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The Rarest CS2 Skins You Can Find in 2024

Perhaps every CS2 player strives to collect interesting and unique equipment. The game is full of incredible skins for both knives and firearms. However, which skins are considered the most valuable and desirable in the community in 2024? Right now you will find out about it.

AK-47 | Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

The metal body parts of this rifle in the Case Hardened skin are made in shades of blue, yellow, and purple. The handle is brown in color, and some parts of the weapon are made of wood. The appearance and value of Case Hardened varies depending on the pattern, with the predominance of blue hues on the top of the case, known as the Blue Gem, being considered particularly valuable and rare. The most unique pattern is considered to be № 661.

Glock-18 | Fade (Absolute Max)

Fade is a vibrant skin for the Glock-18 pistol, featuring a unique gradient design. The surface of the weapon is covered in a smooth transition from rich purple to rich yellow, creating an impressive visual effect. The design also includes shades of pink, but the most valuable is the option where purple color predominates. It is called Absolute Max.

Galil AR | Sandstorm (Purple and Beige)

The body of the weapon in this Mil-Spec Grade skin is decorated with an abstract pattern in various shades of beige and purple. If you are looking for rare variants of Sandstorm, then you should pay attention to patterns № 583 (purple color predominates) or № 555 (beige color predominates).

Glock-18 | Moonrise (Polar Star)

This is a great skin for lovers of a mysterious atmosphere. The pistol slide is painted in a pink-violet gradient, which depicts a panorama of the night city, the beauty of which is emphasized by the full moon. A unique variation of this skin is the one that has a polar star on the slide. We recommend paying attention to patterns № 19, № 90, № 102, № 487, № 800, and others.

AWP | Electric Hive (Blue Hives and Orange Hives)

This is a wonderful skin with a black and purple design that is complemented by a hexagonal mesh with a gradient effect.

The gradient depends on the pattern index. The most prized variations are Blue Hives (№ 273) and Orange Hives (№ 253), which have matching color accents.

CZ75-Auto | Polymer (Black)

CZ75-Auto in the Polymer skin is painted black, the design is complemented by a turquoise pattern that resembles the structure of the polymer. It is located on the weapon’s slide. The rarest pattern of this skin is considered to be № 638 (black color predominates).

AWP | PAW (Lucky Cat)

The body of this weapon is decorated with cartoon cats and dogs. If you want to replenish your inventory with rare PAW variations, we recommend paying attention to patterns № 19, №  35, № 41. Particularly desirable among players are variations where there is a clear image of a yellow Chinese lucky cat.

Desert Eagle | Hypnotic (pattern №12)

The pistol in the Hypnotic skin is painted in white metallic paint with a black pattern that resembles a mesmerizing hypnotic circle. Players generally strive to get a skin with the center of the pattern closer to the center of the slide. This is pattern № 12.

P5-SD | Lab Rats (pattern №298)

This is a skin with a rather dark design; the only bright element is the butt in red.

The entire body of the weapon is decorated with images of rats. The rarest option is the skin with the image of a red rat, pattern № 298.

P2000 | Acid Etched (presence of clover)

Another skin for lovers of bright designs and gradients. The rarest option is considered to be a pattern (№ 683) where there is an image of a clover on the pistol handle.

How Can Players Get Skins in CS2?

There are several ways to get skins in CS2. You can purchase them on the Steam market, where the security of transactions is guaranteed, or on third-party platforms. There really is a chance to find rare skins here. Opening cases adds an element of excitement since the result is unpredictable and it is quite possible to get a unique skin. CS2 trade up contracts allow you to improve your inventory by exchanging ten less valuable skins for one rarer one.


If you want to stand out in the CS2 community and build an impressive collection, look no further than rare skins. Not only will they make your weapon look impressive, but they can also be an excellent investment in the future due to their rarity and high market value. The best option for finding unique skins is third-party platforms, but there is always a chance of getting something unusual when opening cases.