, expanding access to its powerful payment tools across 190 currencies and over 50 markets. In addition, the company aims to expand its interests into cryptocurrency investments and deliver on a promise of free global payments by 2021.

australiabased airwallex 200m 4b 700mlundentechcrunch

This move sees Airwallex joining a roster of fintech players similarly investing heavily in strategic partnerships with banks, forging new paths for providing customers with better financial services and products. In addition, by leveraging the latest in tech advancements such as cloud computing, AI, machine learning and data analytics it plans to establish itself as an industry-leading force tailored specifically for small businesses worldwide.

Expansion into new markets

As part of Airwallex’s ambitious plans following its latest $200M raise, the company intends to expand into new markets, improve its global payment offering and continue to provide enterprise-grade financial solutions to its customers.

Airwallex enables companies worldwide to make payments faster, simpler and more efficiently by providing a unified platform for global payments, foreign currency exchange and integrated financial services. In addition, leveraging its international network of banking relationships with top-tier financial institutions, the company can make transactions significantly faster and more cost-effective than traditional banking services.

Part of Airwallex’s strategy is expanding its solutions into new markets by hiring local teams on the ground in target countries. The latest investment will fund this expansion plan into multiple countries across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. This will also help improve customer experience while launching additional features such as real-time settlement of FX transactions and localised payment solutions in multiple geographies.

Airwallex is also developing a suite of innovative products that address global liquidity management needs for modern businesses. Focusing on automation and data intelligence capabilities across areas such as tax optimization, cash flow management and exchange rate risk hedging products will enable multinationals to further simplify their operations. These features are already being tested internally before being rolled out over the coming months in target markets.

Airwallex’s mission is to fuel digital transformation for companies worldwide through innovative financial solutions that reduce complexity and provide transparency into transaction costs associated with global transfers and international payments.

Hiring new talent

To remain at the top of the fintech industry, Airwallex is investing in its team and hiring new talent across all departments. With the recent $200 million raise, Airwallex plans to recruit staff for several roles that will help to onboard more customers and increase sales, such as; software engineers, product marketers and product managers.

By hiring experienced professionals in these areas, Airwallex will be able to provide a better experience for their customers. The raised funds will also expand Airwallex’s global footprint with more offices worldwide. This will allow them to easily access new markets in order of further growth. Additionally, they are looking forward to build partnerships with banks and third-party companies that can contribute towards delivering innovative products and services.

Overall, Airwallex’s recent funding raise allows them to invest more heavily into their operations which include:

  • Recruiting talent towards increasing their customer base
  • Striving to continuously innovate their products to deliver great experiences for clients worldwide.

Benefits of Airwallex’s Expansion

Airwallex has recently raised $200M at a $4B valuation as a part of their efforts to expand their business banking offerings. This substantial raise will enable Airwallex to significantly expand their footprint and technology capabilities.

The funds will be used to further develop their products, build out their team, and focus on customer experience, all of which will bring numerous advantages to their users.

Increased access to banking services

Airwallex has raised $200 million in a Series D funding round. This funding is meant to allow Airwallex to further its mission of increasing access to banking services and provide its global customers with faster payment capabilities within the Airwallex network. In addition, the company aims to expand its technology and offer seamless cross-border payments across all of its 23 supported currencies in more regions worldwide.

In particular, this funding will be used to improve its technology infrastructure, provide better customer support, and fuel product innovation growth. Airwallex operates in 10 markets worldwide and plans to further expand into more countries. This expansion could mean more local payment options, currency exchange features, advanced bank connectivity features and enhanced APIs for businesses using Airwallex’s services.

australiabased airwallex 200m series 700mlundentechcrunch

This expansion could also lead to increased partnerships between Airwallex and banks and other fintech startups. This would open up opportunities for businesses that require banking services but cannot access them directly due to local regulations or payment options not being available in their region. In this way, Airwallex could play an instrumental role in bridging the gap between traditional banks and non banks to level the playing field regarding payment accessibility on a global scale.

Increased competition in the banking sector

The latest round of funding has allowed Airwallex to further develop its technology and expand into more markets. This is expected to bring increased competition to the banking sector and will likely positively impact the customer experience.

Airwallex plans to use its $200M Series D funding round to expand into more than 20 new markets this year, including countries across Europe, Latin America and Australia. By leveraging innovative technology like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-led infrastructure, Airwallex aims to “level the playing field” in business payments.

The company also plans to use the funding boost to enhance its existing products, such as increasing payment volumes while lowering costs. This will benefit small businesses worldwide who struggle with expensive banking fees when dealing with international transactions. For example, using Airwallex’s solutions for overseas account consolidation, businesses can take advantage of cross-border payments at competitive prices without having multiple accounts in different currencies worldwide.

Overall, Airwallex’s expansion provides a much-needed shake-up for slower traditional banks who previously dominated the market due to their access to high capital reserves and large client bases. In addition, with competitive rates available with no long term commitment via Airwallex’s service, customers now have greater flexibility when considering which provider they could choose for their business needs.

Increased job opportunities

Airwallex’s most recent $200M raise brings their total funding to an impressive $300M and will be used to drive more growth and expansion. This infusion of funds allows the company to invest heavily in developing and refining their tech platform and accelerating global expansion.

As Airwallex continues to grow, this means increased job opportunities across the globe. Airwallex currently operates in nine countries, with teams in Australia and China, and a presence in Europe, North America, India, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. With increased global expansion they are looking to hire employees with experience or interest in many different areas including:

  • Product & engineering roles;
  • Marketing & sales;
  • Operations & treasury roles;
  • Customer success & account management;
  • Business development & partnerships;
  • Finance & HR roles;
  • Legal & compliance;
  • Analytics & research;
  • Communications & creative design roles.

The company is looking for people passionate about problem solving on a global scale and excited about the opportunities that fintech brings the world at large. Airwallex encourages all interested candidates to review the current job postings on their website for details about open positions that may be a fit for your skillset or background.