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Which Nintendo Switch Console to Choose: 5 Grate Models in 2024


Here you are sitting, a cup of tea next to you, and thinking: “Which Nintendo Switch model will be my faithful companion in the world of gaming?” Don’t worry, we’ve already prepared everything! In this article, we present you a rating of the 5 best Nintendo Switch models of 2024. We know how important it is for you to make the right choice, so we have prepared thoroughly.

So if you are still thinking about purchasing a Nintendo Switch, then this article will definitely help you decide. Well, in the meantime, if you don’t have this gadget, but you want to enjoy the games right in your pocket at any time, check it out Well now let’s start our rating list!

Nintendo Switch OLED

We present to you the Nintendo Switch OLED — it’s not just a console; it’s a ticket to an amazing world of vivid adventures where every detail of the game sparkles with new colors. Forget about faded screens because, with a 7-inch OLED display, you will immerse yourself in the game as if you were in its world. Deep colors are the highest contrast as if every pixel plays on emotions.

Who said playing together is difficult? With the Nintendo Switch OLED, it’s a snap! I’ve separated the Joy-Cons, and voila, you’re already enjoying playing together anywhere. And it doesn’t matter where you are: at home, in the park, or on a long trip—your favorite games are always with you.

Mario Red Edition

Let’s get to know the Mario Red Edition game console! This console is a real forest oasis for gamers! She is like a bright, exotic bird, attracting attention with her colorful plumage. With her, you will immerse yourself in the world of games as if you find yourself in the very heart of the wild!

Neon Red-Blue

Friends, imagine that you live in the Marvel world, where every gadget is not just a technique. It is part of a superpower. And here in front of you is Neon Red-Blue.


It’s not just a console; it’s a portal to other universes where you’re the main character. Thor and the hammer and you, with this console, are invincible! You know what’s cool? This 7-inch OLED screen. It’s like a window into Asgard: bright, juicy, with such deep colors that even Loki would approve. And the framework? It is so thin that it seems as if the screen is endless. Sit, play in portable mode or on the table, and immerse yourself in the game 100%, as if you have become part of your favorite comic universe

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey that will turn your entertainment world upside down? I present to you The Legend of Zelda, a real Endor in the world of video game consoles! This is not just a gadget but your faithful companion on a journey through the vast expanses of game universes. Imagine that you are holding not just a portable set-top box but a magical artifact.


With it, you can immerse yourself in worlds full of adventures and mysteries without leaving the room. After all, this device has the power of an 8-core NVIDIA Tegra, like the eight bravest heroes of Middle-earth, ready for battle!

Rev.2 32Gb

Meet the brand new Rev.2 console, guys, which is just like a magical portal to the world of gaming! This thing is not just “another console”; it is like your faithful companion in any adventure. So, with this console, you will also go in search of adventures, and you will not even have to wait for a charging break – it keeps the marathon on a single charge for as much as 5.5 hours of play. How do you like that? And most importantly, you will not be bored! The Nintendo Switch is your personal pocket entertainment festival. Are you staying at home? Connect it to the TV via the dock and enjoy the games on the big screen. Are you ready to go? Take the console with you! Take Joy-Con in your hands – and let the world around you wait.