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The Most Expensive AWP Skins in CS2


Among all types of weapons in CS2, the AWP occupies a special place, known for its power and accuracy. Skins for AWP not only decorate the weapon but are also collectibles with significant value in the market. In this article, we will look at the most expensive skins for AWP in CS2, which can cost several thousand dollars.

AWP | Dragon Lore

AWP | Dragon Lore is one of the rare and desirable skins in CS2. This skin, released in 2014 as part of the Cobblestone collection, attracts attention with its detailed dragon image on the body of the weapon, done in shades of yellow, red, and dark green. Dragon Lore’s high price (the minimum price on Steam is $3,592.52) is due not only to its aesthetic appeal but also to its rarity. It’s worth noting that some rare versions can reach a staggering price tag of $482,500.00.

AWP | Medusa

AWP | Medusa is another highly regarded skin in the CS2 community and is part of the Gods and Monsters collection. Its design includes an image of the mythological Medusa in blue and emerald hues, making it visually vibrant and attractive. Like Dragon Lore, Medusa is a rare skin available in limited cases, which increases its value on the market. The minimum cost of this skin on Steam is $2024.54, but the rarest versions can reach $5,000.

AWP | Gungnir

AWP | Gungnir is a skin inspired by Norse mythology and was released in the Norse collection. Gungnir’s design features a spear surrounded by runes and designs, giving it a mysterious look. The design is made in shades of blue and beige. This skin is also extremely rare and prized among collectors and players. The minimum cost of this skin on the Lowest Steam market is about $7671.78, but the cost of rare versions in good quality can exceed $10,000.

AWP | Fade

This skin belongs to the Fade family, known for some of the rarest skins for both firearms (for example, Glock-18 Fade) and knives (for example, Butterfly Knife | Fade). AWP | Fade is a decent inventory skin with an interesting gradient design that combines shades of yellow, red, and purple.


The minimum price for this Covert skin from The Control Collection is about $1,272. By the way, this amazing skin is in the inventory of one of the most legendary players in CS history – the Ukrainian AWPer known as s1mple, who played for a long time as part of the Natus Vincere team.

AWP | The Prince

AWP | The Prince is a skin that attracts attention with its complex yet luxurious design. It was released as part of The Canals collection and features gold and red elements, making it one of the most beautiful AWP skins. The minimum cost of this skin on the Steam market is about $2,121, but the cost of good quality versions can reach more than $3,000.

How to Get an Expensive CS2 Skin?

Opening cases is one of the most popular ways to get skins in CS2. However, the chance of dropping an expensive and rare skin is quite low. Cases can be obtained for participating in games or purchased on the Steam marketplace. To open them you will need keys, which can also be purchased. It is worth understanding that you can open 100, 500, or more than 1000 cases but still not get a rare skin whose value will soar over $1,000. A more reliable option to get a certain rare skin is to purchase it on the Steam market or third-party platforms. If you want to be guaranteed to get a specific skin, then use the search to find the skin you need. Make sure you check all the available offers and choose the best one.


 Pay attention to the condition of the skin, the presence of a StatTrak counter, and stickers, as these elements significantly affect the price. In addition, you can exchange skins with other players through the Steam system or other secure services. This can be beneficial if you have skins that someone else wants, and you can negotiate a mutually beneficial exchange.

To Wrap Up!

The high cost of AWP skins is due to their rarity, aesthetic appeal, and importance in CS2 culture. Players seek to obtain such skins by any means, including through opening cases, purchases on the Steam market and other platforms, as well as through exchanges and participation in tournaments, thereby demonstrating their dedication to the game and the desire to stand out among others. No matter which route you choose to get these skins, one thing is for sure: owning one of these masterpieces will bring you a lot of positive emotions and make your CS2 gaming experience even more exciting.