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All Ways to Gain Experience and Develop your Character in GTA Online


When you start playing GTA 5 and go through the prologue, where you play as Michael and Trevor and then go through some of the tasks for Franklin and come into contact with Michael as part of the storyline, an online mode will become available to you, which you can go to immediately. Still, it is advisable to go through the storyline first, before you go online and start your GTA boosting.

This is not a mandatory, but desirable option, because this way you will understand the role of each character, see the secondary characters and get to know their personalities, and try many of the mechanics that are complemented after the storyline – for example, heists.

The concept of the online version is different in that instead of three full-fledged heroes around whom the storyline is built and expanded, you will create your own unique player using an interesting format.

You will choose two people – your parents, on the basis of whom your unique character will be created, who will play the role of a new player who will be added to the storyline.

You will encounter many secondary characters and even the main characters, but your tasks will be different.

You must boost in GTA 5 and earn money to buy new apartments and create businesses that will help you increase your profits and buy vehicles and weapons.

You will begin your development by completing tasks from various characters to gain levels and accumulate money to buy apartments, which will trigger the mechanics of robberies and warehouses and buildings to develop your business and increase your income level.


For riding bicycles, motorcycles, cars, flying helicopters and airplanes, sailing on a yacht, you will gain gradual experience, especially if you do not do it yourself.


Riding with other players on different vehicles will give you level points and increase your boost in GTA.


These are missions that can be obtained from characters like Lamar and can be completed alone or with a group of friends, which include racing, gang warfare, and other fun activities involving shooting or racing. You must upgrade your hero and get leveling in GTA online to open up special conditions and new opportunities.

x2 tasks

Rockstar Games is constantly launching various events and highlighting the types of activities for which more experience and money will be awarded this week.

This is done so that players do not ignore parts of the content, but try everything and perhaps make it their favorite activity, or provide new opportunities so as not to get bored in the world of GTA 5.


This is the most interesting and profitable type of content that exists in the GTA world, because it copies many famous films and provides interesting opportunities divided into stages.

First, you purchase a facility that will become your headquarters for planning and executing the raid.

This is not a prerequisite, and you can always join someone else’s game session in order to go through them with other players, but it is better to do everything yourself in order to be able to not only independently recruit players for your team, but also to constantly be able to go through it again and constantly pick up award.

For each first passage, you will receive an additional 100 thousand dollars and of course a level boost in GTA 5 online.


To buy apartments and other buildings you need to earn money and this can be done with the help of various businesses, which you also need to buy, but it costs much less.

You can buy two types of warehouses – for storing goods and cars.

Cargoes are obtained by completing tasks that can be taken from the warehouse itself, and such goods can be obtained or simply purchased.

Next, you need to steal, or simply bring goods and then complete tasks to deliver it to customers to get money and experience in GTA 5.

It is advisable not to waste money on the minimum result, but to first accumulate a full warehouse and only then go to deliver in order to get the maximum possible result.

Please note the interesting mechanics that if you are not playing alone and are in a group with friends or other players, then you may be given three cars for delivery, and not one, which can complicate your gameplay, and it is better to leave the group during the delivery.

A car storage facility will be an expensive investment that will waste a lot of your time, but you will be able to generate large amounts of money by running this business.

You will be offered a task of one of three difficulty types, from which it is better to choose the most difficult one, which will bring more experience in GTA 5 and a car of greater rarity and quality.

All tasks are quite simple, but there is one unpleasant one that can be a waste of time and needs to be cancelled.

The task is that the car is being transported on a barge, and you need to take a helicopter with a magnet and pick it up.


If you are not a very confident pilot, then you will simply lose the helicopter, or drop the car, because it will be guarded by shooters, and it is easier to just restart the mission.

Next, when the transport is in your warehouse, you can sell it, and you will need to deliver it to the client at the specified point.

Be sure to take or buy a sniper rifle and a silencer, because bandits will try to interfere with your deal, and you can either break through them and receive damage, which will reduce your final GTA boost and the amount of money, or stop, away from other cars, shoot the enemies and go further and do this several times and this way you can get the maximum amount of dollars.

You need to move off the road because normal traffic in the game can start to panic and drive chaotically around the game map and accidentally hit your car and cause severe damage to it, which will affect its total.