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Most Actual Farming Methods for Everyone in WoW Dragonflight

The Impact of Gold in WoW Dragonflight

Gold in World of Warcraft plays a crucial role as the primary in-game resource used for purchasing items, learning skills, and much more. Farming gold in WoW can be either a simple or complex process, depending on the chosen method. Some players prefer to farm gold solo, embarking on long and dangerous adventures, while others prefer to work as a team to achieve their goals more quickly. Some players buy WoW gold on special platforms. However, most players prefer to earn gold the standard way and enjoy all the aspects of gameplay that make World of Warcraft so exciting and engaging.

Types of Farming Methods and their Nuances

 In the game, there are many ways to farm in-game currency. Some methods require specific preparation, the presence of certain resources, or a particular character class, while others are available to all players regardless of their level of preparation. For example, using professions such as alchemy or jewel crafting can be effective but requires investment in training and materials. This article will explore methods that only require your time.

Local Quests

Local quests in World of Warcraft are small tasks that players can complete in various locations within the game world. They appear in specific regions or locations and can be of different types and difficulty levels. Quests can be divided into several difficulties: normal, elite, and world boss. While normal quests can be easily completed without any assistance, completing elite quests may require you to call upon your friends, and defeating a world boss requires assembling a small raid. Local quests may only be available to players who have completed the main campaign of the expansion and have reached level 70. Quests refresh twice a week, so do not ignore their significance. Completing local quests can lead to rewards such as experience, items, or currency.

Dragon Riding Races

Dragon riding races are a type of normal quest that becomes available after reaching level 7 reputation with the Valdrakken Union. Your task is to fly on dragons through the obstacle course without considering time. As a reward, you receive a Dragon Race Participant’s Wallet with 550 gold coins. The maximum number of quests available for completion is 16 per week.

Community Feast

Community Feast is a local quest that allows you to participate in cooking soup with Chef Big Kinuuk. For 15 minutes, you and other players who come to help will complete easy tasks that increase the progress and quality of the soup. The Community Feast quest starts every 3 hours and 30 minutes. As a reward, you will receive a Supply-Laden Soup Pot. The best reward for gold farming is the Alchemical Flavor Pocket. This item is in high demand in the auction house, so it has a high price. The price of this item and others constantly changes. You can find out its cost in the auction house.

BoE (Bind on Equip) Items

This farming method is suitable for experienced players who have decent intelligence and know how to raid. This method does not guarantee quick gold acquisition, but if you manage to obtain such an item after killing mobs, you can become a millionaire. Some items are worth a huge amount of resources, but any high-quality BoE item will bring you at least several hundred thousand gold.

Relationships with other Players

If you and your friends have a high level of character development, you can help weaker players complete dungeons and increase the level of a mythic keystone. Players may reward you with gold or other resources for your assistance, making such relationships advantageous for both sides. You will not be banned for these actions. Blizzard allows mutually beneficial relationships in the game for virtual currency, so this method is legal.

Weekly Caches

Caches are items that players can obtain by completing Last Hurrah quests. There are three such quests in the game, each located in a separate part of the map. As a reward, you receive one of three caches for each quest. There are three caches in total: Cache of Awakened Dreams, Cache of Awakened Storms, and Cache of Awakened Embers. They contain random items, materials, and gold, but the most valuable item is the Overflowing Satchel of Coins. After using this item, 15,000 gold coins will be transferred to your inventory.

Useful Tips for Farming

Enable War Mode

War Mode allows you to participate in PvP with players from opposite factions in the open world. This mode provides a passive 10% bonus to experience and gold from quest completion. You don’t have to engage in PvP combat, but having War Mode enabled passively increases your profit.

 Item Level

To receive more resources from local quests, you need to increase your item level. For a quick increase, you can buy gear from the auction house. The item level should be 450+. This will increase the difficulty of the quests and, consequently, increase the rewards.

Alternative to Gold Farming

If you don’t have the time or desire to farm gold but still want to play and enjoy the game, then boosting services are what you need. WoW, gold boosting services provide players with the ability to quickly and safely enhance their gaming experience by purchasing gold in the game. These services offer wow gold for sale with various conditions and prices, allowing players to choose the most suitable option for themselves. WoW, gold buying helps to reduce the time needed for gold farming in the game and allows players to focus on more interesting aspects of the gameplay.


The variety of farming methods allows each player to choose the most suitable way based on their preferences and capabilities. Local quests, dragon racing, participation in grand feasts, and other methods offer diverse opportunities for earning gold. It is important to remember that gold farming should be enjoyable, so it is important to choose methods that bring satisfaction from playing World of Warcraft.