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What to do and How to Improve your Tactical Position in Division 2 for Beginners

D2 is a full-fledged continuation and the second attempt from Ubisoft to publish its vision of an RPG shooter in post-apocalyptic Washington after the failure of the first part.

It was all due to poor optimization, quickly forcing players to abandon their plans and leave the project. But now all the failures have been considered and everyone who wants to receive Division 2 boosting can enjoy stable FPS and advanced graphics.

The Essence of Division 2

This is a shooter in the RPG genre in which players play the role of military men who must establish order in the region. All weapons and resources must also be found on the spot because no one can help them.

You will have the opportunity to explore territories and conquer them from bandits, extract resources and engage in crafting, plan large operations and go on short forays to destroy opponents.

Control Points and Outposts

The entire area around Washington is dotted with gangs that greatly interfere with the conduct of any operations in the region and the actions of soldiers during military exits, because they must either be avoided or destroyed and waste the strength and lives of soldiers on this.

One way to greatly simplify your gameplay is to clear several outposts that will help you regain control of the region.

It’s not difficult to do this – just find an outpost, fire at it from afar, destroy everyone you can at that distance, and then approach the buildings and finish off the survivors. Then you will establish military control in this position and will be able to receive more different resources, which you can then use for crafting and creating more valuable types of weapons and armor of various types.

Over time, the enemies will be able to retake the outpost, or at least attack it, to which you need to react in time and repel the attack.

Fortunately, this will not be so difficult to do, because under the cover of buildings and defensive points the enemies will be in front of you in full view, and you only need to shoot them without exposing your agent too much to bullets.

Finding and Crafting Weapons

As you go on combat missions, you will find many weapons and ammunition for them, which will be of different quality.

You will come across pistols, automatic and assault weapons, sniper rifles and shotguns, and only you can choose what exactly you will fight with.

Weapons will be obtained from bandits, found in hiding places, and simply created.

To craft various weapons for yourself, you need not sell, but to disassemble all unnecessary items and spend the resulting resources and materials to create suitable equipment and high-quality weapons.

You should choose an assault rifle as your main weapon because it allows you to fight at any distance with equal effectiveness. Secondary Weapons You can choose anyone you are comfortable fighting with, but remember that shotguns, like pistols, are only good in close combat, and automatic weapons do little damage to compete with an assault rifle.

A good option would be a sniper rifle, allowing you to conduct surveillance over long distances and kill enemies without attracting attention, especially during combat sorties and assaults on outposts.

Wear a Bulletproof Vest and Helmet

You must always remember that any, even a random bullet can end your mission and complicate the gameplay, so you must protect your operative and prioritize this.

The helmet will increase your chance of surviving attacks even if you get hit in the head, and the body armor will make most hits to the body ineffective, and you can continue your boost to Division 2.

Use Cover

In most cases, you can literally “stick” to cover and push off from it to attack opponents without exposing the most vulnerable parts of your body to damage. When shooting from cover, you will regulate the time you look out behind it to fight. Sometimes this will save your life, because it is very difficult for enemies to suppress an enemy who does not show himself. Still, if you stand on one for a long time, the enemy will have every chance to get around you, so always change your defense and monitor the situation.

Military Operations

Each player, within the framework of the storyline and leveling up, can organize and conduct military operations that intensively develop your hero and allow you to immediately gain a lot of experience for their implementation while learning how the Washington region is changing from your actions.

Remember that the higher the game level, the more difficult it is to level up your character, so trying to postpone fundamental tasks until later to gain experience when boosting into Division 2 is especially difficult.

Learn the Hero’s Skills

At each new level, you can spend character enhancement points on new skills that will help you gain new opportunities.

This includes increased shooting, increased stamina, an increased chance of getting valuable trophies when disassembling items, and increased experience for killing enemies and completing tasks.


D2 is a project from Ubisoft in which you will develop your hero and fight against bandits and other military personnel to establish control in the region.

You will encounter different enemies and, to reduce their number in the region, you will capture and hold outposts, which will save you from bandits and allow you to extract new resources for your control.

Enemies will occasionally try to regain control, so you will have to repel attacks. Fortunately, this will be easier than attacking from defense.

Constantly look for different weapons and improve them through crafting; assault weapons, capable of conducting effective combat at any distance, will be especially valuable.

Additionally, you can carry a shotgun for close battles, or a sniper rifle, which will greatly increase your maximum fighting distance.

You need a helmet and body armor to reduce the chance of death and the overall damage you can take.

Always use cover to avoid the main attacks of enemies and do not stick your head out unnecessarily, but also do not play passively, otherwise the enemies will simply bypass you and destroy you with numbers or skill.

Plan and execute military operations to explore the Division 2 story and get the biggest experience boost of all options.

Develop your hero and activate new talents to receive resources during disassembly, gain increased experience and improve your shooting skills, and then your boosting in D2 will become more active.

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