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The Essential Guide to Locking Down Your Defense in EA FC 24


You’re struggling to keep clean sheets in EA FC 24. No matter how you tweak your tactics or who you have in defense, the goals keep pouring in. If you want to turn your defense around and start shutting down opponents, you’ve come to the right place. This essential guide has all the tips and tricks you need to transform your backline and goalkeeper into an impenetrable fortress. We’ll walk through formations, player instructions, overpowered defenders, skill moves to avoid, and more. With the right defensive techniques, you’ll have attackers shaking in their boots before they even reach your box. Get ready to discover the secrets that will have you dominating games through defense alone. The frustration ends now – it’s time to start racking up those clean sheets.

The Basics of Defense in EA FC 24

Defense is key to success in EA FC 24. To lock down your defense, you need to master the fundamentals.

Control Your Defenders

Take control of your center backs and defensive midfielder. Don’t let the AI defend you. Move them into position to cut off passing lanes and pressure attackers. Time tackles carefully and avoid diving in. Stay on your feet and contain the attackers until help arrives.

Cut Off Passing Options

The key is limiting your opponent’s options. Shift your defenders to block passing lanes to teammates in good scoring positions. Force them wide away from the goal. Predict where they want to pass next and get there before the ball does.

Double Team When Needed

If an attacker is especially skilled, don’t be afraid to double-team them. Use a second defender to add pressure and cut off more passing options. Just be careful not to leave other attackers open in the process. Coordinate with your teammates to pass off marking responsibilities.

With practice, strong defensive fundamentals will become second nature. You’ll be shutting down attacks, frustrating your opponents, and keeping clean sheets in no time. However, defense is a team effort, so communicate with your teammates and work together to lock down your defense.

Player Instructions to Improve Your Defense

If you want to lock down your defense, changing a few player instructions can make a world of difference.

Focus On Tight Marking

Tell your defenders to mark attackers tightly, especially in the box. Tight marking reduces the space for strikers to get shots off and limits crosses into the area. It does come with risks, like being beaten by skill moves, but the reward of shutting down chances is worth it.

Show Attackers Onto Their Weak Foot

Instruct your fullbacks and midfielders to show attackers onto their weaker side. This makes it more difficult for them to get in crosses or cut inside for shots. Pay attention to your opponent’s squad to see which players prefer their left or right foot so you can direct them accordingly.

Hold Your Position

Tell your defenders and holding midfielders to hold their position rather than diving into tackles. Staying in position helps maintain a defensive shape and prevents gaps from opening up. Only commit to a tackle when you have a high chance of winning the ball. Rushing in often results in being beaten by a skill move or pass.

With the right player instructions and practice, you’ll have a solid defense in no time. Tight marking, showing attackers onto their weak side and holding position are small changes that can make a big difference. Now get out there and keep some clean sheets!

Formations That Prioritize Defense in EA FC 24

To lock down your defense in EA FC 24, choose a formation that packs the midfield and backline. The 5-3-2 formation is ideal for defending, with five defenders, three midfielders and two strikers.

5-3-2 Formation

The 5-3-2 formation prioritizes defense with five defenders across the back line. The two wingbacks provide width going forward but also drop back to defend. The three central midfielders clog the middle of the pitch, denying your opponent space. On offense, look to counterattack quickly through your two strikers.


The 5-4-1 is even more defensive, with four defenders and only one striker. It can be tough to score in this setup, but you’ll frustrate your opponent with how hard it is to break you down. The defensive midfielder sits right in front of the back four, protecting them.

Player Instructions

In either the 5-3-2 or 5-4-1, set your wing backs and midfielders to “stay back while attacking” so they hold their defensive shape. Have your central defenders “defend deep” to keep a low line. For your strikers in the 5-3-2, “get in behind” the opponent’s defense to threaten on the counter.

These ultra-defensive formations require discipline to execute. Resist the urge to push too many players forward, which can leave you exposed at the back. Patience is key—look to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes with quick counters through your strikers. With practice, you’ll be frustrating opponents and keeping clean sheets in no time. Stay compact, limit space and defend as a unit to lock down your defense.

Custom Tactics to Lock Down Your Defense

Formation Adjustments

The formation you choose has a big impact on how well you can defend. A narrow formation with only three at the back will leave you exposed, while a wider shape provides more cover. Consider using five at the back, especially if your opponent likes to attack down the wings. You can also set one of your central midfielders to stay back on defense to provide an extra body.

Player Instructions

Telling your players exactly how you want them to defend can make a huge difference. Set your outside backs to “stay back while attacking” so they don’t get caught out of position on the counter. Have one of your central midfielders “drop between defenders” to provide cover for the center-backs. And instruct your strikers to “come back on defense” to hassle the opposition defenders and cut off passing lanes.

Custom Tactics

The custom tactics menu lets you tweak how your team defends in more detail. Set your defensive depth to “drop back” so your team sits deeper, making it harder for opponents to get in behind. Increase your width to cover more of the pitch, and boost your aggression and pressure to close down opponents faster. You can also lower your offensive width to make your team more compact when defending.

Second Man Press

Use the right stick to initiate a second man press and have an additional teammate close down the ball carrier. This makes it much harder for your opponent to keep possession and often forces a turnover. Be careful not to pull players out of position, though. Only use the second-man press when you have plenty of cover.

With the tools at your disposal in EA FC 24, you have everything you need to transform your defense into an impenetrable fortress. Take the time to experiment with different formations, instructions, and tactics to find a defensive setup that fits your style of play and shuts down your opponent’s key threats. Your goals against average will drop in no time.

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How to Defend FAQs: Common Questions on Defense in EA FC 24

Everyone struggles with defense at some point. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most common questions on defending in EA FC 24 and tips to overcome them:

How do I stop fast strikers?

Fast strikers can be tricky to defend against. The key is to not dive in. Stay on your feet, keep your distance and try to usher them into less dangerous areas. Call your teammates for backup if needed. Once they make a mistake, that’s your opportunity to win the ball.

How do I defend against skill moves?

The most effective way to defend skill moves is through anticipation and patience. Watch how your opponent moves the ball to try and predict where they may exit. Don’t commit too early. Stay balanced and on your feet. Many skill moves are designed to make you dive in, so hold your position. If they get past you, don’t chase wildly; instead, track back and get in a good position to win the ball back.

Why do I struggle defending corners and crosses?

Defending corners and crosses is difficult because there are many attackers in the box trying to get on the end of the ball. The key is to mark your man and attack the ball. Get in front of the attackers, between them and the goal. Don’t just stand and watch the ball, move towards it. Win it in the air if you can. If the cross comes in low, look to block it or clear it before an attacker can pounce. Stay alert, as loose balls and rebounds often lead to goals from these positions.

With practice, defending in EA FC 24 will become second nature. Stay patient, anticipate your opponent’s moves, and work with your teammates. Keep at it, and you’ll be shutting down strikers, tackling skill moves, and clearing crosses in no time! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Well, there you have it – the essential guide to locking down your defense in EA FC 24. With these tips on formation, player instructions, and custom tactics, you’ll be frustrating opponents and keeping clean sheets in no time. Just remember to stay patient and composed, keep your defensive shape, and make tackles at the right time. Stick with it, and you’ll find your skills improving with each match. Before you know it, you’ll have one of the best defenses in your division. Now get out there on the pitch and show everyone how it’s done! Play smart, play tough, and most importantly, have fun playing the beautiful game we all love.