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Introduction to Sweepstakes Games: What Are They and How Do They Work?

As the global gaming space continues to expand its offerings to online gamers, different sweepstakes casino operators are developing casino-style games to allow players to enjoy their favorite online casino games. 

Sweepstakes games work similarly to popular online casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. However, you can play sweeps games without spending a dime. This guide explains the concept of sweepstakes games and how they work. 

What Are Sweepstakes Casino Games?

Sweepstakes games are online casino games that allow players to enjoy their favorite games for free. 

For instance, instead of playing at standard online casinos, you can choose a Fortune Coin Casino game that allows players to use virtual funds like Gold Coins 

(GC) and Fortune Coins (FC). 

However, it’s important to note that the major distinction between sweepstakes casino games and regular casino games is how they are played. 

You can play casino-style games like slots, progressive jackpots, card games, etc. Though table and live dealer games are pretty limited at sweeps sites, some operators are beginning to add them to their gaming offerings.  

Key Features of a Sweeps Casino Game  

As mentioned above, the core features of sweepstakes casinos and their various casino-style games include: 

  • The use of virtual coins like Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins for playing
  • Fun and free play with no deposit requirements 
  • No-deposit bonus upon signup to play your favorite games instantly

Advantages of Playing Sweepstakes Games

There are many benefits to playing sweeps games. We’ve highlighted some of them below: 

Low Risk

Since you can play sweepstakes games for free, there are lower chances of eating into your budget. Unlike regular casinos, where there is more commitment because you made a deposit to play, you can play as many sweeps games as you’d like.  

Limited Gaming Problems 

Due to their focus on free and responsible gaming, players of sweepstakes games are less likely to develop gaming-related issues like addiction or overspending. 

Moreover, sweepstakes sites also have various responsible gaming measures to protect players. 

Improved Social Engagement

Another perk of playing at sweepstakes casinos is their focus on engaging every player. Unlike traditional casinos with limited social activities, social casinos with sweepstakes games create more excitement through user engagement. 

For instance, a sweepstakes game may require you to unlock more bonuses, enter social media contests, and complete certain tasks to access more exclusive offers. 

What Sweepstakes Games Are on Fortune Coins? 

Fortune Coins is a reputable sweepstakes casino operator with over 550 casino-style games that players can access for free. 

The gaming options at Fortune Coins cut across slots, progressive jackpots, fruit, and fish games. 

Let’s pick a few popular game titles and see how they work. 

1. Sugar Rush 

Whether you’re a regular gamer or not, you’ve probably heard of Sugar Rush. The popular online slot game has its casino-style variant at Fortune Coins, allowing players to enjoy a candy-themed experience. 

The goal is to spin the reel with virtual coins and get matching candy symbols to win. However, every game outcome is random, so winning isn’t guaranteed. 

2. Emily’s Treasure 

Emily’s Treasure is from a less popular game category called fish games. The casino-style game variant is available at Fortune Coins, allowing players to catch fish species with different values. 

Your winnings depend on the quantity and size of fish you catch. So, you need enough coins to hunt as many fish as possible. However, like other games above, it’s all a game of chance.