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Subtleties And Trends In Creating Videos For Social Networks


Today, short videos surround us everywhere – TikToks, Shorts and Reels. Most marketers believe that the ideal length for this format is 60 seconds or less. Short form video content is popular among consumers and highly valuable to brands. How to make short videos and what to focus on – we suggest we talk about this.


A quality edit tiktok video will help you easily prepare attractive and engaging short videos. Many people recommend the app to edit video VJump, which is not limited to just mobile app level features, it even has options that usually rival the tools available in desktop software.

Authentic Videos Featuring Bloggers

In recent years, thanks in large part to the rise of TikTok, a whole new wave of videos has dominated the scene: authentic, casual videos featuring “everyday people,” many of whom have become bloggers. Daily vlogs, reaction videos (duet format), and many others have become popular on various platforms.


 61% of consumers trust recommendations from real people, compared to 38% of those who trust content created by a brand.

Attention To Voice Acting And Music

Music is a great connecting element. Once a popular track or sound is included in a short video, it triggers a flood of imitators, with users capturing the essence of the song and trying to put their own spin on it.

However, music and sound trends change quickly, and this is important to consider when working with TikTok’s video editor. What’s relevant one week may be outdated the next. If you’re going to use an existing music trend, make sure it’s relevant.

Relevance Of Subtitles

Videos without sound are ideal for viewers on the go, in public places, or for multitasking people, which is why videos with subtitles are increasingly attracting more interest. Subtitles make videos viewable in any setting.


Not to mention, subtitles created with the TikTok editing app instantly make videos more accessible to viewers with hearing impairments. This way, viewers can get the same benefit from watching a video with or without sound.

The Usefulness Of Videos

Microlearning is a strategy often used in educational settings that breaks large concepts into categories for the benefit of the reader, viewer, or listener. Mobile microlearning delivers 4x higher engagement rates and 50% better knowledge retention than traditional eLearning tools. Marketers can use microlearning in videos such as guides, product demos, educational resources, and testimonials.

So, today users have a lot of opportunities to experiment and the best tiktok editing app. What best suits your business, blog, and what do viewers like best? Evaluate placement results and make informed decisions.