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The Number One Online Slots From Around the World


Diving into the world of online slots is an adventure in itself. There are now tens of thousands of gaming titles available online, and there are around 200 genres that cater to the individual needs of gamers, from the more established slots with a similar design to the very first fruit-based, classic 3×3 slot games that took the world by storm in the latter part of the 19th century.

The dynamic of today’s slots industry focuses on the unbelievable enhancements that the internet has afforded companies in the sector. With the best global minds now challenging each other to improve with each project and design, the outcome has been spectacular.

Choosing What’s Perfect For You

The quality of an online slot depends a lot on what you most enjoy. If you’re a film enthusiast, dozens of themed and licensed slot games relate to some of the most prominent TV shows and films of the last 80 years. In addition to individual films, big stars, including rockstars, bands, and sports icons, lend their names and image rights to casino gaming. While most sites like will have a vast selection of slot games, the idea of the best slot is personal and a subjective opinion. Today, we will try to skim through the top gaming titles from each genre to give you a substantial sample of what types of games are out there, irrespective of the theme you’re looking for.

Popular Slot Themes

While it can be challenging to carve down definitive statistics about which slot games are the most popular globally, we can decipher the most common themes that top names in the industry churn out. Tracking what the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and IGT are up to provides an understanding of the types of themes that people most enjoy.

Based on recent trends and the most popular themes on various sites, the mythology-based slot theme is one of the most prominent at the moment. We’re conjoining them together, aiming to pick out the top ones from each. There are correlations between many popular video console games and slot game designs, so for those of you who are avid XBOX or PlayStation gamers, you may see some comparisons between the top slot games and the top video console games.

Ancient Greece

Zeus, Hades, and Apollo might not have been names many historians would have associated with slot machine gaming. However, the power and popularity of mythology slots have meant that all these iconic mythological names have re-emerged and are witnessing a resurgence among slot gamers across the globe.


Out of all the Greek slots, and there are literally hundreds, we’d say the top title we’ve played of late is Gates of Olympus, solely based on the playability, the quality of the design and graphics, and the music used.

Norse Mythology

Perhaps the most unlikely benefactor of the mythology hysteria in slot gaming, Norse mythology doesn’t see the same levels of popularity as other mythology-themed slot games. However, with Norse films influencing some of the biggest budget films of this century, the fact it’s branched into gambling so successfully might not be that much of a surprise. Power of Thor is one of the most captivating slot games, and although other Norse mythology games are award-winning and popular, Power of Thor is the pinnacle of the offerings within this theme.


One of the most heavily studied and intriguing parts of human history, the ancient Egyptians, created a culture that is still revered today. Millions of people per year travel to see the pyramids, the hieroglyphics inscribed on the wall of the old burial grounds, and the tombs of some of the most recognizable historical names of all time, such as Cleopatra and Tutankhamun.

Both names feature in dozens of slot titles, but we’d say the top two are Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, which is a Microgaming classic, and Book of Dead, which is one of the top-rated slot games of all time and a game that put Play’n GO on the map.

Animal Themed Games

For you animal lovers out there, slot designers haven’t forgotten about you, don’t worry. While they might not attract the same sort of audience or design interest as mythology games, there’s no denying that millions of fans love sitting down to have a few spins of their favorite animal slot. Fox Mayhem has a lot of intriguing elements, but the fish theme is probably the most explored out of all the animal slot categories. It’s a direct head-to-head between Gold Fish and Big Bass Amazon Xtreme, the two best picks from the animal slots theme.

Asian Slots

Few cultures wield their superstitions so proudly and directly, but with so many colors, symbols, and animals that are symbolic and representative of good luck in Asian culture, slot game designers were inevitably going to channel this into their designs. This is why games that feature dragons, pagodas, and pandas are hugely successful. With so many to choose from and so many new ones coming out daily, it can be challenging to settle for one game within this theme that is the best to check out. We’d say Bali Vacation is the top game to check out within this theme at the moment, but Fortune Ox is another notable title.

Other Slots to Check Out

Sticking to the original premise of the world’s first-ever slot machine, classic fruit-themed slots have a substantial audience, too. By doubling down on this particular element of slot gaming, candy slots are taking the idea of sweet-tasting food to a new level. Sweet Bonanza exploded onto the scene and continues to find a sizeable audience online. Some analysts believe that this theme is underexplored at the moment, but there’s no denying that the bright, vivid, and attractive color scheme on offer in Sweet Bonanza, the 20,000x max payout, and a design which is one of Pragmatic Play’s finest are all components that embolden the point that it is the best one in this theme.

Final Thoughts

Given the immense scope of themes, cultures, and superstitious symbols that slot gaming covers, there are many games to choose from. Today’s selection barely scratches the surface of what is on offer, but these are the best online slots from many parts of the globe, covering as many cultures and designs as possible.


As we alluded to in our introduction, selecting the best slot game is a personal and subjective experience, so although we have provided you with a taste of what international online slot players most prefer to play, it’s also a good idea to shop around yourself and find out what is on offer.

Due to the sheer speed at which the sector is moving, and with new award-winning titles appearing daily, keeping updated with the latest releases and enhancements can be challenging. Exploring all the current top games will allow you to understand better which designer’s games you like and what themes most suit your preferences from the phenomenal choices online.