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Technology and the Evolution of Gambling Behaviours


Before the first online casino launched in the 1990s, enthusiasts had to dress up and visit land-based casinos. Over the last twenty-five years, technology has transformed our interactions.

Now, we can enjoy online slots, sports betting, and casino games from anywhere.

You can gamble from home or on the go, making access very convenient. These tech advancements have altered public perceptions and transformed the gambling industry.

Let’s explore how these innovations are changing gambling behaviours. The experience is now more accessible and varied than ever before.

Behavioral Shifts

The gaming industry has always needed to adopt new technologies in order to remain competitive and reach its customers. It makes sense that the gaming industry will adapt to operate online in the current digital era.

Through technological advancements, we may virtually experience a real casino without physically being there. Technologies like live casinos, and virtual reality enhance safety and entertainment for players. Nowadays, you can wager remotely using your phone or another portable device.

You can indulge in sports betting from home, too. One exciting feature now offered by many platforms is the odds boost, which enhances potential payouts on specific bets. CasinoZonder can help you find the best bookmakers with odds boosts.

However, the convenience of online platforms has altered traditional gambling behaviors, encouraging more frequent and impulsive gambling. The ease of access and the anonymity provided by online gambling can lead to higher risks of developing gambling-related problems, particularly among young adults and adolescents who are more tech-savvy and susceptible to these risks​ , according to research by Riley et al. published in MDPI journal.

Mobile Gaming Evolution

The only way to play casino games when internet casinos initially started to appear was on a desktop computer. But the introduction of smartphones and other portable electronics has completely changed the way things are now.

The majority of people you would encounter on the main street would find it difficult to live a day without their smartphone, with many of them checking it numerous times a day! It seems sense, then, that reputable game creators now give mobile gaming a higher priority than they did before.

The pandemic has exacerbated issues related to mobile online gambling due to increased time spent at home and the subsequent rise in online activities. Many individuals have turned to online gambling for entertainment during lockdowns, which has led to a spike in gambling problems​ according to research by Potenza et al published in The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technologies and Mental Health.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

Over the past two decades, VR technology has gradually integrated into the mainstream of online gambling and gaming. This tech has evolved drastically, now capable of crafting entire immersive worlds for players.


Virtual reality casinos have become a reality. Many online gaming platforms now embrace this innovative technology. If you possess the necessary equipment, you can wear a VR headset. Simply lounge on your couch.

Due to this immersive environment, you can interact with others. You can even try to interpret their “tells”—a feat not possible in standard online casino games.

Virtual reality’s limitless potential is one of its most interesting features. With affordable headsets on the market, you and your friends can visit some of the busiest and most well-known online casinos. The great thing is you can indulge in VR gaming without having to step foot outside – a win win for introverts!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the topic on everyone’s lips this year. In fact, the AI market in the UK is worth more than £16.8 billion! A large chunk of this lies in tech and gambling. AI is also becoming a staple in our everyday lives. As each day passes, its applications are becoming more sophisticated and varied, especially in how players interact with online casino games.

More and more casinos are using AI to enhance user experiences on their platforms. AI analyses your gaming behaviour. It personalises your experience and suggests games that match your preferences. It assesses the types of games you play, your play duration, and your betting patterns.

With this data, AI can recommend new games that you’re likely to enjoy. Live dealer games are also surging in popularity online, and AI dealers are enhancing this experience. Many gamblers like that the virtual dealer remembers their name and can recall their last visit to the game. They can also remember any discussions you’ve had!


Even though it is artificial intelligence running the ship, players still feel valued and appreciated. Customers will stick around as a result. This can only be a good thing for gambling platforms. Especially ones fighting for the same custom.

Augmented Reality

Over the past decade, augmented reality (AR) has gradually overtaken virtual reality. AR experienced a meteoric rise in popularity following the debut of the smartphone game Pokémon GO. Since then, it has become crucial for casinos. They use it to transform how players engage with their offerings.

AR modifies the surrounding environment visually by adding layers of information to what your camera sees. With pictures and interactive features directly in front of you, it enhances the view of the real world.

A prime example of how AR can enhance a traditional game is seen with bingo, a timeless classic transformed by technology. There’s no doubt that technology will continue to improve. As we progress through 2024 and beyond, users worldwide will find increasing opportunities to gamble online. Ultimately, they’ll receive the best experience possible.