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All the Important Features of Destiny 2 That Beginners Need to Know When Starting the Game


D2 is a shooter with MMO RPG mechanics, which means that on Bungie’s servers, many other gamers will play with you, and you can team up with them, compete, trade, or just communicate.

Classes in Destiny 2

You will choose your hero from three classes available for the game – titan, warlock, or hunter.

The Titan is a defensive class with high armor and regeneration and special skills like activating a shield or slamming steel fists into the ground to knock back enemies.

Warlock is a support class, with good potential for healing and strengthening himself and allies, and the ability to deal strong AoE damage through his magic.

The Hunter is a full-fledged attacking hero who can alternate ranged attacks and switch to melee weapons, and easily uses camouflage on the battlefield.

Subclasses in Destiny 2

Each hero in D2 has his own special skills, which distinguish him from the rest.

For the Titan it is an energy shield, for the Warlock it is the creation of healing zones, for the Hunter it is directed and enhanced shots.

But besides this, along the way of your boosting in Destiny 2 you will master subclasses and knock out special cartridges to activate them.

You can choose a subclass:

  • Sun – combines and enhances general damage and ignoring armor, suitable for hunters.
  • Void – enhances the skills used, suitable for AoE warlocks.
  • Lightning – deals additional damage to targets around, suitable for a titan, especially while activating and holding an energy shield.
  • Stand is a new subclass suitable for all classes. For a titan, this is bloodletting when using fists, for a warlock, a new AoE damage format with a choice of zones to hit, and for a hunter, a new ritual weapon for quickly switching between melee and ranged combat.

You can vary the subclass according to your convenience and for your attention, those formats are simply proposed, which have proven themselves best throughout the existence of Destiny 2.

Leveling up your Character

There are not many levels in D2 – only 20 and your main task is not so much to achieve them, but to get a high level of power for your character.

Your main boost in Destiny 2 will be through story missions, which consist of a series of quests and will help you better understand the history of the alien attack and all the steps humanity has taken to destroy them. A complete clearing will take you 10 hours alone and 7-8 if you play as part of a group of two or three players, and for this you receive a bonus to experience.


To reach level 20, if you were unable to do this using the quest system, you can use the system of contracts and daily tasks, which can bring up to 50% of the experience scale.

Try to focus on quests and tasks rather than on destroying monsters, because the chance of getting a trophy and a serious boost in D2 is quite small. Sometimes you can even run past a bunch of enemies instead of engaging them in battle.

Item Power

All weapons and equipment in Destiny 2 have their own strength, and all available parameters are summed up to reflect the combat potential of your class.

The higher the strength indicator, the more valuable trophies you can get in raids, strikes, quests and daily tasks.

When you finish the storyline, all the captured equipment and weapons will bring you a total of about 200 strength, and this will be your starting push to the most important and interesting part of Destiny 2.

It is recommended not to complete most equipment and weapons related quests until your Strength is 265 or higher. The system will give you a reward based on the strength that you have, and if you do this with 200 strength, then the rewards will be 230, and if with 265, then 270 and higher.

Gradually, you will be able to go to regular and nightfall strikes – zones for three players with the effect of mini-raids, where as a reward you can receive weapons and armor of high value – 270–305 strength level.

It is important to immediately equip any improvement that you manage to obtain, because it is the overall strength indicator that is taken as the basis when your drop is formed.

Daily Quests

Every day, Destiny 2 will offer you tasks that you need to complete during the day, and for this you will receive a lot of experience and a reward for modifying armor and weapons, or the equipment itself. Often, such tasks bring a lot of experience and help players reach the missing experience and levels to the final value. For daily tasks, you can get a boost in D2 up to a whole level.


As you reach levels 5, 11 and 20, you will explore planets and open individual quests related to old and new updates in Destiny 2.

In the Lightfaal update, Neptune will become available to you, to which you will go by order of Saint 13. Each new update introduces a new type of content and expands the territories available to you for leveling up and exploring – Neptune will be a full-fledged planet with its own storyline and an area for increasing the power level for your equipment. Complete the story quests and continue your grind and boosting in Destiny 2.


This is a format of small raids, which are designed for a group of three players and players are presented with more than 8 dungeons of different history and style, which will be profitable and simply interesting to clear.

You will need to fight your way through a large number of enemies and destroy the head of the dungeon, but in the process you will need to combine your efforts, activate platforms, solve puzzles and think quickly so as not to die at the hands of the boss and his retinue.


The stronger the strike, the higher the reward for completing it, and the most valuable will be the Nightfall dungeons. Remember that the role of strikes and raids is valuable trophies, and then leveling in Destiny 2.


These are more difficult dungeons that often require five or more players to clear.

Raids are divided by difficulty levels and have strict requirements for the level of strength for entry, but they also offer rewards more valuable.

There are three difficulty levels:

  • Normal – familiarization with the mechanics of the boss and the purpose of strengthening the hero in terms of equipment.
  • Heroic – stronger boss, more health, more participants among players, higher entry requirements and more valuable rewards.
  • Mythic is the most difficult format, requires 9 players or more, high requirements for equipment, a very high probability of failure for the slightest mistake, so you need to understand all the mechanics in detail. As a reward, you can receive Mythic and Legendary equipment of a high power level – usually 270 and above.


There will be two types of weapons in Destiny 2 – energy and kinetic.

The difference is in the type of damage and the ability to disable the protection of armored targets, or increased damage.

All weapons are divided into types, as in other games – automatic, assault, sniper, pistols, energy bows.

You can receive an item of regular quality, rare, special, mythic, or legendary.

A similar principle applies to armor, only instead of attacking parameters, it is more about counteracting enemy attacks.

Armor and Weapon Modifiers

You can always gradually increase the power of your weapons and armor by simply acquiring blue and purple modifiers and using them to enhance key equipment. This will not be a quick method, but it is effective enough to bring the capabilities of your equipment up to 305 strength value. You can get them in PVE events, like the Crucible, or by knocking them out during a hunt, or by completing daily quests.


In D2, there are many events and zones where you need to gather a group and go on a full-fledged PVE clearing of monsters. If successful, you can receive blue and purple modifiers, which can be exchanged for enhancing equipment and weapons up to 5 units at a time.

Trial of Osiris

In Destiny 2, it is possible to fight against each other in groups of three players and the prize will be a legendary seasonal weapon or armor.

This is a format of short rounds where units fight each other for destruction.

It is important not only to defeat your enemy, but to win several victories in a row, and then you can take your trophy.

For beginners, Trial of Osiris is an excellent format to get your first serious weapon, although you will have to try, because the enemies are random.

The matches themselves pass quickly enough so that you can calmly go to new arenas and try your hand until you achieve a positive result.